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F A I T H^ £W«« 



A brief explication of the 
Chriftian Dodrine^ 

iTogeatlier with an caGe Method to 

examine the Conlcience for a 

general Conftflion. 

Whereonto ts added a dailieexercife 
of deuout Prayers. 

hard } what wilt thm h*»e me to dtt? 

i By Tohn Coufturier. 

.1 " M. DC. XXX lii. 












CHriftian Reader, If thou didfibe^ 
hold the thoughts &ajft&ionf couched 
intny hart , thou wouldjt among the reft 
view myj&khes of thy Valuation : which be~ 
caufc neither I can expnfle , nor thoufee^ 
gtue vie leaue in a ward to put the in mind 
of that, thy greateft and onlie Good, This 
life i$ but a moinznt y whcrvpon Eterni- 
tie depend eth : Eternitie of punishments 
in lienor ofioyfs in Heauen ; Eternitie of 
wedle w wo 0/ thy foule, thatfoule which 
Chriftowr Lord priced fo much > tkstout 
tfbis infini* goodnes he would ranfomeit 
with the expece of Ins life andfacredBloud. 
This thou beleeueft. What then wil it 
profit thee>tog*ine the whole wortitfthoH 
letpaffe this moment,ani negU&thatfoule, 
which (ifthtu wilt) is to be companion of 

: M 


I li 

§kicJng€ls in mmer^dmgfelknieiThm 
kntwfji what anfver faith msh^eth to thy 
ionfchnctfand 1 Ixfe thm dtfireft ft doe y 
u£m thy xonjciena fuggefteth to be meet ^ 
and ctn^eqHtMlytpkpwi wha**Chrifiian 
ought te Bdceue , and Doe 5 that he 
may be fatted t This litle Introduction in- 
JiruShih $hte in both; for in it thm shdt 
I , find what th ehvlie Church propofeth to be 
-% % Beleeued, mi aif* h*w n temrnet* Gvd by 
^Z * Ttummee , an d bane reewrfe vn u> him by 
Vraftt^ which three things are in a Jfecial 
m&mmr neoejffarte fm thy faluarion , which 
Marine and tgaine t muh may be thy on lie 
4&*ie. t^Awd that this tmt£ m*y be thtgrea^ 
ttr^Ibifuch thee for God's and thyowne 
jaty*firifafLy to weigh , and&tqmntlyto 
vmfiiet in the fitence *f thy rttoiL&td 
miwd ; theft wwds nfthegfsmt DvSout of 
thtCfambfb* Asftin^ 'vAwtowH hw &d- 




Three $*yiugs of S. Auftin «wjl 
ypmbie to be noted; tahgn out 
efhts pfl bat /; of Faith, 
ad Per. 

i. TT Old for raoft ce«am } andin 

LI no wife doubt , that not only 

al Pagans ? hut alfo Icives ,. Ikreticks, 

and s£blfynaticks B who dy out of the 

Catkal irk Chwch, ybalgoe to ncucr T 

GnditJg ik« , prepared far the Duel 

a Hold for moft certain, aud in no 

wifedoiik, that nonstick or SchiT- 
raatiekjbaptized in the name of the 
Father, and of the Sonne, and ol the 
Haiie-1§httft , if he he nop nmtU ( by 
faith ^id Charitie ) to the Cdtholick 
Churchjthoueh he eiue neuer io great 
almes, yea dye for the name otChrnt, 
can in anie wife be faued. For neither 
Baptifme , nor euer fo. great almes- 
deeds , nor death vndergone for the 

a 4 





1 1 

To f he Reader. 

name of Chrift, can be profitable to 
Saluation ,asiong as oae reraaineth in 
the wickedncs of Herefie or Schifme, 
which leadeth to damnation. 

3 Hold for moft certain , and in no 
wife doubt , that not al,who arc baptk 
zed according to the rites of the Ca- 
tholiclc Church, shal receaueeuerla-' 
ftin* life : but only thofc who after 
Baptifmcliue righteoufly 3 tHat is , ab- 
ftaine from rices , and deifres of the 
tlesh.For as faithles Hereticks shai not 
haue the kingdome of Heaucn. , f« 
Baughtie Catholicks shal neoer inhe- 
rit the fame. 

thefi art tht words ofS, Auftin , tha t 
great light ofGifs Church, /fray God they 
may be imprinttd aha mm riuitttd in thy 
hart, And thmnwr\th*tefftSl y vihkh 
( HgeAther with thy j^aytrs ) 1 7 dtfire, 
Farewe!, : 

;■ * 




Thejkmmt of the Chrtfttiz? 

tl T'Bdicac in God the Father 
1 Ahnigkie , Great our of 
heaucn & earth. 2. And in Its v s 
C h & 1 s t his onlte Sonne our 
Lord a. Who was conceaued by 
the Hoiic-Ghaft > borne of the 
Virgin Marie. 4. Suffered vnder. 
. Pontius Pilate > was crucified* 
dead , & busied. 5»Defcended 
into Hcl; the third day he rofc 
againe from death. 6. Afcended 
into heauen ; fitteth ac the right 
had of God the Father Almightie* 
7. From thcDce he ihal come tfc 


,> I- 

\ r <l;i 


ll! tJ 

iudge the quick and the dead. 

8. 1 bclieucin the Holie-Ghofl. 

9. The Holie Catholicfc 
Church , the Communion of 

in. Remiffion of finnes. 

1 J. Refurre<5ticn of theflem* 

12. Life cuerlafting. Amen. 


Our Utd'i frayer. 

^ Vr Father which art in hea- 
uen. 1. Hallowed be thy 
mme. 2. Thy kingdome come. 
$. Thy wil be done in earth, ate 
it is in heaucd. 4. Giue vs t his day 
our daylie bread. 5. And forgiue 
vs ourtrefpaflcs , as we forgiue 
them that trefpaffeagamftvs. 
tf. And lead vs not into temp-* 


.7. But deliuer vs from euil. 

Tint *Atigdka\ SAtttition, 

IT Ailc Marie,ful of grace,our 
JlI Lord is with thee ; blcfled 
art thou among ft women , and 
tyeffed is the fruit of thy womb 
Vt\ut. Holie Marte Mother of 
God , pray for vs finners , now 
and in the hower of our death. 

The ten Comrndndments. 

I Am the Lordthy God: 
1. Thou fhalt haue no other 
Gods before me.z.Thou {halt not 




1 !; 

M ! 

I It I . 

Z4 short 
take the name of God in vaine? 
3. Remember that thou fan&ify 
the Feafts. 4. Honour thy fa^ 
thcr and mother. 5. Thou (halt 
not murder. 6. Thou matt not 
commit adulterie. 7, Thou (halt 
not fteale. S.Theu (halt notbearc 
falft witnes. 9. Thou fhalt not 
defire thy neighbour's wife, 
io. Thou (haft not couet thy 
neighbour's goods. 

The flatten Sacrament?* 

I. Baptifme. 2. Confirmation. 
3. Eucharift. 4. Pennancc. 
5. Extreme- Yn&ion. 6. Order, 
7. Matrimonie. 

Three Theological Verms* 
I, Faith, 2. Hope, 5. Charitiej 

; Catechifme. 

fottre Cardinal femes. 
1. Prudence. 2. Iuftice. 5. Forti- 
tude. 4. Temperance. 

^ Seautngttifts ef the Uolv- G/^/?. 

3a. Wifdomc. 2 Vndcrftanding. 

; a. Counfcl.4.Fonitudc 5.K iow- 

fedec 6 Pictic. 7. FearcotGod. 


I Twelue fruits of the Holk-Ghl!.) 

|j,Charitie.2.ioy.$.Peace. 4. Pa- 
tience. 5. Bemgnitie. 6. Good- 
©eflc 7 Longanimitie. 8. Mild-, 
tieire. 9. Faith. 10. Modeftie. 
ji.Continencie. 1 2. Chaftitie. 

THou flialt loue the Lord thy 
God j with thy w hole hart, 
! with thy whole foule»with al thy 
■■( ftrcngth , and with al thy mind, 


M ! 


ilii i 


\A shift 
and thy neighbour as thy ft If. 
} h. C'>mm<t*tdmeiii$ ef the Chtirtfa 

1. nr O keep certain appoin- 

A ted dayes holic , with lea- 
iiii-j; wo. k, and hearing Mafle. 

2. T« ket pctaft and ab&ncnce 
certain dayes. * To pay Tithe* 
tothePaftoursof the Church. 
4. To be Confcffed of their Pa- 
ftour, at leaft once a yeare. 5. To 
rcceaue tnebieifed Sacrament,& 
that at Eafter,or mere abmts. 

To. which may be adioyncd , 
not to marrre at certain times, &' 
in certain degrees , nor ftmhf 
without witnefTe. 

The y/Ooris ofmercle Ctrporat. 

*p Q.fecd thehungric. (ftie. 

X To giuedrjnk tothethlf- 

"X 1 

To cloath the naked. 
To viiit and ranfome the capti* 

( To harbour the harbourlcfle. 

Wo>fa ofmetciefyhituaL 

TO torred the {inner. 
To inftrud the ignorant. 
^f o counfel the doubtful. 
To comfort the forrowfuK 
To beare patiently wrongs. 
*To forgiue al iniuries. 
To pray for others , both quick 

1. T> Lcffed arc the poore in 
JD fphic ; for theirs is the 
^Upgdoipc o/Heauen. 

I 2. 





! ! 

jt Ant '% Cdttcbifme. 

7, Blcffcd arc the cocckc s for ling; 4', Taft. 5. Touching 

they (hal poflcfie the land. 

*. Bldfcd arc thev that mournt: 
for t hey (hal be comforted. 

4. Bleffed are they that hunger 
aud thirft for rfchteoufnefle: For 
they fliai be filled. 

5. BleiTed ace the merciful :foi 
they fhal findc metric. 

6\ Bleffed are trie cleane in 
hart : for they flial fee God. 

7. Bleflcd arc the pcace-rna* 
kers : for they (hal be called dw 
fonncsof God, 

8. BleiTed arc they that fiifTer 
perfecution for rigbteoufbeflc 
fake : fon heirs is the Kiogdomc 

Tht fiue Senfes aftht Bodic. 
x. Sight, 2. Heating, j. StndU 

the office of Chrifitan hftice. 
TTo decline fromeuil,or finnc. 
To do good , or the office of l\x* 


, Sinne is double , Original and 
Jk&ual -, which Actual againe i$ 
Richer Mortal or Venial, 

The Seauen Capital or dwtllie 
Pride, Couetoufnes. Lecheiie. 
Anger.Gluttonie. Enuie. Sloathj 
to which thefeVertues are con- 
trarie : Humilitie , Liberalitie , 
Chaftitie Patience, Abftinencc, 
Charuie, and Deuotion. 





JL short 

the fix jinnes agm$ the 

I. Defpairc of faluation. 

a. Prefumption to be faued 
without merits. 

3. To impugnc the knowne 

4. Enuic at another man's 

5. Obftinacie in finne* 

6. Final impenitence. 

Things nmfftrk for the repenunt 

1. Contrition of hart. 2., Entire 
confeffion to a Pricft, capable & 
approved, 3. Satisfaction by 


work. A , . 

true Contritiotf conblwth in 
hartie difpleafureof finnq aft,for 
the loue of God ; And ful *«io- 
iution not to finne any mo*c. 

• ShmstUtctjvtn&tmwtht 
fight oj Cod. ' 

' i. Wilful murder. 1. Carnal 
fin againft nature. 3. Q weffion 
of the poore. 4 To defraude 
workmen of their wages. 


i. By counfel. 2.By Command- 
ment. 3. By confer*. 4. By pro- 
bationer leading others. 5. By 

« 4 



■11 ' 


i' lt 

Z4 ihh 

praife,orflatteric. 6\ Byconcca- 
li» : the faultic. 7. By partaking. 
£ By holding our peace, and not 
(peaking vnto fuch as be vnder 
our charge, 9, By diflcmbling, or 
not finding fault , and letting 
when tfemay , or haue charge. 

Three fades efgoid yfoify s * 
I. Aimefilecds, 

3. Fafting. 

Three Ettdngtlkal Comtftls* 

1. Volnntane pouertie. 

2. Perpetual chaftitic. 
5. Entire obedience, 

Tbtfomldjl '.Amis to U nmtmbni$ 


, 1. Death. ^Judgement. 3. Hell 
4. Heauen. 

THis fummarie of our Chri- 
ftian faith , is to beleeue in 
general , that there is but one 
©nlie God, and yet that in hira 
there are three Perfons in one 
nature, that is , God the Father, 
r God the Sonne , God the Holie- 
Ghoft : of which the Second 
v Perfon > to wit, God the Sonne, 
the time appointed by hr*s eternal 
torouidence being come , tooke 
iman's flefli vpun him , remaining 
■ . God and Man togeather , and 
conuerling with men about the 
fpace of three and thirtie ycares, 
v taught them the way f 6 Heauen* 
and withal did found and build 




iA shaft 
hh Church by the meancs is 
wel of his owne preaching s as of 
his Apoftlcs and their Succet 
foyxs, and for the conferuatiort 
arid continuance t her of, Deficits 
that he left a yifiblc Chicfca'n,ot 
H$ad in his place , that is to fay,ai 
tlighPrieft or Supreme Bifhop, 
ytko is our hoik Father thePope, 
whome he hath prormfed , that 
ttb Fayth shal neuer fayte , he or- 
cjakiedaHo his Saci am«ts, which 
are in number feaucn £ by meancs 
wherof , as by certain conduits 
he doth communicate hisguifts 
ami graces to ChrilYians , for to 
engender , nourish , ftrengthen, 
beak , augment, and conferue 
dwm m the fpiritual life. And 
concerning this point of the 


). Church, euerie Chriftian ought 
firmly to belieuc & reft moft af- 
fured oftwothingSifirifyhatthis 
fame Church canot erre,or fayle, 
Sc much lefle fal ; both becaufe ic 
isalwaies guidcd&dire&ed by the 
. 5Holie-Ghoft,who is infallible s as 
■ Jalfo for that her Spoufe lefus 
\ Chrift hitrV promifed neuer to 
, forfakc her ; fecondly, that thofe 
enly , which' remains in this 
Church 4 belecuing what foe be* 
leeueth , and: lining as she com- 
mands,can befaued,& no others*, 
whence it followes, that al Hea- 
thens,ldolatcrs,lewes,and Here- 
ticks are in the way of perdition 
and death euerlaiting , as al thofe 
, that during the Deluge were out 
of the Arck of Noc. 





>\l ! 


- J 


of theSummarie 
f afore- going, 

§ o IV 

$The litlc Catholick Cate* 

chifme written by the 

R.F. P. Cmfm of the 

Soeietieof lefa* 

The I. Chapter, 

Of Ztyffc, *W//;e *4f>oflks 

his to be called a Chrifltini 
and a Q*t hdicfo 

E that beift£ Bart'zed* ^4%, 
doth profefie the hole- 

v, A 

SOme things we lcatnc, that we 
may only know them : and 
fome other things we learne, 
that we may alfo do them. S, 

He that wil not heare the 
Church , let hini be to thee as 
the Heathen and the Publican* 
Matt, 18. 17. 



^ iA short 

forae do&rine oflBsvs 
C H MH GodandMan,in 
BisCfoiafo and doth not fol- 
low smk 'Se&s or opinions 
contrarictbrhefatne. -' 

What ate Chriflim chiefly to h 

!i» I Ktt.n. *n E*i*» Hope , Chiritic, , 
the Sacraments, and the du- 
ties of Chriftian I ufticc. 
Wfe-> tf F<iyfo 
Fayth is a guift of God,an*i 
i-i-; a li^ht , wherewith a man 

M 1 being illuminated beleeueth 

al things, which God hath re- 
pealed", and by his Church 
propounded vnto vs tobebe- 
leeucd, whether they be Writ- 

, or not written. 
tybfcb is the Summt ofTdytb , or 
f of things to be beleeaeck 

The ApofHcs Creed , dim- 
med in to cwelue Articles, 

Which are thofe 12. Articles} 
1 Thefe : I Uleem in God the 
father *4lwi°htie &c. as be- 

*f is the meaning of the fir (I 
•4Yttcle : I beleeue in 
God the Father? 

, : It declares the Firft Pcrfon j j^; '-* 
Jh the Godhead , to wit, the 
ficauenlic and eternal Father, 
|owhome nothing is impof- 
|ible or hard to doc ; who of 
Inothinsj hath created heauen 

A 2. 







i •!' 

4. I/tf iheil 

& earth with al other dttcp, 
both viable and iiraaiffilq au&i 
hauing created iheaa u3ci^ IS- 
kewifeconferac arolgootice 
them wich woodcrW good- 
Ac* and wifedome, 

JWfrrf/ firnifyes the 1&mlJtni- 

c\t : And ia Iefas CMt 

his orilie Soaoc? 

It demon Urates the Scccitrd 
Petfon id the GodheaS „ to 
Witjeftts Chuff ,thc natuz^laad 
onlie Sonne of God,wli3 y*as 
begotten of him from -ttctai* 
tie , and is confublhittM t(> 
the Father , and our Lwlanc 
Redeemer, who dc!h;eYe4sr^ 
faued vs, when w e w - re foft , 


Ctttchifme* 5 

JWhttfgnifyes the third jtttkk: 


who was conceaued by 

..£ It lay es. open the Myfte- 
"rie of our Lord's Incarna- 
>tion. Becaufe the fame Sonne 
|ofGoddefcendingrVom Hea- 
|«ca , tooke human nature 
I vpon him; but altogeather af- 
■ ter a lingular and vnfpeakable 
^manner, as being conceaued 
* without a father by the vertue 
oftheHolie-Ghoft, & borne 
pf the immaculate Virgia 

.,'\VhAt fignfyes the fourth jirti* 
de : Suffered vndcr 
Ponce Pilate? 
? It dothueate of the myfte- 

1 ~ " A * 

T. 1 

Luc. i. 
Iohn. i. 





6 \A short 

bhn. 4. rieof man's Redemption.for 
the fame true Sonne of God, 
according to that our human 
nature thus taken vpon him, 
did furfcr the verie extremitic 
of moft cruel punish ments,for 
to redecme vs and al iinncis. 
In fo much as though he was 
the LdmbwtbwtQXit, he was 
notwithflandi ng Crucify ed 
vnder the Ptefident Ponce Pi- 
late , dyed vpon the CrolTe, 
and afterwards was buryed. 

\ Vfhdt fignifyes the fft Jrtick: 

\ He defcended in- 

! toHel? 


i .j£ tt It comprehends the Myfte- 
; xJ.ii ric of the Rcfurre&ion of 

CMcchifme. 7 

Chtifts who according to Efh.AU 
his foule, defcended to deli- r ' * 
uer the Fathers out of Ijmbui ; 
and the third day after his 
death, rc-affuming his bodie 
by his ownc power returned 
to life again*. 

Yft>*t fcri& s th $ xt °* rihli: 
He afcended to Hcaucn? 
It fhewes the My fter ie of the 
glorious Afccnfion of Chrift, 
who hamng ac^ompHfoed the 
parted from this world to his 
Father, & by his ownc power 
afcended triumphant into 
Heauen, and therein thecter- 
nalgloric of his Father, is pla- 
ced aboueal. 

A 4 


1,1 ob 

8 *A short 

yvhdtpgnifycs the feauenth \A\-. 
tick : From thence he shal 
come to iudge the -quick 
and the dead? 

tf It doth fet the day of Iudge- 
ment before our eyes , when 
Chrift fhaldcfcendagainefio 
heaucn , vifible in his human 
nature , to giue that dreadful 
iudgemept vpon al , good and 
bad , and (hal reward cucric 
one according to his works. 

yVhatfignifyts the eighth Article 

1 bcleeue in the H, lie- 


?. It doth exprclfe the Third 
Peifoflin the Triniiie^o vvir, 

'Cdiicttfii'il J, 

Ithe Holie-Ghoft , who pro* 

feeding front the Father and 
§he Sonne, is with them one* 
Inland eternal God, andfo 
f aigneth with the Father and 
jlhe Sonne, and accordingly is 
|adored and glorify ed togea- 
ther with them both* 

iwhatfigtifye$ the ninth JrticUi 
4 TheholieCatholick 
r Church? 

1 It doth teach vsfoure things g ^ 
*o be beieeucd concerning the 
Church.Firft,that theChurch 
is One, that is , eftablimed in 
jl one fpirftof Chtifl lefa in one 
| doctrine of Fayth and Sacra- 
ments, in one Head att-d Go* 

• '■'■« 


fO %A short 

ucrnour of this vniucrfal 
Church, namely, the Vicar of 
phrift , and $* fttcA Succcfc 
faux. Secondly ,, that this 
frrae Chtftchit Write \ becaufc 
fabth it isiawle h*4ie by Chrift 
the Head and Spoufe thercf, 
to whom* it b. : joy ned by 
Fayth and Sacraments , and 
tlfo is continually gouerncd 
and ;d«e#ed by the Holic- 
Ghoft. Thjrdiy, that the fame 
, Church isCdtholick^oi vniuer- 
far > bccaiifo hewig fpread 
through the whole w orld , it 
coprchends aj fakbfui Cfcri- 
£& 3ns that b&ue been, ate, and 
fbal be at tl times. Fourthly 
and hi\lj , that io this fame 
Church there is a Comma- . 

Cuttchifme, II 

nion of Saints,thatis,not only. 
ofthcFaithrtfl'yct liuing heer 
on earth , but alfo of thofef 
who freed from the mortali- 
tie of flc& doe either rargnc 
in Hcauen, or being to rargne 
there heei after, arc as yet de- 
tained in Pqrgatorie to be 
cleanfed of the rcmayning or- 
dure of their finnes ; which 
Saints, as members of one bo- 
die , doe mutually aflift one 
another with their good wor- 
kes , merits,and prayers , and 
ate partakers of the venue of 
themoft hoRe Sacrifice of the 
Maffe , and Sacraments of ho- 
lie Church, 




si Zf short 

tyhdt Jignifyes the tenth Mtide; 

forgiucnesoffinncs? • 

It ofrreth the prefent grace 
of God to al {inners, leaft anie 
doc eucrdefpaire of obtaining 
pardon of hj$ fumes, fo he per- 
feuer in the Cathcliclc 
Church , and duly vfe the 
Sacraments of the fame. 

tyhAtpgnifyes thetUmnth M* 

tide : The refurrcclion of 


It doth affirme , that a) the 
dead arc to be ray fed to life ; 
and alfo doth confirme the 
lad day of Iudgemenr. For; 

.Ivh'tft. wc are a * t0 appearc,. before 



Cdtechiftne. 1} 

theludgemet-feate of Chrift, 
in our flefh , that euerie one 
may receaue his reward^good 
oreuil, according as he hath 
behaued himfelf in his bodie, 
wel or il. 

yjbtt [ignifyes the twelfth and 
L(t Ur tide: And life 
Itfheweth the happielm- Mat.if 
mortalitie , which is to be the 
reward of true Fayth and 
Chriftian venue ; to the end 
we may certainly know, that 
after this life rheie is remai- 
ning another farre different, 
and truly blcflcd , fecure , & 
euerlatting, which ispromifed 
to al that doc beleeuc in 
Chriftjand obey him. 




- ..,.,- i l ,|. 1 ,^ S gWW W ^* 



il I 



14 \A short 

What istbe fumme of al theft 
Articles of beUtf} 
With hart and mouth I doe 
confcrfc our Lord God , then 
whome nothing can be ima- 
gined ro ne wife or good; and 
that he is both One in Diuinc 
eflence & nature , and Three- 
fold in Perf ns,to wit,Father, 
Sjnne,and H> ie-Ghoft;foas 
chefeThree are One: one, true, 
eternal, immenfe,andincom- 
prehenfible God, of whome,; 
bv whome, and in whome arc 
al things. The Father is the 
Maker of al things : The 
Sonne/ he Redeemer of man- 
ic' nde: the H :lie-Ghoft, the 
Sanftifyer and gouernour of 
the Church or the Faithful of 

Catechifmei 15 

Chrift. To this mod holic 
and vndiuidedTrinitie there- 
fore doc the three principal 
parts of thcCreed anfweri the 
firft , which treates of our 
Creation , anfwering to the 
Father i the fecond , which 
treates of our Redcmption,to 
the Sonne ', and the third, 
which treates of our San&ifr- 
cation , to the Holie r Ghott. 
W/^t it the Churtfa 
It is a Congregation ofal ,' 2> 
thofe that doe profeflfe the i.Ttt.i. 
fayth and do&rine of Chrift, Mn n. 
which heer on earth isgouer- Mat% - 16 
ned vnder one head, and chief 
Paftournexr to Chrift. 
Which be thofe i\ut arfdltogeA- 
tkr iterated from this Church} 

B 2 

I. Cor. il 


l6 Zdsforl 

Firft the Icwcs, and al In- 
fidels; fecondly, Hereticks, to 
wfc,thofe which being Bapti- 
zed-doe ftubbornly maintaine 
errours againft the Catholic k 
Faythj thirdly, Scifmaticks, 
who of their owne accord doc 
feucr themfelucs from the 
peace and vnitfe thcrof; and 
laftly , thofe that lawfully by 
EccL fiaftical power are ex- 
cluded from the Cormrmnion 
of Saints , and the fsffrages 
and Diuine Seruices of the 
Churchy whence they are alfo 
called Excommunicated per- 
fons. Al which arc both dif~ 
membred from the bodie of 
Chrift, which is the Church, 
md confcqucntly remainede- 

C<tt?chifme. 17 

u©yd of fpiritual life and fal- 
uation, and, vnleflechey re- 
pent,becomcflauesto Satban, 
and guiltie of neuer-ending 
/death. And al fuch perfons 
are carefully to be fhunncd by 
Catholicks -, but Hercticks 
efpecially and Scifmaticks are 
' to be cfchued & abhorred no 
> lefie then contagious and 
deadlie difeafes. 
"Which u fitwllj tbepLine, shorty 
0* direct vuleofFdyth^bere* 
by Catholicks are 
difcerned from 
It is this : to profefle the 
fayth of Chrift,and ful autho- 
rise of the Church ; and to 
hold that ratifyed and cfta- 




iS "*A short 

blifhed , which the Paftours 

and Dodours ofthc Catho- 

lick Church hauc concluded 

vponco be belecued. If mor- 

ouer ante doe not beare the 

Mdt. Cburhjet bim be vnto thee (fayth 

28.17. Chrifi: himfelf) as a Heathen 

and a Vublkan. For he ihal not 

haue God to be his father, 

who wil not haue the Church 

to be his mother. 


Of Hope; and Our Lord's 


HOpe is a vertue infufed 
by God, whereby with 

Mat 6'<\ 

CMchifme. 19 

afluved confidence we exped J 
the happines of our Sana- 
tion, and life eueclafting. 
Whence doe we learne the man- 
ntr>bwwe ought to bof*/ 
and pray aMif .".■'..' 
Out of our Lord's Prayer, 

which Chrift himfelf our 
blelled Lord and Maifter hath 
taught and preferibed by his 
owne moft {acred mouth. 

J^hearfe M Lord's Trayer. 
Our Father &c; as before* 

What weaned) the beginning of 
r this Vrayer : Our Father, 
which art inHeauen? 

It is a litle Preface as it were ^ om . -M 
which puts vs in minde of Gal 4-| 

B 4 





! *o ^f ihrt 

'%?m.t. thatbigheft benefit, whereby 

?*• * GodtheFarhcLchrou^hCbrift 

I hath. adopted vs for his chilr 

| dren andheyres. Andbefi<jes, 

; by this fweet and louing name 

of Father we are ftirred vp 
both co lone him againc ,and 
to pray with greater confi- 

Whjt dotb the firft Petition ex- 
frejje: Hallowed be thy 

It doth exprelfe vnro vs 
the due and hartie w fines, 
which the children of God 
haue, in dc firing that al waves 
and in al places the kno\v- 
! led^e, feare, honour,loue and 

worlh:p of bis Eternal Maic- 
ftie^and whatfceuer in fine 

CfflcMfmt. 21 

TJoth belong to the glorie of 
our Highcff and moft indul- 
gent Father, may be aduan- 


yfkatfa iw dike in the fecond 
fttttw, : Thy king' • ome 

We aske the glorie of the 
kingdome of Heaucn , and 
cuerlafting happines to be gi- 
nen vs, that {hortly we may 
come to raigne with Chriit 

Whdt doe we aske in the thud 
Petition : T^hy wil 
be done? 
We aske and implore the ^ om 
}*elp of God's grace , that fin- 
<ercly , chearfully , and con- 
Itaiiiiy we may fulfil the wil 


! ii!!i 



21 lA shttt 

- of God the Father, on earth, 
as the Bleffed doc it in heauen, 
Yfbat do we asttf in the fourth 
Petition : Giue vs this day 

our dailic bread? 

We aske, that al neceflarics 

6 - belonging to the nouriflimcnt 

4 * and iuftenancc of our life 

both corporal and fpiritual 

may be afforded vs : as are, 

foode , clothing, God's word, 

and the Sacraments of the 


What die tve ash in the ftft 
Tetitien : And forgiue vs 
our trefpafTes? 
6, We craue pardon and forgi- 
6 > uenes ofourfinnes,beingrea* 
diclikevvife to forgiu« others 
that trefpafTe againft vs. 


GtMchifmh %i 
tyfot doe tve aske in the fxt Ve- 
tition : And lcade vs not in 

to temptation? 
We craue in this fo great 
frailtie of our life to be fuc- 
coured & vpheld by heauen- 
licftrength s andto be defen- 
ded againft the World , the 
Flefti v andtheDiuel:thatin 
no wife we ycclding t© tem- 
ptation , may giue confent to 

What doe yoe aske in the Su- 
uenth dnd laft Petition i 
But deliuervs from 
We demand the goodnes i. Tm» 
and afliftancc of God , that *• 
he may deliuer and re feu e vs 
from mifcric both of bodie&r 





r ,1 Ml 


24 \A short 

ibuk,whcther it be in thislife, 
as fane as is eonutnicnt for 
our faluation, or in the life to 
come. And we adde : Amen, 
or,So be It •, to fhevv the defire 
and hope we hauc of obtai- 
ning, what thefe Seauen Pe- 
titions doe containe. 
What is the Sttmme of the about- 
fay dVetitionsef this 
The firft fourc Petitions 
doc declare , what we ate to 
demand and hope for, in this 
life; of which the chiefeft, is 
the honour andgloric of his 
Diuine Maieftie ; the next is, 
our owne happincs ; then the 
obedience we owe to God; 
and laflly , necefTarie fufte- 


nance for bodie and foule. 
Thefe are thethings,that fum- 
marily are contained in the 
firftfoure Petitions. 
Wkit u the (feet of the r<fl} 
The three latter ccntaine 
the euils , which we are to 
pray that God w il turne away 
'from vs; as are finnes , w hicli 
doe debaric vs from the king- 
dome of God j temptations, 
which vnlelfe we be proceeded 
by the help of God , of their 
owne force arc enough to 
draw vs to finnc ; and laftly 
the calamities both of this 
*nd the life to come,fo as our 
Xorll's Prayer doth teach vs 
>both how to demand good 
things > and &ekc the auoy- 




u^"'"' 1 



Pi ¥ 

±6 r *A short 

dance of euil. 

HoW doe you fay the hue 

jjjyh Mar it &c , as aboue. 
from whence came thn 
manner of paying to the Mother 
of God 2 

Firft , from the example 
of the Angel Gabriel, and S, 
Elizabeth ; then from the cu- 
fbmc , and confent of H olic 

But Whatjhit doth tits SalnU- 
It doth renew in vs the hoi- 
fome remembrance of the 
Sacred Virgin , and of our 
Lord's Incarnation wrought 
by her meanes ; and it doth 
further put vs in mind,to pur- 

Cdtecliline, xj 

chafe the fayd B. Virgins fa- 
uotfr & her intercefliori with 
God for vs. 

What do we learne out of this 
Salutation > 

We learne thereby to knov^ 
the [excellent endowments 
and high prayfes of the In- 
comparable Virgin -, as that 
die was replenished with moft 
.cmple guifts of God and Di- 
uine vertues; that me was a 
•Virgin and a Mother; that flic 
was Mother of the King 
of Kings Chrift Iefus our 
Lord and God , and conle- 
ijucntly to vs , a Mother of 
* Jifc» 

C i 






2$ <-£ short 

THE in. chap; 

Of Charitic and the Ten 

CHa-itie is a vertue infii- 
fed by God, whereby *ve 
loue God for himfelf , and out 
X»cio. Neighbour for God. 
Mat - Z ' HtavmaotedtetheVreapUof 


Two chiefly , which out 

Lord God hath fetdowne in 

i&at.ti. t h € f c words : Thou fhaltloue 

thy Lord God with al thy 

*> hart , with al thy foule , and 

» with al thy mind , and wkh al 

i > j thy ftrcngth ; this ifi the firft 

» and greateft commandment. 



Ctttch'tfme. 29 

And the fecond is like to this : 
Thou (halt loue thy neigh- 
bour as thy fclfi of thefe Pre« 
cepts or commandments de- 
pends al the Law and cite Pro- 

By what figne doth cur cbaritie 
or hue to Gad mAniftft itftlf} 
If you keep his Command- 
ments J for this is the loue of i. lohn, 
God, that we keep his com- *• 
mandmcutsjandhiscomand- "' 
mets are notheauieias witnef- 
fcth S. IehntheApoftle. And 
Chrift himfelf doth teach: 
He that hath my command- 
ments , and keepeththem, is 
tie that loucch me. 
jHoTVdoth enr loue to our Heigh-* 
: bom skw itftlf* 

C 3 



? *$ 




WPm , WM**&£Zu£T> 

2Q %A 5 

i. for. Thatisfufficientlycipref- 
th fed by S.Paul in thefe wptds: 
" Charitic is patient* itisbeni- 
» gnciCharicic enuieth not, it 
• 3 dealeth not perueiily » is n -t 
* puffed vp; is not ambitious; 
"feekes not her owne-, is not 
" prouoked to anger, it thinkes 
« not euil , reioyceth not vpon 
« iniquitie , but reioyceth with 
•» the truth , fuffercth al things , 
•» bclceueth al things, hopes al 
»» things, bearcthal things. 
Wfe/ tberefirt dre the Ten Com- 
mandments giutn ys} 
Though there be two Pre- 
cepts or commandments or 
Char itie, wherin the fulncscf 

the L aw doth cocfift , yet arc 
the fen Commandments ad« 

Cdtethifme. yi 

ioyned , to the end that al may 
the more clearly vnderftand, 
what doth appcrtaine to the 
performance of our Charitic 
both to God and bur Neigh- 

Which are the Ten Com- 

I am thy Lord God ; Thou Eod.zo 1 
{halt foauc no oiher Gods be- 
fore me &c. asaboue, 
What u the weaning of the frf 
Commandment : Thofhalt 
haue no other Gods 
before me? 
It forbids and condemnes 
ldolatne , or the worfhip ©f a3 
falfeGods , witchcraft , diui- Vf*t, 
ning, andalfuperftitious ob- l8 » 
feruations , and finally alvn- 









32 14 short 

godlie worfliip : And on the 
contrarie it requires , that we 
bekeue , feme , and inuokc 
one moft Good and Omnipo- 
tent God. 
Is it not Uwful then toworsbip 
and pray tf>Sttnti} 
It is i not in that manner 
l? 4m f' which we arc commanded to 
f'J. C ' woiflup and piay to God , as 
{e'dof. being our-Creatour , our Re- 
ju- *■ deemer , and giuerofalgood 
| xh 'fy things; but in a degree far in- 
' ■*' feriour,towit, asthebeloued 
i friends ofGod,andourInter- 

f cedcuts and Patrons with 

ji,,. God. 

|j Is the vfe ofpiBum ofChrifl dnd 

l! his S dints entrant to thiS 

ifi Qmnutndmerti} 


Cdtechifme. 33 

In no wife; becaufc to that 
which is commanded in thefe 
wofdes? tbsu sbalt not make to 
tby felf anie grauen lm($ge y the 
teafbn is prefently added, 
to adm it, that is, as the Hea- 
thens doe, who fetvp Images 
of falfe Gods, and impioufly 
worfhip their Idols But wc 
after a pious manner deliuc- 
red vs by our forefathers, doe 
in pictures worship Chrift 8c 
his Saints, w home the pictu- 
res do rcprefent. 
XVbtt forbids the fecond Com- 
mandment : Thou shalt not 
take the nameof thy 
It forbids the abufin s of the 
iaaroe ofGod , and tho irrcue- 

Dan. 4. 



Ep, Sy- 

Hier. 4* 


I ]. ; ■ 







^ 4 y€ iftif* 

rencc , which is committed by 
forfwearing and blafphe* 
ming people , that without ' 
fome great caufc of truth and 
rcuerence,do fwearcbyGod, 
his Saints, or anie Creature. 
What doth theT bird Command* 
went enmne *s:Remembet 
thou kecpeholie the 
Saba* th-day? 
.; It commands thci>abbaoth< 
j, day (or day determined by the 
Church) to be kept and ce- 
lebrated by performing of 
good & holie actions \ which 
is done by going to Church, 
hearing of Ma(Te,and affifting 
otherwifc at Diuine Seruice. 
But to worke , and employ 
ones felf in fcruil labours, i| 
yttcrly forkids. 


CatecBfwK tf 

What doth the fourth Command- 
ment enioyne vs : Honour 
thy father and 
It commands vs to ycald f 
reuerence, obcdience,and help ^'J 
to thofe, who next to God are J# 
the authours of our life ; and tijm.i j. 1 
tofatisfycthem by al manner tteb. 13, 
of duties. Then it commands 
vs, to account our Magiftrats 
as wel Temporal as Spiritual 
or Ecclefiaftical, to be in the 
rank of our Parents and Su- 
periours^and that willingly 
we obey%iem , and refpeft 
their power and authoritie. 
y what manner ihd we reuerence 
Ecclefiaflical power and 




: ; i f 

%6 r *A shirt 

By yealding due refpedt and 
obedience to holie and gene- 
ral Councels, totheieceaucd 
ordinances and Decrees cf 
the Apoftles and Fathers, to 
approued cuftomes of our 
Anccfters, and finally to the 
High Paftours , Bishops, and 
Prelats of the Church. Wher- 
as thofe doe finVit mod grie- 
uoufly . that flight and violate 
DmincSermce, and Ecclefla* 
fticai ordinances and ceremo- 
nies ; alfo thofe that oppofc 
themfelues againftiuch like 
Councels and PreKts, and in- 
fringe rights belonging to 
Priefts, orvfurp Churches, 
prophaning facred and hal- 
lowed things. 


CdtecUfme. tf 

yvJsdt nteaneth the fift Coro- 
mandment : Thou shak 

not kih 
It forbids epen violence, Mat, j? 
murder , and al manner of beut. y, 
wrong that may be ofFred our Exadt 
iiei^hbour in his bodie and **'■ 
life.Andwithal it prohibits an- 
ger, hatred,rancour, difdaine, 
and al other affections anie 
Waves tending to the hurt of 
out neighbour. 
What doth tbefixt Commandment 
ferbidiThou {halt not 
commie adukerie? 
It forbids fornication, adul- r. Cor." 
terie , and al other vncleane 6 - 
and vnlavvful acts in that '£"?"£* 
kind, as alfo whatfoeucr els ft!/,, .'/ 
-is comrade topuritie,ehafti- Mai u 






: ■* 



■ i 



! 'i It 

* 8 J. short 

iicanJmodeftic Foreuenk 

*"'*' thltdotb but behold a mnw ■ 
With bad defire , bath *ln*h 
commuted the fme in his b*n\ . 
faythourSauiour Chiift. 

VJbtt is forbidden in thefeaum 
Commandment iThoU shah 

not (leak 1 
By it is forbidden al vnlav, 
*• Cor * ful taking and vfurping c| 
6 Pt . r another mans goods > as i 
Z f ' done by ftcaling , robbing 
i. Tim. vfune , vniuft gaine , deceifl 
4. cozening , fraudulent bar- 

exchanges and dealings, wK 
rcby Chriftian charitic is in- 


- Cdtechlfmel $$ 

■gWkit is forbidden in the eigfc 
'i Qmimandmwr.Thou (halt 
1 not beare falfe witnes a- 
,-i gainft thy neighbour? 

}, By this Commandment is Ephef. 
jjjoi bidden falfe witnes- bca- 4. 
j^ing, lying, and al mifvfingof *• Vti ' 
the tongue againft our neigh- J' ft ^ 
Ifcour ; as is done by tayle-tel- 
lers, back biters , il-fpeakers 
batterers , ly ers , and forfwea- 
What doe the Wo Ujl Command- 

mentsforbid : Thou malt not 
couet thy neighbour's 
'!>■■ wife,nor his goods? 

| They forbid the coueting of Mat. i. 
an other man's wife & goods; *' *'■ 
becaufe whatfceuer belon- 


4.0 tA shirt 

geth to another man , is not 
only vnlawtul for vs to pot 
feflc vniuftly and at our owne 
plcafure, but we ought net fo 
much as with our vv il to dtfirc 
it; fo that being content witt 
what is our owne , we may 
Hue without al cnuie, cmuU 
tion,and couctotf fries* 
What ts the fumme , and td 
of the I ' efiQammand- 
writs ? 
This",thatGod& our Neigh 
i. Iwn.t our nia y fincciely be lout! 
by vs i which was anciendf 
figtiifyed by the diftinguiihfy 
of thefe Commandmencs inn 
two Tables , made by Go: 
himfclf. Form the firft Tabic 
were dcliuered three Gow> 



Ctttchifmel ^i 

ftnandmems, peculiarly bclon* 
ging to the loue of God: and 
in the fecond were contained 
the other feauen , pertaining 
to the loue of our Neighbour. 
Jn vpbat manna doe the Com- 
$ mandmentsofthefirflTable 
teach the hue of God} 
In this i that they forbid & 
fake away al vices mottcon- 
irarie to the true worftiip and 
honour of God, as are Idola- 
try, Apoftafiejherefiejperiury, 
fopcrftitionjand command on 
*he other fide , true and pure 
worlhip and Seruicc of God 
$o be faithfully performed 
xfwitbhart, mouth, and deed; 
^nd where this is done , the 
fBnly true God is ferucd and 


- £3iCti£2 



fy r J. 'sfori 

adored with that true "Dm'm 
worfhip proper to him alone, 
called Utria. 

How doe the Commandments «f 
the Second! able declare our 

In this , that they order!) 
•^ comprehend our dutie to 

Tc'or. w alds our nag hbour * to vvi: ' 
,? ' that we doc not only honour 
our ciders and Supcrioursjbu. 
alfo endeauour to do goodtt 
al in deed, word,and wil, and 
to be hurtful to none, whe- 
ther %ve regard the bodie o: 
our Neighbour , or the panit 
ioyned to vs in wedlock, of 
the goods of Fortune. 

Cateihifme. 45 
What is the fumme and ejfeft •/ 
L the Commandments concerning 
the loue of our neigh- 
bour ? 
This: what thou wilt not 

haue another to doe to thee, 
that doe not thou to another. 
But al things whatfoeucr you ( 
w il, that men do to you, doe ( 

you alfo to them/, for this is, 

the Law and the Prophets. 

jin there anie other btjidei the 


There ate , and thofe not 

only profitably but alfo necef- 

farily to be kept , efpecially 

the Commandments of the 

Church, vvhome , as cur meft 

holie Mother and the Spoufe 


D 4 

MAt, 7. 1 

Map, r J 





44 CdttcMftne. 

al bound to hearken to, and 

Bow manit dre the Cmmdnd- 
merits of the Church* 

There be chiefly fiuc.i.Keep 
holie-dayes appointed by the 
Holie Church. 

2. Heare holie Mafle de- 
uoutly vpon Sundayes and 

^ Obferucthcfafting'dayes 
commanded , and abitinence 
from forbidden meats. 

4.C6feflethy ljnnes(atleaft) 
once a yeare to thine owne 
Paftour or Prseft , or to ano- 
ther with licence. 

5. Receaue the blefled Sa- 
crament at die le aft 01 ce a 
ycar^and that about Eafter. 

nfme, r tfi 
Wlut fruit doth the kf^lng of 
theft Commandments 
biting vs* 
Thefe and the like com- 
mandments and ordinances 
of the Church do firft exercife 
ourChriftianfayth 9 hurnili- 
tie , and obedience ; and then 
eoenourifti, maintainc , and 
adorne D'fuine Seruice , wel 
ordered difcipline, & publick 
tranquillities and doe withal 
wonderfully auayle that al 
things in the Church be per- 
formed with order and decen- 
Andbefideswedomerit 1 



much towards our faluation, 
if we keep the fayd Com- 
mandments with due loue 
and Charitie. 

I 4i- 


46 xA short 


Of the Sacraments. 

What is 4 Sacrament} 

IT is a vifiblc figne of an 
inuifible grace , inftituted 
by God for ourfan&ification, 
Y^\ For one thing it is , which vvc 
j ^ fee in the Sacramcnt,and ano- 
chr. ther , w hich we receaue thcr- 
jmb. in. We fee the outward 
^•♦•^figne , but we receaue the 

&£*TX. . 11*11 1 /• • • t 

inward, hidden , and lpuricual 
grace , which is called the 
Thing ( or effect and fruit) of 
the Sacrament. 
How w/tme Sacraments be then) 

Cm<U. TT ^ ere ^ e ^ aucn » w Wch 
Fi or , X being inftuueed by our 


C*techifme] 47 

Sauiour Chriit , dcliuered by & U- 
;iV ls ADoftles,&ftilfrod m eto^ 
time continuing in tneLatho- Tfi(i 
lick Church , are come euen #. con- 
' to thefe our dayes. And they fi*n. , 
lbetheie:Baptitme, Confir- 
! matior^Eueharii^Pennance, 
i Extremc-VncTio^Orderjand 
t Matrimonie. 

* Why *rc S*crdmtnts fo much to 

neat account} 

Firft,bccaufe they arc infti- Cmcil. 
tutedby God our Sauiour in Pl <»- 
the New Law Secondly , bc- 
caufe they not only fignifie, 
but alfo as certain holic vef- 
fels of the Diuine Spirit con- 
taine the grace of God w hetof 
we (land in n«d, and confer? 


Luc. 10. 

4$ xA ihm 

re the fame in great plemic 
to al that duly doc rcceaue 
them j And withal becaufe 
they are moil prefent and fc- 
ueraignc remedies againft 
firine , and diuine medicines 
of our Samaritan •, and laftly 
for that the grace , which 
goodChriftianshaue already, 
is thereby conferued , encrea- 
fed, and amplify ed in them. 
Whyarefoll.mne and lccltfi4t* 
cat ceremonies yfed in the 
admmiflrattonof the 
For manie and weightie 
tefpe&s. Firft , to the end that 
thofe, who behold the admi- 
niftranon of the Sacraments, 
may be put in mind , that no 


Cdtechifme, 49 

jfropharie thing is heer a&ed, 
bbt certain hidden arid Cele- 
fljal things, fill of diuinc my- 
fljbries , which indeed require 
alpecial reference. Secondly, 
tfat htthofewhocomctothe 
icraments, they may further 
id augment the intefidur 
Notion which Cod efpecial- 

S doth require •, w her of cere- 
onies are as it were the fi- 
fies, teftimofiies, a'ridexcf ei- 
s. Thirdly, that thofe , who 
adminiftef the Sacraments, 
may performe their office 
With greater wofthine< and 
j^ofi'tj whilft,in fo doing tlley 
faithfully obfefrueth'e 
>n.s of the Ancient Church, 
id follow the ftep's of the 





\\ y 

^o 'A sbtrt 

Holic Fathers. For it is clearc 
that mo(l of thefc Ccremo* 
nics by a continual fucceflion 
in the Church , arc dcriucd 
from the Apoftlcs times cucn 
to thefc our dayes. Laftly , by 
thefe Ceremonies there is 
,,. mentained a wcl-ordered and 
religious difcip'ine , and pu* 
blick traaquillitie prefcrued, 
which oftentimes is muchdi- 
fturbed by alteration and no- 
ueltic of external rites & ac* 
Cuftomed Ceremonies. 
Whati* Btptifmel 
It is the firft and mod necef- 
fanc Sacrament of the Nevy 
jfoU j. L aw 9 which is once mini- 
ftred with water . wherin wc 
arc fpiriiually borne a new. 

Cdtechfme. $t 

and receauing ful remiffion of 
our finnes,adopred the chil- 
dren of God , & enroled to be 
the heyres of life cocrlafting. 
It is a Sacrament, ad mini- ^$ es 
ftredbyaBifliop tothofe that %.&\9 
are Baptized ; wherin by holie Jj*«'« 
Chrifme and facred words, 
grace is beftowed vpo n them, 
and ftrength of fpirit encrea- 
fed both to belecue firmly,and 
tfonftantly to confeflfe the 
jname of our Lord, when need 
fo requires. 

How mdnie things are ntieffme to 
be fawn ancernhg the doc- 
trine $f the holie Euchmjl 
. wB.Sicrmtnt} 
iFiae 5 the fkft is the truth 
E 1 


Mat. t. 
I Cor. 

52 c/£ 5^?oyf 

therof. The fecond , is thd 
change of bread and wine in- 
to the Bodie and Blond of 
Chrift. The third , a due ado- 
ration therof.The fourth, the 
obJation of it. And the fifc,tliQ 
receauing of the fame. 
What ts the truth of this Sacra- 
tnent of the Euchdtfa 
This it is : that Chrift true 
God and man,is truly and in-*. 
Mat.16 tircly contained and prefens 
^•14 w ith vs in this Sacrament, 
iohn.l'. a ^ cr a Pricftrightly ordained, 
hath confecrated the bread 
and wine with thofe mvfticat ' 
words prefcribed and dcliue- 
red by the fame our Sauiour 



Catechifme. 53 

YJktt change is there wade by 
yertue of thofe words , where- 
"With theVriefl doth confe- 
cr ate this holy Sacra- 
This, that by thefc words, 
through the power of Chriit 
the bread and wine are ch an- cr.ndl. 
ged and traniubftantiated in- L«j*. 
to the Bodie andBloud of our 
Lord; fo as the fayd bread and 
wine after confecration doe 
altoi»eather ceafc , and are not 


Wt)at adoration is due to this 

The verie fame truly, which Mat 4> 
is due to Chrift our Lord and^.i^'. 
eternal God , whome we ac- P.M. 
knowledge to be there pre- i>8. 


<4 *A 'short 

fcnt ; and therefore we do 
humbly worfliip this Sacra- 
ment with greateft deuotion 
both internal and external, 
and with fuch religious rcue- 
rencc both of bodie and mind 
as is require. 

Why i* this SdcrAment beU U be 
dn ObUtionl 
Becaufe it is the Sacrifice of 
the New Law , that is a pure 
and vnbloudic offering fuc- 
cceding thebloudie Sacrifices 
of theludaical Law * which 
Sacrifice is celebrated in holie 
Mafle for al the faithful Chri- 
ftians,liuing& dead. Whence 
itproeeedes, that the Eucha- 
rift is not only of deuotion re* 
ceaucd by Chciftian people, 

C4t$cbifmt. 55 

butalfo is by Pricfts daily of- 
fered in continual remem- 
branee of the paflion & death 
of our B Sauioijr, and alfo 
auayleth for expiation of fin- 
ncs, and in that kind hath al- 
wayes been fo celebrated in 
the Church, 

Whdt is to bethferMtdin the re- 
ceauing this Sacrament? 
That which faith and the 
authoritie of our holie Mo- c«nil^ 
ther the Church doth texh Co ^ 
vs, to wit , that it is fuiHcicnc tm * 
for a lay perfon to rcceaue ^^ ' % \ 
Chrift wholy vndcr one kind , 
or fis>ne of bread alone , and 
that by this rcceauing of the 
Sacrament it followeth , that 
whofoeuer cometh and recea- 

E 4 





! : ! i 


c(> Jl short 

ueth worthily, doth thereby 
obtainc abundant grace of 
God, and afterwards lifeeuer- 
lafting , which is the true and 
imire fruit of this Sacrament; 
and this becomes the moxc cf- 
k&ual , the oftner this facred 
and holefome Communion is. 
worthily frequented. 
Pennanccis afecondTablc 
after ihipwrack , and a Sacra- 
rripnt neceflfarie for al that 
; aue fallen into finnc after 
prifme,in whichSacrament 


: euniH >n of iinneSjbothis de- 
• mdcJ by the penitent , and 
: .n by tbePrieft. 

.*' !:»! v matue parts be there of 

Ca tec hi fine. c 7 

There are three. 1. Contri- vfd. 
tion , or grief of a fouledete- *°- 
fting herfinnes, and afpiiing 
toabetteriife.i.Confeilion, lac. j. 
or an cxpreffion of ones Cm- 
ncsmadevntoaPrieft. 5 .S a -^ M . 
tisraction , or a rcucnge and 
punifliment taken of onesfelf 
for his offences , thereby to 
bring forth fruits worthie of 
|rue pennance. 

Whdt is Extreme-VnBionl 
Extreme -Vnftion is a Sa- Iac -s- 
crament , whereby the fick in Concil ' 
greateft troubles of their fick- ebr ' 
nes, are, with holie oyle and 
facred words of our Sauiour 
cafed,coforted, and ftrengt fi- 
ned , the more happily to de- 
part out of this world ; and 





5S ^ short 

their bodies alfo,iffo toGodit 
fecme expedient, arc reftored 
co health. 

What is Order* Order is a Sacrament > by 
x ' Ai which power is giuen to 
J Prieftsand other Miniftcrsof 
the Church , duly and decent- 
ly to vndergoe Ecclcfiafticai 

What is "Matrmmtl 
Matrimonie is a Sacrament, j 
whereby man and woman ! 
lawfully contracting, doe en- 
ter into an vnfeparable fel- 
lowfhip and coropanie of li- 
ning togeather •, and arc endo- 
wed with diuine grace, both 
with honeftie and Chriftian 
care to beget and bring vp 

children , as alfo to the end 
that the finne of filthie luft 
and incontinencie may the- 
reby be auoided. 
Is there ami difference 'amongft 
the Sacraments? 
There is truly ;for Baptifme, 
Confirmation , and Order 
being once miniftred , are ne- 
uer more reiterated to the 
fame panic > as the reft are. 
Alfo , Baptifme of neccflitie 
muft be receaued of al j the 
Eucharift , of fuch as are of 
yearcs of difcretion, and Pen- 
r*nce of thofe that are falle* 
into finne after Baptifme. As 
for the reft, it is free for eueric 
man's choice, to vfe them ; fo 
as yet none comemnc or oc^ 

' L V*ffl ? 






% i !| ■ 

6o J. short 

tried the when time requires. 


Ofthe duties of Chrifliaa 

How tnanie an the duties of 
Chriflian faftke} 

THefe two: Decline from 
euil, or finne ; and doe 
3 '/° ;; *'good,orthe dude of rigtw 

HqW cans man auoyd finne y and 

doe good, oYpeir forme 


AChriftian, though he be 

not able of himfelf , ye: 



, Catecbifme. #r 

ftrengthned with the grace & 
fpirit of Chrift ; can &c ought, 
as much as the condition of 
this life doth permit, to iiuc 
iuftly , and keep the Com- 

How manifold is finne} 
Twofold: Original & Actual. V Cflr '* 
Wh4tis Original Sinne} y^ m% 2. 
Original finne is that w hich 
we bring with vs from our RjHh 6. 
birth , and is forgiuen vs by 
Baptifme through Chrift. 
Whaf is lABual finne} 
Adual finne is that, which 
we fay, doe, or couet againft, S. Aw£* 
orbefidesthelaw of God, or 
the Church. 

How manifold is jiBml finne? 
It is two-fold y Mortal , fo 




61 J sbott 

/«.i. called * becaufe it bringcth 
£ V C * prefent death to the foule ; for 
the fide > that finntth sbal 
dfe : And Venial ,'fo called, 
becaufe it is cafily pardoned: 
without which in this life 
cucn theiuftdoenotliue. 
Bj What (terries do wefaltnto 


By thefe three : Suggeftion 

of the Enemie ; Delight of 

our owne part r and confent 

or a determinate wil to finne. 

W bich are the h'%bt{\ degrees 


Thefe; ro wit, when men 

vfd, f. ^ oe wittingly and willingly 

Kjm. i. finne of meer malice ; and 

& «• when alfo they do glorie in 

their finne, and oppofe them- 

fclucs againft fuch as adrao* 



Cdtcchifmc. 6\ 

tufh them , and wholy doc 
Contemnc their holefome ad- 

Why is finne to be efcbuetk 

Becaufe it offends our Lord 
God , and depriues the offen- 
der of the chiefeftgood, and 
brings him the greateft harm; 
whilfl it takes away from him 
the blefled fruition of God» 
and doth ingulf him in the 
cuerlafting paines of Hel. 
ythkh are thofe tbdt are called 
Capital Sinna} 

Thofe, from which as from 
certain heads and fountains 
id other fin ties doe proceed. ' 

H*W mame ate tboje Capital 
finne j? 

Scauen:Pride, Couetoufne* 
Luxuric, Enuic ,'Glutconic, 

1 i ■ 

*m '' 



64 vf i/?#rt 

D* hh Anger, and Sloath. 
Greg. 1. Bywhaimcanes may thefe fiftne\ 
h Mor. jj e s jj Um{ eci and ouercomel 

If we doe cooperate with: 
the grace of leftu ChttfifcnQuC- 
ly considering the danger and 
& domage thefe finncs bring 
vnto vs, and withal exercifing 
the fcaucn vermes oppofitc 
vnto them. , 

Which be thofe Venues that are 
oppujn to the Capital firmest , 
Thefe fcauen : Humilide, 
Liberalise , Chaftitic , BcnU 
gnitic,Temperance, Patience, 
Deuotion or diligent fcruiog 
\ T "' of God. 

Which are the finnes that are [ayd 
to be committed a^ainfl the 


\ $ 

Catechifme. 65 

Thofe that of their owne 
malice doe fo exclude God's 
grace, that they can neither be 
forgiuen in this world but ^ ,!l 
very hardly , nor in the world 
to come. 

How manie are thefinnes agtivjt 
the Holie-Gho(}> 
Six. Preemption of the 
rnercic of God s or impunitie 
of finnc, defperation , impug- 
ning of the knowne truth, 
epuie atfraternalCharitie,ob- 
ftinatt ftubbornnes , & impe- 

Which an thfinms that are fay d 

to cat to Hsauenfor reuen^a 

Thofe that of themfelues 

are moft abominable 5 and 

openl/ doebreake allawesof, 

F 3 

1ii ; : 

46 r J $hm 

human charities whence they 
arc favd in holie Scripture to 
crye to Heauen for vegcancej 
and indeed are manic times in 
melt fearful manner puni- 
(hed by God in this life. 
HoW mdnie *?t tkofe prints thdt 
aye u heduenfvrycrtgemt} 
Thefe fourc : Wilful mur- 
predion of the poore,widc- 
wes,and orphans*,an« • Defrau- 
ding labourers of their wages, 
Inwhtt things dreTVeaccfjjdtie 
Hither men's print*} 
In thole, which indeed are 
done by others , but yet Co as 
we are either the authours or 
helpers thervnto , oratlcaft 
doc not hinder them when wc 
may j and therefore arc they 


t >■■■: 

alfo imputed vntd vs.' 

HvfV mxmt vpaj/es titdj ether 

memfinnes be imfuted to ms > 
Thefe mine wayes:by court* 
fel , commanding , content,' 
prouoking, pray ling or flat- 
tering , concealing others 
faults , w inking at, or not ta- 
king notice thereof , parta- 
king,and by vhiuft defending 
of another man's cuil deed. 

Which Ate called the Werfa 

Such as menliuing accor- 
ding to the flefh , and degene- 
rating from SpiritualChildrea 
of God, are wont to commit, 
'Which dre ihofe itoorh of 
thefteshl * l 

S. Paul rehcarfeth them in Gal. 



Tf. it 

tfg \A short 

this manner : The vyorks of 
the flefh are manifeft, which 
are thefe : Fornication , vn- 
leannes^ difhoneftie , riotouf- 
nes , worfhip of Idols , force- 
ries, enmities, ftrifes , emula- 
tion, brawles,difcords > fc#s > 
cnuie, man-daughters, drun- 
kennes , commetfations and 
» fuch likc;which I foretel you, 
>a$ 1 haue foretold you , that 
, who&euer do commk fuch 
, things , fiial not attaine the 
Is it enough for a Ch$Un to fly 

f wii, a^nd decline front fwnt? 

' In no wife; but/it behoueth 

him alfctodoe good , & prac- 

tife vermes. Otherwife^e tbat 

kwwttb y&tt pi. gwd, andtktb it 

Catcchifmt. 69 

Ttotydvtbfinne. i.Cor.7 

*What good mtt(l a Chrifttin dort E A 4* 

In general, he ought to do 
what good foeuer the Law of 
Nature , God , or Man doth 
icommand, but in particular, 
euerie one according to his 
vocation ought with thanks- 
giuingto difcharge his calling 
and to cooperate with theho- 
ftie grace of GodiFor euerie tree 
tfoM beam not rood fruit, shalbe M „ . 
gut downe,® thrown tnto the fire. & 7 , 
fWbich are the principal kinds 

of good works 
Thofe by which we liue fo- Th, %\ 
bcrly , iuflly , and pioufly in 
this world ; and by which the 
verie Iuft themfclues become 
inore and more iuft,and holie 
men become dayly more 




i!'!li' : 

70 *A shirt 

HWmdniefoldare tbefe kind* *f 
gaod iv or fa 
Threefold, to wit, Fading, 1 

Almes-decds, & Prayerjwhe- 

rof we read thus : frajer is 
uh ' l3 "gooJ, with Facing, and Mmes~ 


"What if the fruh ofgo$d mrfa 
They haue the promifcand 

reward both of this and ctcr- 
ihatby naliife; they pacific God,con- 
l»od fetue and augment grace , and 
*' r k finally they make a Cbriftian 

man's calling fur e and perfeci. 
What is Fatting} 
w To abftaine from eating of 
rnakj flclh vpon certaine dayes , ac- 
fme cording to the cuftomc and 
r» prefcript of the Church ; and 
Imand^J making one mealc a day, 









* Cdtechifme. 71 
to Hue thereby more fparing- eUffiott. 
ly. But if we vnderftand this *•*«• 
word, F*y?, in a more general *• 
fort, it is cuerie chafticement 
of the bodie pioufly vndcrta- 
kcn,that cy ther our FJefh may 
become fubicc"l to the fpirit,or 
obedience be excrcifed , or 
God's grace impetrated. 

Whdtisfrayen ' 

Prayer is a railing vp of the 7)m ^ i * 
mind to God ; whereby we ci- 
ther aske that we may be de- 
fended fro cuil, or that things 
necciTarie to our body and 
foute may be bellowed vpoa 
vs and others , or laftly praifc 
and giue thanks to God. 
What is jtlmes' gifting or ck> 
It is a good deed, whereby Mm; 

\ : ! 

yi Jl short 

we haue compaflion of ano- 
ther bodies miferie, andfuc- 
cour himtherin. 
How mante forts of hlmts- deeds 
or work of metric are there ? 
Two forts,for fome arc cor- 
poral works of mercic , and 
others fpiritual; bccaufethey 
belong to the releeuing ey ther 
of corporal or fpiritual necef- 

How mame are the cotyital 

mik of menu} 

To feed the hungry. To 
giue drink to the thirfty.To 
cloath the naked. To ran- 
fome captiues. To harbour 
the harbourlciTe. To vifit the 
fkk. to bury the dead. 




Ctttechifmel yj 

How manie are the Spiritual 

There are alfo feauen. 
To admonifh iinners. t o in* 
{tract the ignorant, to giue 
Councel to the doubtful, to 
pray to God for the quick 
and dead. To comfort the af* 
Aided, to fupport patiently 
iniurics. to pardon offences* 

Which are the chief eft vertstes 

Next to the three Theologi- 
cal vertues, Faith , Hope , and 
c haritie , w herof we haue al- 
icadie fpoken , the chiefeft 
which become Chriftias mofl 
of al , are die cardinal ver- 


*4 'A short 

Wli/cb are they ytu calCardinal 
Thofethat arc as it were the 
fotrataincs whence other ver- 
tues arederiued,or as the c*r- 
dtnes, that is hinges, wheron 
other vertucs defending , a 
Chriftians fxmle by holie life 
U opened to God , and fliut to 
the World, the Flcfti , and the 


H ow mameare the Cardinal 

yertues ? 
Foure ♦, Prudence » Iufticc, 
Temperance , and Fortitude; 
whereby a man through 
Chrlftdoth come to liuc pru- 
dently, vprightly^emperarly, 
and couragiou%,& f© pltafe 


Cattchifme, 7$. 

Which are called tbtgnifts if the 


Thofc 7. which refted, E fo tu 

faith theProphet , vpon our 

Sauiour & from him as foun- 

taine of al grace , are deriued 

to others j to wit, the guifc of 

wifedome , Vnderftanding, 

Coucel, Knowledge,Fortitu- 

4e,Pretie,& theFeareof God. 

What are bofe things which are 

called fhe Fruits ofthcHolie-Ghofc 

Thofe which people fearing 
God, and Ruing according to 
his Spirit do bring forth in 
their foules ; and by which 
Spiritual men arc knowne 
from carnal. 

Which are the fruits of the 

Hole-Gbofa G4. £ 

S, Pauldathrchcarfctrjcrri 

H ~ 


* 1 1 





«£ \4 short 

in this manner: chariticjoy, 
Peace , Patience , Longa- 
nimitie , Bountie , Mcek- 
pcffc,Fay th 5 Modeftie, Good- 
Which an called EttdngUcd 

Thofe , for which in the 
Ghofpci euen fuch people, 
as othcrwife according to 
the world , feeme to be aha* 
geather wretched and wfor- 
tunate, are notwith&mdmg 
d'eclared to be Bleiled& moft 

Hew mmedwthfe Bullied 
Eight , which our Sxmaut 
Chrift did thus defer vpon 
the Mountain, 

Cdtecbifme. jj 

* ' i, BleflTed are the poore in 
fpirit , for theirs is the king- 
dome of Heauen. 

2, Bleifed are the meek, for 
^ they ftal poifeiTc the land ( of 

} 3 BlefTed are they that mournc 
; fortheyifyil be comforted. 
I 4. BlefTed are they that hun- 
I ger and thirft after iuftice, for 
4 they ftal haue their £l. 

5. BlelT?d are the Merciful, 
ffor, they fhal obtainc mercie. 
I' 6. BlefTed are the clcane of 
'jjbarr fav they flial fee God. 
4 ^.BlefTed are the Peace-ma- ^17 
Jeers, for they fhal be called 

;he Children of God. 

8. Blcfled are they that fuffer 

'erfexutio for Iuftice for theirs 

G 3 



^g U short 

Is the kingdorae of Hcatlcfii. 
"Which art Cdlltd Euangeltctl 

. Thofc which in the Ghofpel 
arc propounded byChtift,not 
by way of commanding but 
counfelling, as things notne- 
ceflarie for al to Saluation,but 
more expedient and profita- 
blefor thofcthatyndcrgoeth*. 
Which 4tt Cdlied Efttngelifal 

Thefe principally , to wit, 
Voluntarie Poucrtic , Perpe- 
tual Chaftitie, & cntireObe-, 
dience , whiefhfor God,is reli- 
gioufly yealded to man. j 
yjhdt be thofc things t th4t dre CdU\ 

Thofc which laft of aldoj 


l :3. 



Catechifmel j^ 

happen to man , & are Death, 
ludgcmentjHcl^nd Heauen-» 
lie glorie. Whcrof Salomon 
fpeaketh thus; foal thywotJ(s 
remember thy laB things , and 
thou wilt ntuer Sinne, 

It it not abfurd that thty f.vgmt 
finnes which haue the Hslie Ghojl, fW 
vhtnthy remit or tetayne . the Ho/i«- 
Chefi nntittcth or retaynnh in them y 
and that they do tw* v/ayes , fitfi in 
Maftifme t and then in Vtnmnce Cy- 
ril, lib. ii. c. ytf.inlo. 

let entry one my B rttbrtn I be(ett% 
you confeffe hk finne v/hilet he is ytp 
alme y v,hile his conftjiton may be Ad- 
mitted t whikr fAt'uf*8im and rtmif- 
fim mad* by the Tritfi it acceptable 
before God. 5 t Cyprian dc Upfo> 

l!U. II. 



\ fa 




A B R I E F 



Conference, for a General 

BE f o * i webegin the Exarnen 
itfelf , we muft vndcrftand 
fome few things which may help 
•vsfor the better performing of fo 
-great a matter , as this is 3 to make a 
good Confeflion. 

i. And fir ft of al , we muft take 

tit in ha»4 , & * ffiatteF wberof <* c " 

peadeth the peace , tranquillity 

. and fecmitit of a gopd Conference 

for al ous life after : arid therefore 
■ it behePHtth vs to examin ou,r 

Confcicn.cs with great care, ami 



4 General CMftJSien. 8* 

• K Secondly, he that makcth his 
Confeflion , muft necefiarily haue 
Contrition, or at leaft •^«ri«o»,that 
is, forrow and deteftation offinne 
committed , becaufe it is an offence 
of God whom we loue aboue al 
things, or for that,tinne caufeth the 
enmity of God & our eternal dam- 
nation ; with a firme pur.pofe of 
changing our life , and not often- 
dingGodany more hereafter mor- 
tally. And for want of fuch a pur- 
pofe,and true hatred of finae,when 
we come to Confeflion , many ty- 
mes our pemunce is vnperfe&:and 
the caufe why men fai often , and 
reiterate the fame fin , is becaufe 
they ncuer had fufficient notice of 
the enormity and miferic of finne, 
nor due [hatred, and abomination 
offo great an cuil:nor(confcqnent- 
lyjfo firme a refolution and pur- 
|>ofe as was nece0arie,t o auoy d it* 

3. Thirdly, our Confeflion muft 
lhaue thefc c^ditio»bjfirft, irmuft 




$i M Exmenftt 
be entire , of al the mortal finncj, 
which a man hath committed , and 
can cal to remembrance after exa- 
mining of himfelf:expreffingcue- 
ry one inparticulcr , in kind , and 
number, and al fuch circumftances 
as do cither change the kind, ot 
number of the finne, Andifhedoth 
not diftinclly remember the num- 
ber, he ought to tel it a litle more 
or leile , as he can remeraberjor at 
leaft how long time he piricuered 
in that finne; if he fel into k vpon 
euerie ©ccafion , and how often, 
more or letie, the like uccafions 
were offered, 

4. The fecond condition is, that 
the Confeflionbe faithful; that is, 
true and finccre,not fparmgtotcl 
anie finne w hich a man hath coro- 
mited , nor accufing hisvfetf of 
thole which he hath not commit- 
ted :but telling the doubtf-ii rhings 
as doubtful; and the certain as cer^j 
tair . It muft alfo be plairc -od fimi 



a GeneralConfefion. 8$ 
pie , not artificially Compofcd: 
without excufe» couering, or dimi . 
nishing anie thing at a!,mak ing his 
reckriing, that he confeflcth his 
iinnes to God , who already kno- 
weth them , although his Diuine 
wil be,that weconfefle them to the 
Prieft , as to his fubftitutc and our 
Iudge , and receaae the pennancc 
due therunto : wherofone part, & 
not the leaft, is theshame and con- 
fufiori to acknowledge our fault. 
"Which notwitftanding is a thino Co 
founded in rcafon and iufticef as 
the tferie Heathens of good vndcr- 
ftanding did perceaue the cortuc- 
niettceandneceflitic of that which 
Chrift our Sauiour hath inftitutcd 
for the remiflion and rcmedie of 
finne in this Sacrament:andfoonc 
of them fayd ; Innocenti* froxima, 
tfi hmnilis Cwfffio, that is : the firft 
degree of Innocencie, is not to of- 
fend; but when offence is commit- 
ted, the ncxtthatis required,^ 




84 'An ex^wen for 

that the offender do humbly ack- 
nowlcdge and confcffe his fault. 
And whofoeucr rtBefteth vpon 
himfelf being offended, wil find, 
that by inftinft of nature,and iu- 
ftice , he requireth as the firft dif- 
pofitwnfor pardon .that the often- 
der,' though he be his owtte bro- 
ther or child , acnowledge that he 
hath done amifle , and be forie for 
it; and haue purpofenottodothe 
like any more. Which is in tub- 
ftanc^that which God Almightie, 
as a moft careful father,requireth, 
of al Catholicks , as of his chofen 
and beloued children ; mingling 

4 General Canfefiion. 85 
by his Gonfcflbur : to accept the reme- 
dies for his finnes, which &hal be pre- 
fcribed , and to auoid al the occafions 
of finnes which he *hal forbid him : 
! likewife , to make reftitution and fa- 
i . tisfa&ion , when there is obligation 
. iuftly to do it: & finally to accept the 
^pennance giuen him by his Confefc 

i 6. By al which , we fee that it is 
fieceflane , that we difclofe faithfully 
|pur finnes in this Sacrament , which is 
% tribunal of iuftice that God hath 
^cft in his Church, for the remedie of 
nne and comfort of finncrs : where the 
fudge being man , cannot know the fe- 

iuftice and mercie in this Sacra- 
ment ( as in al other his works ) to 
facilitare our faluation , in fuch 
manner as is moft conuenient for 

vs. . , 

f. The third condition tf , that 
is be with obedience; that is, that 

ret offences but by the declaration of 

' e offender himfelf, nor proportio- 

ate the fentence and rcmedie ; which, 

iccording to Iuftice and Prudence, he 

s bound to giue, but by way of the pe- 

iitent's conrefsion;v»ho ("as experience 

:acheth ) doing hisdutie, findethfo 

"— , - r ..^ j ft .v|fe»t comfort and aflurance (founded 

the penitent haue r™P°<* t0 f ° % Chriji'1 word and promifc which 

wbatfoeuer. shal be lmpoicd mm , j H 

1 m i »,> m y . i n 

%S JnExdmenfor 

cannot fayle ) that his finncs be forgi- 
uenhim as often as he receaueth abfo- 
lationfrom the Prieft lawfully autho- 
rised , that no comfort in this world is 
comparable to it. And hereupon it 
wmmerh , that Catholick men, the | 
more learned and wife they be, and || 
die more care they haue of their eter- §| 
nalfaluation , and to keep themtelues ;$ 
in God's grace, fo much the more of- | 
tea they frequent this holie Sacramet,f;| 
forac eucrie month , fomc eueric'^ 
week, yea and fome eucrie day, for 
the admirable fr uitSjbencfitSjand com- 
forts they find in it 

,. And heer cometh to mind, a no- 
table obferuation made of this matter 
by the firftChriftian , baptized in the 
Hani of lafxn His name was Btntard, 
a man without learning , but of extra-™ 
ordinarie prudence and capacitie; andi 1 
therforc wasfent to informe the Pope| 
Vndut I1H- of the progrefi'e of Chri-; | 
ftian religion in thofe Countryes.This | 
man by hisowne experience ohierued, ; :| 

4 Qew*l Confefiiot?, $j 
that he had no fearc nor shame to con* 
ucrfe wirh anic man,that knew not his 
fecret finnes : but if by occafion, he 
should come to know them , that then 
he should be ashamed , and feave his 
presence. But as he fayd to a confident 
friend of his ( of * horn I had this 3 and 
many other notable things concerning 
the fame perfon ) he found the quite 
contrarie with his Confeflour y whom 
he fayd he feared, and was loath to 
come neere him before he knew his 
finnes; but atiter bis Confeflion, he fea- 
red him no more, but loued him aboue 
the reft 3 and defired to be alwayes in 
his com pan ie. 

8: By this effeft of rhe Sacrament, 
which he greatly admired 3 he inferred, 
that it muft needs be a work more 
then human > that was able to conquer 
and change a man's natural affe&ion 
Jo much , in the mofl difficult matter*. 
The caule of his admiration was, for 
fhar, as a man vnlearned in poynts of 
Diuinitie, hecotifidered not the diftc- 

H i 





88 \AnUxdmtnfot 

rcnce between the Prieft's knowledge, 
and Authorise to pardon » and take 
away the root of shame,, and another 
man's knowledge , that had no pow:*r 
to deliuer the party from his finnes , S: 
reftore him to Innocencie. And in 
truth there can be required no greater 
proofes of the Diuinitie of Chrift, and 
that the ChriftianCatholick Religion 
is of God r then that our Sauiour bt in* 
fo wife, as the verie lewes his Enemies 
cannot but acknowledge , would com- 
mand fuch as were tobehisdifciplcs, 
amongft other things that pafle mans 
capacitie and ftrength , to pardon ana I 
loue their enemies , andconfeffe their | 
fecret finnes. 

9. And fo not long ago my felt 
faying Mafic before day, in a Chuu'h 
where were fitting a dozen Religious 
Confeflfours; 1 faw about euery one of 
- them a great number of yong men, g 
Gentlemen and other {Indents of the* 
Vniuerfty, preffing, who might be the 
fir ft to ceihis Confeifour the faults he 


4 General Cmfe/ifon. ?g 

had committed al the week before > 
which only God could do. And for my 
felf thongh I had been a Paynim , or 
an Infidel, I should haue needed no 
other miracle to beleeue in Chrift ? and 
to make me a Catholick : for al the 
power of the World could not hauc 
done this, if he that maie the law had 
not been Omnipotent , and fupplied 
with his grace > that which Nature 
otkenvife were not able to do. 

ro. Laftly, when we begin our Con- 
fedion^we rauft kneel downe reuerent- 
ly vpon our knees, for humilities fake, 
as in the prcfeace of God , at one fide 
of the Priefl : and hauiag made the 
figneof tlie Crofle ask hisbenediftion, 
faying: Benalic Tater : And afterwards 
beginne our general Confeffion in La- 
tin in this manner following; or in En- 
cannot read Latin. 



O n f I t e o r. Deo Omni- 
potent! , BjaM 7dm* feippcr 




« Jn txamen fer 


BeatoloanniBapttfl* 9 S*nB<s^ 

8is,& ttbij'ter, quia peccaw «>-u 

w «cogitatme,yerbo y &cp«<,V<«p 

cu\pa^eaculfa,meamaxmac^ % 

Ideo preen BeaumMtrumjm- 
JrcUngdum, Saturn hannem B* 

O" Vaulum , emnes SanBos , & ff > 
fater , crave pro me ad Dommm 

Deum noflnt*. 


Bleffed Virgin M*^ t0 the 3k K\ 
S. Micbaet the Archangel 9 to M 
BlefltJ S. H\m Bapttjl , to the Bo M 

4 General Confefi 'ion. 91 
/ok f&*t / /*««' gtienoufly offended ;* 
jfoagk , Ww/, *»</ deed; though 
my fault, mj faulr, my moflgrituous 


Therefore , I befeech the Bleffed 
Virgin Mar\e y the Blejfed S. Michael 
tbe*j(rcUngxl , the Bltffed S. lobn 
Zaptifl, the Hdie jipo(lles S. Veier 
and S. VauUd the Sawn m Heaue^ 
andyou, my Gbofllk Father , to pay 
to our LoitdG'>d for me. 

Where it is to be noted, that 
fome fay al the Confiteor before 
their Confcffiotv : and others 
( perhapsbctter)do deuide it into 
two parts i fitft, til they come to 
thefe words, My fault ore where 
Catholick people vfe to knock 
their breft , in figne of repentace 
and forrow , as the Publican is 

H 4 




>' : !i 

2 2, "M E*'. for a Gen. Conf. 
fay d to haue done in the Ghofpel, 
that deferued pardon for his ha- 
militie, when the proud Pharific 
wasreie&ed ; and then go for- 
ward with their confeffion. 
Which being ended, they con- 
clude with the words folio wing: 
The* fare , I befeecb the Bleffed Vir- 
gin arc. 

LQikJmm thepoWer of d traitw 
is brought to mttyng, ivhen, the tre.<- 
fon is ^rmealed : fee thofe inferndl 
tbmes ( the Diuels ) dot runne 
4W*y, "wben they perceive that (by 
humble and entire confeffion 
of the fumes thy were authors of) 
they are difewend. Bier. 




Of the /?y/2 Commandment : thkt is, 
Of honouring Godaboue 
al things. 

Concerning Vahh : If 
he haue belieued vvhatfoeuer 
the holie F^.mat Church belie- 
i ueth ; or to the comrade hath 
\ had anic erroneous opinion j or 
| with words , and extcriour fi- 
j gncs , hath made (hew or anie 
\ Hcrefie, or Infidelitie, or com- 
I mitied anie ad contrarie to the 

: :l 



i! -!. 

04 t,4nlxjmenfor 

true honour and adoration of 


If he haue been ouer-cutious, 
to fearch into matters of Faith, j 
mea Curing them with humane \ 
reafon. Or if he haue doubted of 
anic article of the fame. 

If he haue kept Books , either 
written by Herericks , or for anic 
other refpeft , forbidden by the 
If he haue learned the prayeis, 
& other neceflaric things, whicli 
euerie Chriftian is bound to 
know : as are the Command- 
ments of God , and the princi* 
pal myfteries of the Faith. 

If he haue giuen credit to anie 
fort of fuperftitions , enchant- 
ments , diuinings ^or vfed them 

4 General Con fefien. 95 
either by himfelf, or by meanes 
of others. 

If he haue procured, by way 
of Lots , to find out anie Theft, 
or to know anic fecrct thing. 

If he haue carried about him 
fuperftitious writings for his 
health , or for anie other end •, or 
hath induced pthers to do the 

If he haue giuen credit to 
dreames,or footh-fay ings,taking 
them as a rule of his actions. 

If , for too much preemption 

of the mercie of God , he hath 

committed anie finne, orperfe- 

uered in cuil , and differred his 

I amendment. 

If in aduerfitics he hath had 
more confidence in creatures, & 








IT ; 



' il 1 
'i'i ' ! ''■ 


[TO! , 

It I : if r 


14 1 1 

q6 'Jntxmenfor 
(nworldlie helps then in God 
If fot too much diftruftot the 
m «cieofGod,hch»thdefpayred 
of amendment of lite, or ot the 

rcmiOionof his .finnes. . 

If he haue murmured a gain it 
God, as though he were not mil, 

If, for feare.or other humane 
ref P ca,he hath had mind toot- 
fe^God, or not to do that which 

he was bound vnto for his Icr- 

uicc. .. r . 

If he haue curfed or blalphe- 
med God.or his Saints, or other 
Creatures: and he muftexprefle 

the blafphemics which he hath 

fpoken. r - 

If he haue expofed himtelr to 
anie danger of mortal finnevot 


a General CMftfion. $y 
taken delight of anie finne done 

in time paft. 

If he haue pcrfecuted , or in- 
jured with words anie vertuouP 
perfons : detracting their good 
works , or being caufe that they 
^leauethero :and in particular, it 
he haue diffwaded , or hindred. 
anie from entring into Religion, 
iorfrom anie othet a&of vertue. 
pf the fecond Commandment \ Of 
I taking the Name of God 
3 in vaine. 

F he haue fworne that which 

was falfc, knowing it to be a 


|nieft, or of a matter of fmal im- 

If he haue fworne to do anie 
awful thing , which afterward 


:tffl 0?.' ■'. ■ 


«S r J-n txtmtn for 

he hath not ebfcrued •, or had net 
intention to performe it, at that 
timc 5 in w hich he did fw care. 

If he haue been caufc that anie 
didfwearcfalfe , or notobferuc 
the lawful oath which he made. 

a General Confefiicn, • g g 
finneth mortally,buc if there fol- 
lowed thcrof anie harme of his 
neighbour, he is bound to refti- 

If he haue had a cuftome of 
fwearing often without confide- 

- , f . , n " f ^ti©n,orcaretoknow,ifitwerc 

If he hauefworncm manner ot l ; trueorfalfe. 

If he haue made a vow to do 

anie good thing , and hath not 

cared to performe it : or hath de- 

jferred oucrmueh the execution 


i J If he haue ttiade anie Vow with 

— --o , , « r ,J J a mind not to fulfil it. 

If inludgementhehathfwotn J ^ haucmadeavownfttto 

falfc,orbcing asked by.order o ;j ^ n[ d ^ ^ ^^ 

law hath not anfwered agrcabfe „ th| fo .* 

to the intention of the Iudge :oq .3 

hath counfeled others to do the j 

like. In which cafe, not only fc| 

curfing-, as men are wont to fay: 
/f I do,notfuchathing,letfuch, 

or fuch euil happen vnto me. 

If he hath fworne to do anie 
euil, or aniething which was a 
finne, or not to doe anie thing 
which was good. 

Of the third Qotnmat'dmtn"^ Of 
fan&ifying the Hoiie-dayes. 


. t* r ? a 

•i I 

I' 1 


i Ml 




loo Jin txdwtn for 

IF he haue not obferued die 
Holic-daycs, but ei her done 
himfelf, or commanded others to ? 
dofiich works as are prohibited | 
by the Church : or contented] 
vntothofe which do the like. j 
If he haue omitted to heare aj 
whole Maile vpon Holie-dayes 
commanded to be kept^vithout 
lawful caufc or hath beencaufe 
that others did the fame. 

If being prefent at Mafic vpon 
anieHolie-day commanded , hc| 
hath been ( for a notable time) 
volucarily diftra&ed , by talking, 
laughing , orbufying himfelf in 
impertinent things. 

If he haue not procured, that 
thofc which be vnder his charge, 
do heatc MaiTe vpon the Holie- 

4 General Confe/fiatr. i ai 

If he haue not gone to Con- 
feffion, at leaft onceayearei or 
haue not procured that others of 
his charge hauc-done the fame. 

If he haue gone to Confeffion, 
without necelFarie examination 
of confcicnce , or without pur- 
pofe of leauing anie fin : or of 
ihamefaftnes , or other humane 
re r pe<5t, hath cocealed anie finnej 
which is a moil: grieuous facri- 
ledge ; for he lycth not to man, 
but to God, 

If euerie yeare at Eafter he 
hath receaued the Blcfl'cd Sacra- 
ment of the Altar, and that with 
conuenient difpofition. 

If with confeience, or doubt 
of mortal finne, he hath recea- 
ued, or miniftrcd anie Sacrament 

* i 





i ox *4 Examenfot 
of the Church. 
If he hauc failed the Lwt, Vigil^ 
and Ember-dtyes , being bound 
therunto:or if on fuchdayeshe 
hath eaten prohibited meates, or 
been caufe that others did the 

If for gluttonie he would not 
hauc regarded to do again ft anie 
commandment : or if he hauc 
eaten or drunk ouer-largely , 
with notable detriment of his 
Health t or if voluntarily he hath 
been drunk. 

If he haue violated the Church 
with anie carnal finne , or with 

If he haue incurred anie Ex- 
communieationior whilft he was 
excommunicated, hath receaucd 



a Genertl Confcfiion, to» 
anie Sacrament , or been prefenr. 
at the Holy Office of theChmch: 
or if he hath contferfed with Ex- 
communicate pcrfons, or fuch as 
were fufpe&cd of Herciie^n cafes 

If he haue done anie iniuri^ 
or irreiierence to hohe Images, 
Relicks , or anie other facred 

If being bound to fay his Of- 
fice he haue omitted it w holy , or 
any part therof : or in the faying 
of it been voluntarily diftraded. 

If for flputh or negligence, he 
hath left vndone any good work 
to which he was bound. 

Of the fourth Commandment : Of 
honouring our Parents. 


i i (if 

'■ t !'S 

,o4 MExtmtnftr 
f F he haue borne litlcreuercncc 
I to his Vatbtt or Mother ,dcfpi- 
fine them , or offending them, 
vv hh deeds or iniurious words. 

|f he haue curfed his father or 
mother, or detraaed their good 

name , or diihonoured them in 
their abfence. 

If he haue not obeyed his pa- 
rents or fuperioms , in iuft mat- 
ters, rid fttch as might rcfuh to 

notable detriment of the faroilie, 

If when his parents haue been 
in ncceffitie, hehath not fuccou- 
tcdthemjHt were in his power. 

If 1 deliberately he hauedefired 
their death, that he might haue 
the inheritance &c. 

If he haue not fulfilled their 

a General Con ft pun, 1C5 
TcftamentsandlaftWils, after 
their death. 

If he haue loucd his parents, 
children , or kins-folks in fuch 
fort, that for their loue hehath 
nor cared to offend God. 

If he haue not obferucd the 
iuft lawes and decrees of his fu- 

If he baue detracted , or fpo- 
kencuil of Supcriours , Ecclc- 
fiaftical or Secular, of Religious 
perfons, Priefts, Teachers &c. 

If he haue not fuccoured the 
poore if he could , efpecially in 
extreme or grieuous neceflitie:or 
if he haue been ftern or cruel 
?nto them,treating themfharply 
with words or deeds. 

If thofe which be fathers and 






51 I'*' 


1 '■:■! 

i^tl J.ntx*menfo ^ 

mothers , hauc curfed , or wilhed | 

cuilvnto their children. 

Alfo if they hauc brought 

them vp as they uWd , teaching 
them their prayers, and Chriftiaa 
docVme , and reprehending and 
correding them , cfpecially ia 
matters of fane , and occupying 
them in honeft exercifes, to the 
end they be not idle , and take 
fbme euil coutfe.or want meaaes 

to hue. . 

That which is fayd of Chil- 
dren , is vnderftoo'd alfo of fer- 
uams, and others ofthefarailie, 
of whom care is to be had , that 
they know things necclTarie, and 
obferuc the Commandments ot 
God^and of the Church. 



4 General Confeflion, 107 
Offbefftb Commandment : Thou 
/halt not kil. 

IF he haue carried hatred to- 
wards anie perfon , defiring to 
be rcuenged : and how long he 
hath flayed therin. 

If he haue demed anie man's 
death, or other great cuil or do- 
mage in his bodie,or good name, 
honour , temporal or fpiritual 

If he hauc been angry with 
anie perfon , with intention to do 
him harme , or to be reuenged of 

If contending with others, or 
in other fort, he haue ftriken, 
wounded , or killed > or com- 
manded , or confented vnto 
others to do the fame : or ( being 


HI i 


wi i 

^1 i, 

it ' 

, ' ! 

4 ''1 

," 1 : 

i :l!| 

: 'l 

i ! | 

'.» + 

," 1 


:i j; 

if ' 




done by others )ap P roued u, 
giuen ayd , counfei , or fauour 

therunto. , 

Ifhatiing offended others he 

hath rcfufed to demand pardon, 
or reconciliation ; or haue not 
fufficicntly fatisfied for the of- 

"if he haue refufed to pardon 

haue offended him. t 

If for hatreil he haue omitted 


dal of his neighbour. 

If in aduerfitie and misfortu- 
nes, he haue dcfircd death -, or 
with furieand anger ftroketi or 
curfed himfelf, or mentioned the 

Diuel. ^ 

4 Geneul Cenfefionl 109 

If he haue curfed othcrs,either 

aliue.ordcad; and with what in- 


, If he haue fowed difcord , or 

icaufed enmitie between others > 

|and what harme hath enfued 


I If tor hatred or enuie , he hath 

[been immoderately foric for the 

good and profperitie of others, 

[temporal or fpiritual jor hath re- 

lioyced at anie harm , or notable 

jdomage of others. 

If in anger he hath offended 
others with iniurious and contu- 
melious words. 
Ifhc haue flattered others,pray- 

fingthem of any finful a<5t. 
If with his euil example , or 

counfei , or with prayfing that 

. . ... 








no *An Ixatnen for 
which was euil , or reprehending 
that which was good, he hath 
been caufc , that anic man left 
anic good work which he had 
begun , or if he haue induced to 
anie finnc , or to perfeuerance 


If be haue omitted to correct, 
and admonifh anie perfon of anic 
, iinrje, when he could^and proba- 
bly hoped thereby the other's 

If he haue giucn receit ynto 
out-layves, and murtherers , ot 
with hiscounfel, and fauour , oil 
othcrvvifeafliftedthem. | 

If he haue fpoken euil of his 
neighbour , manifefting anie fc 
cret fault of his, to difcrcdit bin, 
or caufe him other harm. 


d General Confefl'm. m 
If he haue (broken iniuricufly 
any Ecclefiaftical or Religious 
perfon : wherinalfo there is Ex- 

Qffbefxt, fir ninth Cenrnandmentsi 
Thou (halt not commit Adul- 
terie. Thou fhalt not defire 
they Neighbour's wife. 

IF he hath giuen confent to 
anic carnal temptation. 
If he haue taken delight deli- 
berately in anie filthie cogita- 

If he hath been negligent in 
caftfng away euil cogitations, 
when hcfeeleth himfelf in dan- 
ger to giuc confent , or take de- 
light in them* 

K 2 

j!2 jln Examenfot 

Ifhe hath fpokcn , or heard 

vnhoneft words. 

If he hath fcnt letters , mefia- 
ges,to diilioneft ends &c. 

If he hath vfcd vnehaft lookes, 
behauiour , gefture , or apparel, 
otday ning it to any euil end. 

If he hath vfcd vnehaft tou- 
ching, killing, embracing &c. 

Ifhe hath committed anie car- 
nal finne actually , wherin he 
mud explicate the neceffarieck- 
cunftanccs, as the perfons,whe- 
ther they were Religious, or Se- 
cular, vowed to virginitic, mar- 
ried,orvnmarried,which mayag- 
grauate the greatnes of the finne. 
Ifhe hath not auoyded the oc- 
cafions of this finne, nor armed 
him againft temptations. 


aGtwtl Confefiion. 107 

Qfthefeaaemb, & tenth Cetnmarta- 

ment. Thou flialt not ftealc. 

Thou flial not defire thy 

Neighbours goods. 

IF he haue taken anie thing 
which belonged vnto others, 
by deceit or violence ; exprdJing 
the quantitie of the theft \ and in 
particular, ifhe haue taken anie 
facred thing,or out of anie facred 

If he hold any thing of an o- 
thers without the confentofthe 
owner t and doth not reftorc it 
prefently, ifhe be able. 

If for not paying of his debts, 
(when he is able) hiscreditours 
haue fuftained any do mage. 

If finding any thing , he hath 

K 3 ' 


i ; n 

ii4 Jntxmtnfy 

taken the fame with mind to 
keep it for himfelf > the like or 
thofc things which happen to 
come to his hands , which , kno- 
wing that they belong to others* j| 
he hath not reftorcd to whome || 

he ought. , . , M 


vfed any deccii in the ware.prtce, - 

meafure, or weight. 
Ifhehaue bought of thofe per- 

fons which could not feU as ot 
flaues , bond-men , or children | 

^ffiaue bought things ttut| 
he knew or doubted to haue been 

ftolen ; or wittingly hath eaten 
of anic fuch things. 

If only in refped of ^ lin 
vpontruft,hehathfoldfoi^ c 

dCenerAConfepon. 115 
then the iuft price ; or hath 
bought for lefle then the price, 
in;refpe& of payment made be- 
fore hand. 

If he haue had a determinate 
wil to take , or to rctayne any 
thing of other men, if be could; 
or aifo if he haue had a deliberate 
mind to gayne , or encrcafe his 
wealth ( as men do ?fe to fay ) by 
right or by wrong. 

If he haue committed any fort 
of vfurie, or made anie vfurarious 
contract , or entred into any vn- 
iuft traffick , or partnersfhip of 

If hauing wages or pay for 
any work or office, he hath not 
done it wel and faithfully. 
If he haue defrauded feruants 

K 4 












i j 



ti 6 I/f « Hjmwm /i* 

or work-folks of their hire-, or 
differred their payment to their 

If he hauc moued any futc-in- 
law againft iuftice ; or if in iuft 
futcs he hath vfed any fraud or 
deceit, that he might preuayle. 

If he hauc played at prohibited 
games j or if in gaming he haue 
vfed, and wonne by deceit : or 
hath played with pcrfons which 
cannot alienate, as are children 
vnder age,and fuch like. 

If he haue defrauded any iuft 

If he haue committed any Si- 
monic in what fort foeuer. 
I f he hauc defrauded the C hurch 
of that which was due , as arc 
Tithes, and fuch like. 

a General Conft/shtt. 1 1 7 
If by vnlawful meanes y and 
cuil information , he haue gotten 
anic thing that was not due vnto 
him : or hath vniuftly hindred 
others from the obtayning anie 
benefit, or commoditic. 

If be hauc giucn any help, or 
counfel, or in whatfoeucr other 
manner abetted fuch as haue ta- 
ken other mens goods : or (being 
able and bound therunto ) hath 
not difcouered or hindred any 

Of the eight CommAndment :Thou 

flialt not bearc falfe 


IF he hauc borne any falfe wit- 
nes in ludgement , or out of 
Iudgement : or induced others to 
do the like. 









1 1 

u % JnExAmtnfQT 

If he hauc fpoken any vntrath, 1 
with notable prejudice, orhutc 
of his neighbour. 

If he hauc detraaed from the 
good name* of others , impofing 
falfely vpon them anie finne, or 
exaggerating their defers, 

lfhe haue murmured in w«- 
ohtie matters , againft another 
nun's life and conucrfaaon ■, el- 
pecially of qualified perfons, as 
Princes, Prelats, Religious, and 

w omen of good name. 

Ifhe haue giuen care willin- 
gly to detractions, and murmu- 
ring* againft others. 

if he haue difclofcd any grie- 
uous and fecret finne of others, 
wherupon hath enfued infamic. 
Which although h were true,and 

dGetnrdlCcnfefiion. vy 
not fpoken with euil intention, 
yet is the fpeakcr bound to re- 
ftorc the other's good name, blc- 

If he haue vttered any fecret, 
which was committed vnto him, 
or which fecretly he came to fee 
orheare : in which cafea man is 
bound to reftore al domages , 
that afterward happen by fuch 

If he haue opened other mens 
letters vnlawfully, or for any euil 


If he haue rafhly iudged the 
deeds or word* of his neighbour 
taking in euil part that which 
might haue been wcl interpre- 
ted, and condemning him in his 
hart of mortal finne. 





I ii :| 


1 20 [AnZxdmenfor 

If he hanc promifed any thing 
with intention to bind himfelf, 
and afterwards without lawful 
caufe hath omitted to obferue his 
promife : which is a mortal finne, 
when the thing, which is promi- 
fcd,is notabie,or when(forwant 
of the promife ) our neighbour 
hath had any notable loflc or do- 

Of the finne ofPride. 

IF that good which he hath 
(whether it beof Mind,ofBo- 
- die , or of Fortune ) he hath not 
acknowledged as of God , but 
prefumed to haufcit of himfelf by 
his proper induftrie;or if he think 
to haue it of God yet prefumed 
to haue it by reafon of his owne 
merits , not giuing to God the 
glorieofal. « 


a Geneul Conftfiion. 
] If he haue reputed vainely that 
i'= he hath anie vertue which he 
h;-. hath not, or to be that which he 
4 is not, or more then that which 
^l he is:defpifing others as inferiour 
; vnto himfelf 

If he haue gloried in anie thing 
which is mortal finne: as to haue 
I taken reuenge,or committed any 
i |other finne. 

i*| If to the end that he might be 
l|fefteemed , and held for a perfbn 
ijjof value, he hath vanted of any 
®«ood , oreuil , which he hath 
lone ( whether truly , or falfely ) 
pirfuhe iniurie of God, or his 

If he haue been ambitious, de- 
firing inordinarily honours and 
dignities &c. doing to that end 

W l« 




i >■ H 



; ,l! ii 


1 ; 


IH \An t^kmtn fit 
that winch he ought not. ] 

. If to the end that he may not be j I 
noted , aod held of fmal account, j l 
or for fcare of the fpeeches of I 
men , he do chat w aich he ought K[ 
not, with fcandal of his neigh- ' ; 
bouc : or neglect to do that which 
he ought, as tocorre&& reprehed 
others > to conuerfe with good 
perfons,togoto Confeffion, and | 
to do other Chriftian works, l 
If hehaue ftubbomly impug-l- 
ned the truth : or ,bccau(ehe|; 
would not fubmit himfelf , orj; 
feemeto bcconuinced,ifhehath| 
obftinatety defended his manifeftj 
errours, a^aioft his confeience, f 
If through arrogancie he hath 
defpifed others, doing any thing 
for their dishonour and dcTpight. 

a General Cortftfiiorr. j 23 
If for haughtinefTe and pride, 
fie hath been at cxeefsiue charge 
in Apparel, Seruants, Dyet ,and 
other vanities not conuenient 

CAthtrtdontofV, Vfacentius 
Brum •ftk Sucietie'of IESVS. 

Be mtndful From whence thou art 
fallen, and doe Pennance. t^poc. i. 

I coanfe! thee to buv of me sold 
iire-tryed ^ that thou mayft be made 
>ich j and mayft be clothed in white 
garments , that the confufion of thy 
Jiakednes appeare not; and witheye- 
klue anoint thine eyes , that thou 
niaift fee. I 3 whom I loue, doc rebuke 
and^lijftife. Be zelous thcrefore^and 
^oePennance.^oc. 3. 

L i 




acts of rznir* ,| 

INthemaking'ofthefeenfoing ASs, U 
there muft be ftirred vp in the wl | 
a liucliezeale,& affection correfron- i 
dent to the words •, which is not ioto 
be vnderftood, that thefe Aa* are to 
be made only when you take fenfible 
contentment, and delight , andemoy 
oreat plenty of fweet deuotion in ma- p 
ting of them , but fo, that they be al- , 
waves made with a ferious defire and | 
harty wishes to pleafe God , & prafliie 
thevertue the Aftwherof you make. 
And this is in euery ones power to ra 
haue, through God's grace , though 
hebeinneuerfogteatftenhtie , dry- 
nes, and defolation. For the Wil an* 
higher part of man is alwayes vei at 

God, though there be neuer Co great 
repugnance in the appetite , or lower 
part, fay Spiritual men. 





tAftsofyeme, 12$ 

jLn J.B of Faith. 

I. N. N. doeexprefly, anddi- 
ftinctly belie ue al, and cuery 
articleof theApoftles Creed,and 
in fuch fenfe as holic Church vn- 
derftandeth the fame. I belicue 
that there be feaucn Sacraments, 
and that they wereinftituted by 
Chrift for the comfort of his 
Church, to theend of the world; 
and by the vertuc they haue from 
him , they feme as conducts to 
deriue, yea as inftruments to con- 
ferre grace to the worihie recea- 
uers. More particularly I belicue, 
that in Bapufme there is remiflion 
both of Original . and al other 
unnc going before the ■ fame: 



no* -J.BffV«t*. . 

alaaualtnofgrcf3ion S l)yniea. | j 

nes of the Priefts abfolution: r 
the formes of bread 5 and wine: 
life to thewcrthie communicant, ? 
,nddeathtothofe,whovnwor ; | 

thily prefume to eat thtroh I ■« 

the keeping of God's Command- 

as alfo the Ecclefiaftical law« 
of the Church: and that eiietie 
one ihalrtceatteofChtift the «ft 

Ittdge, at the laft day, according 
1 belieue in- general whatloeun 

jlBs ofVwue. tty 
the Catholic k Church , ( tb$ 
filUrandgreund rftrtith z, Ttm.fy) 
teacheth andcommande'h me to 
belieue, as alfo i vtterly difallow, 
and difclaime , what the fatnc 
condemncth. This is the Faith 
which I profeiTe, and whet in I 
defireto be Found at the houre of 
my death, & in the day of Iudge* 

jtBs rf Hnpe. 
I repofe al my trull, hopc s and 
affiance in the mercies of God, 
and in the merits of lefus Chrift, 
in » and by whom I hope for re* 
mifsion of my finnes,and reward 
of mygood deeds,through vvhofc 
goodnes 1 tfuft to continue his 
fcruant to my Hues end , and at 
whofc merciful hands after my 

12 a JLBi of Verrue. _ 

myfoule. Tftis i»j H* * M *P 

Although euerje moment 
f merciful Sauicur ) I commit 
gratious Lord , by your good 

telp, to aniuc to Chnftun per- 
fection. . 

thete was ncuer (Inner that .did 
calvpon thee, to vv horn ttiou 

didft not ftiew mercicjioe I hope 


hart. ' . . 

Mh of Chatttte. 

My Lord God , the chicfcft 
Good of alhiscrcaturcs,in whom 

alone is alexcelleacic, and ablo- 

it ■ 


1/fctsofVertue. 129 
lute perfection, I loue with al my 
hart, with al myfoule , with al 
my flrength, efteeming, and pri- 
cing him aboue whatfocuer is not 
himfelf, louing what els is to be 
louedjn, and for the leue I bcare 
to him. 

Odeare Iefu King of al beau- 
tie & giorie ! I wil no other inhe- 
ritance but thee. Olcfumydefi- 
red good ! doc not permit me to 
lone anie thing but thee, and al 
other things only for thee. 
O mod vigilat Lord & keeper of 
my foule! take now poilefsion of 
this my hart, which was created 
forthee, & pierce it withathou- 
fand wounds of pure leue : that 
I may euerlanguilhin moitfweet 
borrow for thec 3 vpon whom de- 

13 o otBs offer me. 

pendcth al my good. 

Dearc lcfu to thee I confe- 
crate my hart : I befeech thee that 
nothing created may pleafe me, 
but that I reioyce only inlouing 
of thy infinit Majeftie. 

O life of my life, more beau- 
tiful then al beauties created ! en- 
flame me with a moft defiied 
burning , after thy eternal 


O who wil giue me,my Lord, 
that I may dye for thee i that by 
my corporal death, my foulc may 
be ingulfed in thee her reft , and 
chaft bed-chamber of al diuinc 

O my infinit Good ! I doe refi- 
gne to thee al that thy liberality 
hath befloyvcd vponme, that 


\ABs of Veytue. jj T 

jherby I may pleafe thee; and 
offer on the Altar of my hart my 
felf in facrifice. 

JtBs of hue towards our 

Moft merciful Lord, I befeech 
thy infinit goodnes Co to illumi- 
nate the harts of alfinncrs , that 
they may come to doe true pen- 
nance for their finnes, andfeeke 
thee with al care , who art the 
only good of our foulcs. 

Forgiue , fwcet Sauiour , al 
thofetharperfecuccme, & grant 
that they may come to louc thee 
in this life, and after death they 
m *y for cuer enioy thee in 

*ABs of Contrition. 
O my Lord Iefus Chiift, true 

;i it 



,u jLBsofVertut. 


Redeemer, thou being who thou 
althingsjtgrccuethmc from the 
boctome of my Wt that I haue 

offended thy Diuinc Maicftie. 
Locherclfirmelypurpofc ncuer 
tofinne any more, and to fly al 
occasions of offending thee, alio 
to confelle, and to fulfil the pen- 
nance which fhal be emoyned me 
for the fame. Andforloue of thee 

I doe freely pardonc al mine ene- 
mies 5 & doc offer my life words, 
works,and afflictions in fatisfac- 
tion for my finnes. Wherefore 
I moft humbly entreat thee,ttni- 
tine in thy infinit goodnes and 
mcrcie, that by the merits of thy 
moft ptctious Blood and Pafsion, 


r JLcxt »f Verttie, 13$ 

and by the intercefsion of our 
Bleflcd Lady , thy Immaculace 
Mothcr,an,d of al thehoJic Saints 
of Heauen,thou wilt pardon me, 
and giue me grace to amend my 
life, and to pcrfeuer therin to my 
death. Amen. 

Moft merciful Lord, I detcft 
and abhorre al my finnes oneiy 
for thy loue , and refolue to dye a 
thoufand times rather then ofcd 
j thee in any thing. 

Merciful Lord, I detcft and re- 

jnounlce al my finnes , forthat 

[they arcdifpleafing vnto thee, & 

refolue to doe particular pennace 

1 for thy loue. 

O that I might ( fwcet Iefu ) 
[with my bloud cancel my cnor- 
] meous crimes ! I refolue for the 

* M 


i 3 a jiBs »fVemt. 
time tocome not to commie one 
venial fmnc , although I might 
gttine thereby al that is precious 
™on earth. # 

O fwect lefus I how it doth 
diiVcafc me that 1 haue offended 
thee! doe not fuffcr that in time 
tocomel offend thee mote. 

OlnfinitMateftie! 1 would il 
it had been thy wil, that i ha 

dyed before euer I offended thee t 
Certainly in time to come t nil 
dye a thoufand deaths , rather 
then once to offend thee. 
Ms tf mmtluie. 
V N N. doeconfcflcmyfeir 
to be a moftorecuous andvyrei^ 
chcdfinner,yeaavcric fink ol 
iniquitie , who by reafon of ro| 
manifold uafgtcfsions , and con- 

*ABs of Virtu*. jij 

tinual ingratitude , wherwith I 
haue , and dayly doc offend my 
glorious Crcatour , am no other- 
wife then as a loathfomc , and a 
vile carcafe to be throwne cut 
from the light & focierie of men. 
Notwithstanding fuch is the pa- 
tience and longanimitie of my 
Lord God,as contrarie to my de- 
merits , I am yet endured to> 
breath, and vouchfafed a roomc 
( though vnivorthie the bafeft ) 
?monghis other creatures, being 
in comparifon oftheverievvorft, 
but a ftaync and a corruption :yca 
as a vcrie counterfait , among 
orient Pearles. 

That my brethren, and others 
|lvkh whom I liue and conueife, 

doc better repute of me, it is by 

M z 


j^tf }ABs of Veme. 

rcafon of their venue , and my 
deep hypocrefie j their charitie in 
Judging the beft of al,and my dif- 
fimiilation , who endeauour to 
conceale that from the eyes of 
men, which is knownctomine 
owne conference , and (alas) too 
manifeft in the fight ofGod:yca 
(hch is the corruption of mine 
hart, and foe farce I am from an- 
fwering to the good motions of 
God's holie Spirit , & from a due 
cooperation with his heauenhc'euen my beft adios,and 
thofc wherin I doe moft labour 
to appcoue myfelf vnto him ,1 
feare me doe taft too ftrong of 
pride, vaine <>lorie, felf-louc and 
hypocrefie, of which wercloncc 
through God's mercie throughly 

\ABs of Vertue, 1^7 
purged, then haply might I,euen 
from my hart defire , as I doe de- 
ferue,to be contemned of al,and 
to beaccounted not humble, but 
( as I am iu truth) moft bafe,vile, 
and contemptible. 

Moft meek Sauiour,! confefle 
here before thy prefence , that I 
am more vile then anic ma lining. 

O moft merciful Lord there 
is net to be found in al the world, 
a man foe vngratefuljor foe fa'uh- 
les vnto thee as lam. 

O merciful Lord, theeues and 
robbers vpon the highways, 
would haue fcrued thee in grea- 
ter perfection then I doe, if they 
had receaued foe many fauours, 
andgtaces as it hath plcafed thy 
DiuincMaieftie to beftow vpon 


M 3 


1^8 ABsofVewt. 

O moft benigne Lord,and my 
Redeemer that al men did know 
my vilcncs , and inifcrie , ro the 
end they might difpife me, that 
haue foe gricuoufly offended 


An AB $f Obedience, 

I. N. N. who of myfelf cannot 

think fo much as a good thoughr, 

doc nothwithftanding ftedfaftly 

purpofc and refolue by the fpe- 

cial grace and afsiitancc of God's 

holy Spirit,to keep the lawes and 

ftatutes of my God , and to walk 

in the obedience of hiscommfid- 

ineots to my Hues end : and that 

not foe much in hope of reward, 

or dtcad of punifhrnent, as for the 

loue and bound duty which by 

the right of Creation and ^e- 


'- : M 

ABi of Yertue. ip 
demption I owe to his Diuine 
Maieftie, who alone isthefoue- 
raigne Good of al his creatures.' 
And for fo much as holy Church 
teacheth chat-their is no euil fo 
great, as is the euil of/innc,nor 
anie thing focontrarie to the Di- 
uineGoodnes,therefore I humbfy 
befeech him, whofe ferua4it I dc- 
fire to be , rather to inflict anie 
crofTe or calamicie vpon me, yea 
to preuent me with corporal 
death , before that malice doe 
change my vndcrftanding, or that 
lyeald confent to the alteration 
of this my purpofe , which here 
1 make to the honour of God, 
the comfort of my foule, and in 
the name of the BlerTed Trinitie, 
fathcr,Sonne, andHclie-Ghoft. 

M 4 


■I 1 ' 


M o jt8sofVtrt*f. 
M JB of Zifignttun. 

Merciful Icfu thy Diuine wii 




wifc to fle(h& blood. Wherf ore 


deiaandtng,Scnc C> Wil,Appetue 


intereftaod propriety in my icl^ 
doe commend into thy gracious 

hands my foule and body togea- 
grace which thouof thy goodnes 
folued henceforward not to ieeK 
mine owne confolation , nunc 


J.Bi of Verm. T41 

ownc eafe,credit,or commoditie, 
but in place thcrof to endeauouc 
that in me thy wil alone may be 
fulfilled, defiring, and as I truft 
inal finccre & vnfayned affe&io, 
that it may cuen goe with me in 
al things litle & great , according 
as thou, my Lord and Sauiour, 
haft appointed. Therfore whe- 
ther it be thy pleafure to fend me 
ficknes or health , pouerty or 
wealth , honour or contempt , 
profperitte or aduerfitie , libertie 
or imprifonment , life or death, 
welcome for thy namefafce be 
they, and for that thou haft foe 
willed and ordayned them.Onely 
©rant that I may he partaker of 
thy grace, and continue thy fer* 
nam for eucr. But forfomuch as 






141 ^Bs of Vertue. 

the Holie Ghoft hath pronoun- 
ced, that the hait of wan is decea- 
uable aboue al things, and thcr- 
fore haft referued the fearchthcr- 
ofvntotbyfelf : If then in anic 
chamber or corner of my brcaft, 
there remainc anic feif- wil , felf- 
liking, or fecret refesuation con- 
traricto this my abfolutc and cx- 
prcffeAd of RcGgnation.let it 
be thy merciful work fo to foot 
out the fame , as that I may truly, 
though not in the like degree of 
pcrfe&ion, fay as thou , my Lord 
and Sauiour didft vnto thy Father 
in the Garden, the night before 
thy pafsion , Now ficut ego yoh, 
Not as I vvil,but as thou wilt,not 
aiy wil, but thine be done. 
Grant, fwect lefus, cuen for 

\ABs of Verne* 143 

thy Paffiv n fake , and the honour 
ofthyfiue vvoundes,that i may 
performc what by thy grace 1 
haue thus refolued , humbly , fer- 
uently, fauhfully,conftantly,and 
farce more perfectly then 1 haue 
purpofed the fame. 

Jin JIB QfChaffim, 

Moft pure Lord worthieofthe 
entire loue of al harts , I refoluc 
for thy loue to abftainc from 
earthly delights. 

^ Let my hart ( o Lord ) be made 
immaculate, in thy fortifications, 
that I be not confounded. 
?f*l. 118. 

vABs tf Tomtit, 

Moft deare Lord I wil poflefle 
noe other thing but thee, & what 
1 haue only for thec. 





I44 JBscf Verne. 

Doe not fuffer me, fweet ieiu, 
to haue any affe&ion to riches, 
honour , beauty ,or apparel , that 
almydefiremay be after thee. 
jiBs of Mft'mme. 
Deare Sauiour,! refolue here- 
after toeate and drink no more, 
then dial be mecrly neceflary to 
fuftaine this itiy body with force, 
only to ferue thee. 

Grant , fweet Sauiour ,that I 
may neuer feck after exqmfite 
meats,to plcafe my taft, but only 
fuch things as are fuffiaentto fa- 
tisfic, and maintayne life. 

1 refolue, deare Lord, to chal- 

tice this my bodie with hunger 

and third •, to conforme myfelt 

with thce,the more topleafe thee. 


r r away 

^ UBs of Vermel 145 

laway my afFeclion and defires 
||from eating, and drinking , and 
M to apply al my affections , aud 
|§de(ires wholy vpon thee. 
m jiBs ofMtldnes , Meelines t 
■k and Vatience. 

i Moft meek Sauiour hfuj Chri$ y 
I doe refolue infallibly for the 
time to come, to beare (as a meek 
Lamb ) aj iniuries whatfoeucr 
dial be done vnto me by my per- 
fecutours,to conforme myfclf to 
thee, in thy B.Paffion. 

Moft fweet Sauiour, with thy 
help, though I mould be impor- 
tunatly prouoked to anger , yet I 
would (hew a mild countenance 
to fuch, as mould moleft me. 

Doe not fuffer me 1 befeech 
thee my Lord, to fcandalize, or 


ia6 r J&s tfVtrtw. 
difdalne my Neighbours, foranj 
wronger dammage that may bt 
doncvnro me by them. 

Moft meek Lord , Idoe vn| 
doubtedly purpofe before thee; 
that if at any timel (hal be mole) 
fted,apd afHiaed by any bedie,tc 
■forget, and forgiuc it prefently, 

Moft meek Lord if any euo 
fo great or grieuous trouble. 
fhould befal me for the Catho 
lick fa«h which I profetfe, I wJ 
beare them with courage an' 
patience for thy loue. 
' Moft lowing Iefus , if thnf 


*A&s. of modepie. 
Grant fweet Sauiour , that I 
| neuer goe curioufly looking af- 
'* tcr anie worldly beautie what- 
focuer. I determine (Sweet Iefu) 
neucr to look vpon any thing, 
| that may inordinately diffract 
1 my thoughts from thee , my infi- 
nit good. 

Grant me my God,to order my 
fpeeches , guard my fenfes , and 
coriipofedly carry my Cq\[c in al 
| my outward behauiour and ac- 
tions, with that modeftie , puri- 
tie, and decen cie, as becometh 
thy feruant , and one that is 

fliould come vpon me infirmitic?||coniinually in prefencc of thee, 
fikneffes* and griefes, yet wtull | an£ j a i ^ Sai j nts - in Hcauen. 
1 fupport them with patience ici ;| ^ft s offiltrue. 

thyloue, i'j Moft Modcft Sauiour Ufm 

H NT" 




148 Ms >f Verne. 

Cbrtft , keep I bcfcech thee my m 

mouth , that I may not offend | 

thee with my tongue. J-| 

Grant fvveet Sauiour , that I I 

ma y be fo diligent in the kee- \\ 

ping of my tongue , that there |'| 

may not efcapc me anie one J 

word that is not neceflaric, and ! -« 

profitable for my neighbours. 

JBi of gratitudt. 

Mod fweet Lord,l render vnto 

youinfinit thanks for your grea: 

mercie and benefits , as wel natu- 

ralas fupernatural, which out of 

your great goodnes you hauebe 

{towed vpon me. 

O molt merciful Lord ! what 

is al that euer I can doe in recom- 
pece of the infinic benefits which 
you haue done me, in my Crea 

'oiBsofVevm, 149 

tion, Iuftification,Conferuation, 
with other helps and infpira- 

O moft defircd Lord ! at this 
inftant according to my deferts, 
I mould be burning in the ar- 
dent flames of Hel, if out of thy 
infinit mercie thou hadft not de- 
liuered me ; what thanks then 
fhal I render for foe Angular a 
fauour ? Moll merciful God ! in 
the beft manner that I know, or 
can, I cal to our Lord and Sa- 
uiour Iefw Cbri/i , the B. Virgin, 
and al the Quires of Angels, and 
fouls of the iuit in Heaucn , and 
earth j befeeching them that they 
would helpc me to render the 
thanks which I owe for thy in- 
finit benefits rcccaued. 

N 5 


3 Ms ofVtrtut. 

JBs 9f magnanimity. 
Giue me fwcctlefu , an heroi- 
Calhart, and ful of valour , that 
I may produce the higheft a&s 
of vertue to thy honour; 

Moft fweet Sauiour I dcfpifc 
al honour and ipplaufe of the 
world; al I defirc is , to put them 
▼nder my feet , that my arfe&ion 
being fcperated from earthly 
things , I may more ferioufly 
ferue thee. 

O Iefu my deare Lord and Sa- 
uiour ! I moft ardently defire to 
gaine ( at lcaft with thy grace I 
wil endeauour to imitate ) the 
loue of S. Vanl, the patience of 
$. lob, and the teares > contrition, 
and forrow for my iinnes , that 
had S.M*rieM*gdaUnt } the more 






Moft gratious Lord \ al thofe 
things and difficulties, w hich lhal 
reprefent thcmfelues vnto me in 
the acquiring of venues , I wil 
embrace them with courage 
only for thy loue. * 


Let me, my Lord I befeech 
thee , rather dye ten thoufand 
deaths , then be feperated from 
thee , and the vnkie of the Ca- 
tholick Church. Grant me my 
Lord,that I may perfcuer in faith- 
fully feruing thee, this day and 

*ABs of Mortification are 
Now and then to difeafe the 
body , ftanding vpon the feet 
when one de/ircth to fit , proftra- 

N 4 



ttttilP ' $f * ' 


*i:T v. .i-bt 





: !(i 

,51 UBi <>f Vertue. 
ting himfelf when he defireth to 
and ftretching forth the armes in 
formeofaCroffe, when he fee- 
kth flouth , and defireth to leane 
to any thing ; depriuing himfelf 
of feeing that which hee defireth; 
and of fpeaking whenoccaiions 
ate offered ; depriuing himfeif of 
fomebits of his diet, which doc 
pleafehimmoft, and finally exe- 
cute the fword of mortification 
of Ufa ChrtB our Lord againft al 
fclfwil and inordinate appetits. 
jLu internal J 8 of Martyvdome. 
I N.N. doe willingly and from 
my hart (asfarrc as my felfe can 
fee into the fame ) renounce my 
goods, my fame , my kinred , and 
fricds,ycathe whole world with 

JI&sq Vettue, 155 
whatfocuer is moft deare vnto 
me ' y and here in the prefence of 
God and his Angels , doe offer vp 
my felfe, to the flieeding of the 
laft drop of my blood, yea and 
giuing of foe many Hues ( if ic 
Yverepoflible I had them) as there 
be haires vpon my head , for, and 
in defence of the Catholick 
Faith , and cuerie point therof j 
asalfoin the maintenance of any 
other pious and iuft caufe:which 
death I doe ioy fully and conten- 
tedly fuffer , not [oe much in re- 
gard of that good w hich through 
God's mcrcic finl therby re- 
dound vnto my foule, as chiefly 
to the honour of the B.Trinitie, 
Father, Sonne,andHolie-Ghoft. 
And this my h& of Martyrdoms 



\ ■ J- 


: m, .. 




!(^ jlBs of vertM. 
] doc here make foe expreffe and 
effe&ual , as on my pare 1 know 
nothing wanting therunto. But 
if in the fight of Almightie God, 
who fcarchcth the reines , and 
better knowcth what is in my 
hart then my fclf , it be any wife 
defe&iue or imperfca, 1 befeech 
him of his mercie to fuppfy what 
is wanting thckunto,fo as 1 may 
truly fay with that holy Father, 
and B. Martyr S. Cyprian :Mat- 
t yr turn amm* , n?n ammu^MdYtym 
dit$ y Martyrdome may be wan- 
ting to my mind , but my ffiind 
neuer to Martyrdome. 

|devovt prayers 

|| tobefayd,othersatconue- 

1 nient opportunities. 

I An Exhortation to prayer , out 
I of S. Uhn Cbryfoflome. 

IT ftadeth with our duty, and is very 
profitable that we employ al the 
time of our life in Prayer, that thereby 
our harts may continually receaue the 
fweetdeaw of God's grace j wherofal 
perfonshauc no lefte need , then trees 
and hearbs haue need of the moifture 
of waters. For they cannot bring forth 
fruit, except the rootesbe comforted 
| with moyfture : in like manner it is 
| importable for vs to be replenished 
I with the beautiful fruits of Pietie , if 
:| our harts be not refreshed by prayer. 



Erf; J 

i<$ . Dtuottt Qfdjtril 

Euen as a cittiethatis notfortifycd 
with ftrongand fufficient walles,eafily 
may fal into the hands of the enemiei 
fo doth the Diuel as eafily furprife & 
fubdue to his power the fbule,thatis 
not defended with prayer; and filleth 
it with al kind of wickednes. 

Tel me, I pray thee, how canft thou 

behold the Sunne, if thou doft not firft 

honour him , that made thine eyes to 

fee that moft beautiful light i How 

canft thou goe to table to eate, if thou 

doft not firft honour him , who giueth 

and furnishethvs daily with neceflarie 

fuftenance, and other great benefits? 

How canft thou truft to paflethe dark 

night without danger, if thou defend 

not thy (elf with prayer? 

The enemie, who continually goeth 
about to fpye whom he may find vnar- 
med and entrap him , feeing a foule 
guarded with pi ayer , retircth prefent- 
ly, as a theef that fees the fword rea- 
die drawnc againft him. 


Demutfr dyers. 157 

He that wil haue his prayer fly vp 

:oGod , let him make it two wings, 

: afting and Almes-deedss and it wii 

|rnountfpcedily , and gracioufly be 


— ■ mm T r ' T 

§. r. 

J prayer n be fay d 'when we rife. 

IN the Name of the Father , & 
of the Sonne,and of theHolie 
- Ghoft. Amen. In the Name 
)f our Lord lefus Cbtifi crucifyed 
I doc tife ; he bleffe me > gouernc 
le, k?ep me, faue me,and confir- 
^ncinalgood works, this day & 
"ueimorc, and after this mifera- 
)le life, bring me to life euerla-- 
ting. Amen. 

Inputting m our dppdrel. 


-ill 1 " 

i I 

i i 



IS ill 

pi ' 


L| . 

,1 »*>'■' 

"■I i ■ , 

M"' ■ 

'Hi I > 


iii i 

j^s D£«o«f fuyers, 

O fwcct Iefu to the end that 

the flume of my finf al foule may 

not be feene ,couer and cloth the 

fame with the guifts of the Hoiic 

Ghoft, and with the ornaments 

of Grace and vcrtue. 

Bsin* tppdrrtlUJ pr*y as fvlhweth 

In the Name of the Father, & 

of the Sonne, and of the Hok 

Ghoft. Amen. Blefled be the ho. 


and for euer more. Amen. 

Our Father which art in Hea- 
uen, hallowed be thy namc.Th) 
Kingdome come. Thy wil be 
done in earth as it is inHeauen. 
Giuevs this day our daily bread jj 
And fovgiue vs our trefpalles , as 
we foroiue them that trefpaw 
a^ainftvs. And lead vs not into 

DifmtVrdjers, jrg 

temptation. But deliuer vs from 
curl. A men. 

Haile Marie ful of grace, our 
Lord is with thee ; Blefled art 
thou among women, and Bldled 
is the fruit of thy womb , h\m % 
Kolie Marie mother of God, 
pray for vs finners now, and in 
the home of our deah. Amen. 

t belccue m God the Father 
Almightie, maker of Hcauen 
and earth. And in tefus chnfilm 
only Sonne, our Lord. Who was 
cocceaued of the Holie-Ghofr, 
horae of the Virgin Marie. Suf- 
fered vnder Ponce Pilar , was 
"ucifyed, dead and buried. He 
fended into He], the third day 
nev.oftagainefromthedeaJ. He 
tended into Hcauen % and fu- 

O 2 

mi. :\ 


fi'i Ml 

mmwn u 


jr8 D«ww fuytts. 

O fwecc Icfu to the end that 
the flume of my fmfulfoule may 
not be feene , couer and cloth the 
fame with theguiftsofiheHolie 
Ghoft, and with the ornaments 
of Grace and vertuc. 
Bein^ appdrrelled puy as fvlloweth. 

In the Name of the Father, & 
of the Sonne, and of the Holic 
Ghoft. Amen. Blefled be theho- 
lie and vndeuidedTrinitie, now 
and for euer more. Amen. 

Our Father which art in Hca- 
uen, hallowed be thy name. Thy 
Kingdome come. Thy wil be 
done in earth as it is inHeauen. 
Giue vs this day our daily bread, 
Andforgiue v s our tref partes , as 
we focgiue them that trefpaiie 
a*ainft vs. And leadvs not into 

temptation. But dcliuer vs from 
euil. Arnen. 

Haile'Marieful of grace, our 
Lord is W f:h thee j Blefled art 

tnoiumong women, and Bleilcd 
« the fruit of thy womb , Ufa. 
HoJie Marie mother of God 
. I he ceue in God the Father 
Almightie , ma kcr of Hcauen 
■dearth. And in Ufa Cbnfi his 

0n, y Sonne, our Lord. Who was 
conceaued of the Holie-Ghoft 

home of the Virgin Marie. Suf- 
tod vnder Ponce Pilar , was 
cruafyed, dead and buried. He 
tended into HeJ, the third day 

^lofeagainefromthedead. He 
tended into Hcauen , and fic- 

O i 

160 Devout Vr dyers, 

teth at the right hand of God the 
Father Almighty. From thence 
he fhalcome toiudge the quick 
and the dead. I beiceue in the 
Holic-Ghoft. The holie Catho- 
lic k Ohurch , the Commu- 
nion of Saints. The forgiucnes 
of finnes. The Refurre&ion of 
the flefli. And life euerlafting. 

I confeire me to Almighty 
God s to the Blefled Virgin S. Ma- 
rie to the Blefled S.Michael the 
Archangel, to the Blefled S. Iohn 
Baptift, the holie Apoftles Peter 
and Paul , and to al Saints in 
Heauen,that 1 haue verie much 
finned in thought, word, and 
work, through myfault,through 
my fault , through my mod hai- 

Demut Vtayers. \6\ 
nous fault. Therfore I befecch 
the Blefled Virgin S. Marie, the 
Blefled S. Michael the Archan- 
gel, the Blefled S.Iohn Baptift, 
the holie Apoftles Peter & Paul, 
and al Saints in Heauen to pray 
formevntoour Lord God. 

Almightie God haue mercie 
vpon vs, and al our finnes being 
forgiuen, bring vs to euerlafting 
life. Amen. 

Almighty and Merciful Lord, 
giue vntovs pardon, abfolution, 
and remiflion of al our fljines. 
Amen. Vouchfafc 6 Lord to 
keepe ys this day without flnne. 
Be merciful vnto vs 6 Lord , be 
merciful vnto vs,Iet thy mercie, 6 
Lord,be y pon vs,eucn as we haue 
hoped in thee. 






i£i Dettout V Myers. 

O Lord heare my prayer, and 
let my crie eome to thee. 
^A deuout prajer to God the Father^ 
God the Sonne , and God the 

O moil benignc Father, 6 Fa- 
ther moft worthie to be prayed 
vnto i I moft roiferablc wretch, 
doe offer vnto thee for al my 
fmnes , which 1 confeflc arc 
many and vile , and for the finnes 
of the world the bitter paflion 
and death of thy Sonnc,ourLoL'd 
and Sauiour Itfus Chrift, I offer 
his labours* his failings, his wca- 
rines, his watchings, his prayers, 
htstcareSjhis bumilitiehisboun- 
tjfulnes,his patience and hischa- 
ritie-, I offer his vexations, and 
troubles of mind, his anguifhes, 



Deuout Vyjyers, 163 
his contumelies , his paincs his 
whippings , and his woundes; 
I offer al the drops of his moft 
pretious bloud : I offer the me- 
rits of his moft fweet Mother and 
Virgin Marie , and al the holie 

O moft Blefled Iefus my Re- 
deemer I piue thee humble 


thanks for thy innumerable be- 
nefits which thou haft granted 
and giuenvntome, being moft 
vnworthie,and doft daily beftow 
vpon me : For thy moft facred 
Incarnation, chaftNatiuity , thy. 
holie life and conuerfation, thy 
moft bitter Paflion, and the effu- 
fion of thy moft pre&ious bloud, 
and for thy death which was 
moft ignominious Make me I 


%$4 Dettom frdyers. 

bcfeech thee partaker of al thy 
merits , and grant that through 
the diligent imitation , and fol- 
lowing of thy venues , I may be 
fouod a liuely branch in thee, 
who arc the true vine. 

O Holic-Ghoft my Comfor- 
ter I commend to rhee my foule 
and body, the beginning and end 
of my life. Grant me a good en- 
trance and beginning \ giue me 
grace to doe true pennancc, that 
I may be hardly forry for my 
fin lies , -and from them ( by the 
vcrtue of thy holie name) I may 
be p'K ifyed , before I dtpart hece 
from this mortal body. I thac am 
corrupt and blind in my affec- 
tions and deftres , and in mine 
owneiudgement am eafily ouer- 

Detuut Vrayersl l£$ 

come, eafily I doe erre , and am 
eafily feduced and flluded : wher- 
fore to thee (o Lord ) I wholy 
commit and offer my felfc. De- 
fend and keepe me thy vnvvor- 
thy feruant fromal euil , teach 
and illuminate my mind >ilreng- 
then my weak fpirit againftpu- 
fillanimitie , and fuperfluous 
fcrup!cs of confeience, and keep 
it humbie,that itfal not into pre- 
sumption. Giue me right Faith, 
iaimoucablcHope, Sincere and 
.perfe&Charity^hatl may fweet- 
Jy delight in thee, I may loue thee 
hardly, and cuery where I may 
fulfil thy holie wil , and pleafure. 
Q holie and Bieifed Trinitie, 
Cod omnipotent , I commend 
vnto thee al my buftnes both 


!: ; 


166 DeuwtVuyml 

fpiritual and corporal. I comcnd 
ynto thee ray Benefaftours , my 
Neighbourly Finds,my Fami- 
liars, and al for w home I ought 
to pray j althofc which haue de- 
urcd , or doc defire my prayers. 
I commend vnto thee the whole 
Catholick Church :renew in k, 
I befcech thee purine of life, 
grant that each one may correcl 
himfelf , nouri/h and keep amog 
them that are members of the 
lame Church mutual charity ,and 
.continually to loue thee. Such as 
doeerrc calback into the way of 
faiuation, extinguiih al Here- 
«es , and conuert thofe to the 
knowledge of thy faith, which 
as yet doe not know thee. Com- 
fort and lift vp al thac are ciou- 

; 1 

DeuoHtVydyen. 16 j 
bled in mind and Confciencc, & 
fuchas areoppre|Ted with temp- 
tations and Calamities. Amen. 
Prayers to our B. Ladte. 
O BleiTed Marie , o moft fwsct 
Virgin , haue pitty on me moft 
vile (inner. I falute and honour 
thee 6 BleiTed Ladie ; obtaine for 
me of thy BleiTed Sonne , ful re- 
miflion of al my finnes : obtaine 
for me perfect mortification, and 
forfakingofmy felf; obtaine for 
me vertue and true humility , pa- 
tience, charity , refraining and 
temperance of my tongue , and 
of my fenfes-, obtaine for me pu- 
rine, fimplicitie, andfreedome of 
mind , and that I may be one ac- 
cording to the harts defue of thy 
Sonne. Amen. 

x 6$ bwMtVuym. 

O my Lady holic Marie I «- 
commended my felf into thy 
blcflcd truft , and lingular cufto- 
dy , and into the bofomc of thy 
mercie this day and dayly, 
and in the home of my 
death, as alfo my foule and my 
body , and I yeald vnto thee al 
my hope and confolation, al my 
diftrefles and miferies, my life, 
and the end thcrof , that by thy 
moft holic imerceffion , and by 
thy merits , al my works may be 
dircacd,& difpofed according to 
thin^&thy Sonncswil. Amen. 
O holie Marie we pray and 
befeech thee , mother of thine 
only begotten Sonne Icfus, that 
thougraciouilyhearevsinal our 
needesandncctffities , andleaue 



I Demur Vr ay en. jgy 

Ivs not cOnfortleiTe , nor alone 
without help , in that dreadful 
day and hourc , when our foules 
flial goe out of our bodies, but 
affift and help vs, that we may 
then fafely come , and enter in at 
thegates of Paradife,and that wc 
may ftand before the fight of 
| God , and haue that confoi table 
I [and ioyful beholding of his blef- 
|fed vifage, that is ful refection of 
nal Saintes , in body and Soule. 

mntheldwnm^at Koone^ndWgbr, 
When thfgm of the Jlue-Bell Is 
gmn (or though no fignebe 
S iucn > or heard ) m honour of 

| W SAMBut's IncarnAtion , and 

I MrBlfjfedUJyJjy 

The Angel of our Lord'de- 


I7 o DeuoutTrAjtn. 

clarcdvnto Marie -, and {lie con. 

Behold the handmayd or our 
Lordibe it vnto me according to 

thy word. Batk Mane &c. 

And the Word was made 
fleih, and dwelt in vs. HvkMM 


We befeech thee , 6 Lord, 
roo/re forth thy grace into our 
mindes, that we who know the 
Incarnation of Chrift thy Sonne, 
the Angel declaring it , may w 
brought by his Paffion and 
Croile , vnto the glotie of Re 
fmrtdion. Through Chriit thc| 
Same our Lord. Amen. 


DettoutVyayeys. 17 j 
\A prayer to our Angel 
I G *ydun % 

\ I befeech thee, 6 rny moft holie 
I Angelical Spirit, vnto whom I a 
jmoft vnwonhie (inner am com- 
mitted for my faftie and prefer- 
ring, that thou wouldeft conti- 
nually protect, defend , keep,and 
igUard me from al incurfions of 
the Diuel , whether I flecp or 
|wakc , or whatfoeuer 1 lhal be 
Joing. Driuefromme,0 Blefled 
[Guardian, by the vertuc of the 
Iholie Cro iTe al the power of Sa- 
ltan : and for that my defer ts do 
lnot any way deferue the fame, 
[obtaine be thy prayers of the 
oft high Iudge, my Lord and 
5auiour,that the wicked fiend 
Jmayhaueno place in me. And 



-. i 

it 1 

iy% Dwut ffdyifS. 

when at anic time thou (halt per- w 
ceaue me through frailty , or o- 
thcrwifc to decline from the way 
of venue to vice $ endeauour to 
bring me backby the path of iuf- 
ticeto mySauiour.And in what 
tribulation or ftraits foeucr thou 
(halt perceaue me to be , let mc 
prefently feelc the help and com- 
fort of Almighty God , by tby 
pious interceffion and ayd. 
Amen, i 

JL fuytt t$ th SAi»t,m fdtron( 9 

w Vjtronejje, 
HolieandBlclTed Saint N. I 
Humbly befcech thee that thou 
wilt hauc me poorer nd wretched 
(inner, in remembrance , before 
the face of my God and Sauiour, 
that by thy merits and intcrccl- 

Detmt Prayers, \n* 
/ions, I may beprefefued from ai 
dangers , bodilie and Ghoftlie, 
that I may daily encreafe more 
and more in vcrtuc and good 
workes : and at the houre of 
my death and. departure out of 
this world vouchsafe to fuccour 
& defend meagainftthe atfauks 
and deceits of mine enemies, zni 
bring my foule , deliuered and 
made free from al tribulation , to 
theioyesofthe Heauenly Pata- 
dife. Amen. 

•A prayer to Mth Saints. 

Alhaile^echolie Saints of 
God which now haue pafled oucr 
thetroublefome fca of this nicr- 
talitic, and haue attained to the 
hauen of eucriafting tranquilities 
peace, and fecmitie, which hauc 


rfA DeueutVydyers. 
dcfcrued to be made fellowcsfc 
partakers of the heaucnly ioyes: 
beina now without care for your 
{Hue's be ye careful for vs, 
vouchfafe to be our aduocatcs, 
and aouemers ; pray vnto our 
Lord'for me , that through your 
interceffion and merits I may in 
thislifcobtaine grace, and at the 
home of my death , my foule de- 
parting in fafc and blefled ftate, 
may arriuc at the fure port ot 
eternal glorie , where you with 
God almighty do raigne world 
without end. Amen. 

ji fraytr to al the Mgw- 

Al haile ye BlelTed Angelical 

fpirits , which with moft fweet 

melody doe prayfe and gloiny 

pur Lord, and of his glorious 



Deuout TrjyerL if* 
pretence do continually reioyce: 
haue pittie and companion vpon 
me poore wretch : and thou es- 
pecially 6 holie Angel , the kee- 
per and Guardkn of my Soule & 
body, vnto whom by thefpecial 
commandment of God , I am 
committed, I befecch the to exe- 
cute thine office towards me, di- 
ligently and faithfully , and to 
keep defend, and protect me this 
day from al euil, vifible and inui- 

. JL Blefimg to be vfed at the end 
of prayer. 
The Imperial Maieflie of God 
MefTe one. The Regal Diuinity 
protect me. The cuerlafting Dei- 
tie keep me. The glorious vpitie 
tomfort me. The incomprcnen- 

P 4 



Iy5 Deuout 'Prayers. 

fible Goodne* dii:c<5t me. The 
power of the Father gouerne 
me. The wifdome of the Sonne 
quicken me. The vertue of the 
Holie-Ghoft illuminate me, and 
be with me. Amen. 

A (Y*)tt to be vfec!iffhfn'W& 
begin oitracti$ns. 

Preuent we befeech thee , o 
Lord, our a&iosis by thy Spirit 
aflifting vs, and in helping for- 
ward profecute them : that al our 
pvaycrsand works may begin al- 
Vvayes from thee, and begun by 
thee may be ended. Through 
Ciifift our Lard. Amen. 


I " 


often in the day to I e repea- 
ted according to the diuer- 
fity of opportunities , and oc 

§. 2. 

THefeenfuing, or fuchlikeafpf- 
rations, if they be frequently rei- 
terated , either vocally , or only men- 
tally,*hat fruit they bring, and how 
efficacious they are to gaine perfediori 
and tranfport the mind , and carry \[ 
vp from earth to Heauen, the expe- 
dience of many nath proued, and wil 
better teach then words can exprefie. 
They are called iacuiatory or darting 
payers, becaufe (amongft other rea- 
sons ; m a moment they pierce the 




m\ ,i 

1 7S beuoutVraym. 
Heauerfs, and prefent our requefh to 
Almi"htieGod,tertif/in2 the ardent 
deli res , and holy affections of a Smile 
onty Peeking and thirfting after the 
fountaine of al perfection , goodnes, 
fan^litie^ beautie 3 fweetnes, knowled- 
ge &c, afpiringonly toioue and enioy 
him , in whomc only, and from whom, 
areal motiuesand incentines of holic 
loue, and finnlly only wishing to haute 
it's conuerfation amonaft the Saints 
and Angels in the Heauenly King- 
dome j the Kingdome of eternal flap* 
pines y the Kingdome of God hirafclf: 
of which Kidgdome we shai, if we wil, 
be ioint-heires with tefus Chriftiht 
Sonne of God , and ragne with kira, 
and triumph with him $ which he 
grant Amen. 

iactttatorie payers. 
Bkffed be the Name of our Lord 
God from henceforth , now > 4ni far 
euer. PfaL m. 


Dwut fray en. xyp 
My God and al : My God andai f 

giue me thyfelf ! Nothing hut thy 

What is to me in Heauen ? and 
hefides thee (m^God) what Would 

1 vp on earth* Pfal. 72, 

Not my wil,o Lord, but thine he 
fulfilled; thy -ml be done in eavh,<u it 
tsin Heauen. 

Lord before thee is al my defirc t 
Pfal. s 7. 

Let al tranfitory things, Lord, 
become Vile vnto me,andletal things 
that are thine be deare -vnto me ; and 
thou, c God, about al. S. Thorn. 

froue me$ Lord and tryme\burne 
{ with thy Uue ) my reynes and try 
hart ! Pfal. 25. 

for fake me not, Lord my Godje* 
fart not from me t Attend ymo my 

180 Demut Prayer si 

beipo Lord, the God of my Salvation] 

Pfal. 37. 

Let my hart be made immaculate 
in thy iuftifications , that I be not con- 
founded. Pfal. 118. 

To thee 9 § Lord, I bane lifted vp 
toy fottle : my God in thee is my confi- 
dence. Pfal. 24. 

Create a clean* hart in tneoGod: 
/nd renew a right fpirit in my bowels, 
Pfal. 50; 

Uju Some of Dauid haue mercit 
ypon me. 

Lord thou {mwefl al things , thsH 
knowejl that that I hue theii 
John ii. 

1 Wtl alwayes bleffe 9$tr Lord : his 
praife ( shal be ) tuer in my mttttk* 

Pfal. sr. 

Bit fled art thou 7 Lord , in tk 







fimmfrfyeis. ig, 

firmament ofHeauen ,■ and pray fed, 

*»dglorified 9 and extolled for em.' 
Cant. 5. Tuer. 

let euerie Spirit pray fe our Lord. 
fearce my fash ( m God ) with 

Bauemercie inmt % S God >a ccou 
dwgtt thy great mercie. .And accor- 
ding to the multitude of thy com- 
Htrations tafy aW*y my iniquitie. 
Pfal. 50. 

Why art thonfomwful my feule* 
<nd why do(l thou trouble me ? hope 

l G <foryetlwd C onfeffe^nt t 

hope m htm. Pfal. i ? . 

«!*f, hide me m thy Wonndes. 



i8i DeuoutfrdyerT. 

that t could alwayes remernbtt 
tvjUft end , and ft neuer offend wj 

S.hal not myfoule befubiect ( id 
obedient ) to G<id\ Pfah 6$. 

Heale me , ° Lord 9 andl shalk 
hed'ed :f*ue me 9 and I sbal be fautl 

Hier 17. 

Lord , if thou mh thou canfl mb$ 
tne clean*. Mat. 8. 

Ufus and his bUfj'td mother be will 
tne »'/W, *«</ *' the home if my death, 
Into thy hands yftveei i>autm y l 
commend myiouh* 

Not tovs,o Lord, not toy*, but It 

thy name gi*e the gloYte. PfaL 13. 

By the jigne ofthecrofje fr-m our 

enimm our Lord dehuer vs. Offic, 


Virgin Marie, Tdi t ;ir of God, f U) 





Z)*w*«* frayeys] t%$ 

to leftts for ys. Virgin Mother ! 

holie Marie, Mother of our Lord 
Jefus Chrifl , obtaine for ys $4ce of 
repentance , and amendment of our 
hues * and beat eys , and pray for v% 
we befeech thee Lady. 

Illuminate ( • my God} mine eyes 
that I pep not in death ( offinne J at 
ame m«f. Pfal. 12. 

KiW/c w;>& *the fire of the Hol>e 
Gho(i our raineS] & om harts, Lord$ 
that with cbafl body we may ferue 
thee, and with pure hartpleafe thee* 

Kow battel begun i {abetter life) 
this is the change of the hand of the 
B/^btf. Pfal. 75. 

Vroue me Lord , and know my 
hart: examin me , and tyoW my 
pathes. .And fee if the Way ofimqui- 
tie be in me , and conduct me in the 

i% 4 Demnt Vrayers. 

euerlafling "Way. Pfal. i$8. 

What shal I render ynto our Lorl 
for al things thathe bath rendred u 
roe? Pfal 115, 

my Lordleftts, I am your fertttt, 
1 am your bondfldne, & the Vondptt 
ofym [acred Mother, 

Oalyt SahtsofGod youcbfafett 
make intercefiien for the S aluation «/ 

fray for vs «S Holy Saint N. th 
we may be made Worthy of the fc* 
tnifes of ChriB. 

deare lefus , as I defire, and a 
wiih my while hart I cram, (0 gi« 
me thy holte and chafi lout, which mi) 
replenish , andtak , and pojfejfe ml 
wholyl Aug. 

due me, Lord God, a wdtctfA 
hart, that no curious cogitation mj 


Deuoutfyayen. ig$ 
lead me aw ay from thee. S. Thorn, 

Gramme, 6 Lord my God , that I 
may rehiceor beforryfor nothing,but 
that wbicbleadeth ynto thee or aw>ty 
from thee. Idem. 

my Truth, my God, make me one 
Withthee in perfect charity ! Gerf. 

Ufu grant me grace inwardly to 
dread thee, andnefchue thofe things 
wherby I might offend thee. 

Draw me, b Lord, to thee by perfect 
lorn and chanty. 

'Place al thy confidence ( my foule ) 
in thy Gad , and let him by thy hue, 
and thy f ear e. Gerf. 

my God that I could feme thee 
and hue thee as thy Angels and 
Saints in Heauen doe ! andahvayes 
remember that thou art truly pnfent 
With me. 








- p 

igtf DeuoutVrayersl 

Hauemercieon thefouki inVur^ 
gaiorie, for thy bitter pafionjbefeech 
thee i and for thy glorious name left*. 

When, my God, shal I receaue thee 
with due deuotion in the Sacrament of 
the klwlJh why comefi thou not 
now with the fame venue fliritually 


let thatioy he wearifeme to nte^j 
God,which is Without thee: andltt 
me not de fire any thing that ts out cf 

thee. S. Thorn. 

Deustibife. TuteDeo. 



1 : 

cxcrcifc* §.3. 

T N the Name of the fathered 
1 of the Sonne, and of the ttolie 

Bettout VrayerT. 187 

Ghoft. Amen. BlefTed be the holy 
and vndeuided Trihitie,now, and 
cuex, and world without end. 

Our Father. Haile Marie. I 
belieue in God. I cofefle me &c. 
as in the Morning Exercife, 

*An Euening Vrayer. Ex 
virid. Spirit. 

Almightie and euerlafting 
God , 1 yeald the itioft haitic 
thanks for that thou haft vouch- 
fafed of thy great metcie & good- 
nes, to preferue me t,his day from 
aleuil. And befeech thee moreo- 
iier for thy bitter death and paf- 
fion , moft mercifully to forgiue 
me wretched (inner al mine of- 
fences, that this day I haue com- 
mitted by thought word & deed: 
and hereafter to preferue and 






% i 

188 Dtum frayirTi 
keepe me from al danger as ft el 
of body as of foule , to the end I 
may life again* in health,to praife 
the name of thy Maieity, and Joy- 
fully feme thee in thanks-giuing, 
with a chaft body, and a cleane 
hart. Amen. 

Jin other prayer for tie night. 

O Lord God & my Heauen- 
lic Father , for afmuch as by thy 
Diuine ordinance the night ap- 
proeheth,and darknes begin neth 
toouerwhelmetheearth,& time 
rcquireth that we giue our fehies 
to bodilie reft & cjuietnes,! yeald 
vntotheemoft hartie thanks for 
thy louing kindnes which haft 
vouchfafed to preferue me this 
day , from the danger of mine 
enemies, to giue me my health tt> 



DmutVrdyeru igp 
feed me , & to fend me al things 
jicceflarie for the comfort of this 
wy poore and necdie life. Imoft 
humbly befeech thee for Iefus 
Chriftsfake, that thou wilt mer- 
cifully forgiue meal that I haue 
this day committed againft thy 
fatherJie goodnes,eith er in word, 
deed ,or thought; and that thou 
wilt wouchfafc to fhadow me 
this night vnder the comfortable 
wings of thy almightie power, & 
defend me from Satan, and from 
a! hiscraftie afTaults, that neither 
he, nor anie of his minifters haue 
power ouer either my bodie or 
my foule. But that although my 
bodie through thy benefite en- 
ioyeth fwcet & pleafant fleep,yec 
mySoule may c©ntinually watch 

2<?€> Deuout Puyers. 
ynto thee,thinkof thec,delight 
in thec , & euermore praifc thee: 
that when the ioyful light of rhe 
day rcturneth according to thy 
godlie appointment, I may rife 
againe with a faithful foulc , and 
vndefifed bodie and fo afterward 
hehauc my felf al my life-time ac- 
cording to thy blelTed wil and 
commandment, by calling away 
the works of darknes,and put- 
ting on rhe armour of light , that 
men feeing my good works , may 
thcrby be prcuoked to glorif/e 

thee my hcauenhc Father , vv hit k 
with thy onlie begotten Sonne 
Iefus Chrift our onlie Sauiour, 
and theHolie-Ghoft, that mod 
fweet co m forter,liucft & raignefi 
one, true, and eucrlafting God, 

Smutty ay tff. \$i 
Wbrld without end. Amen. 
JL prayer to our B. Lady. 
O benigne and mod fweet 
Lady , mod meeke,moft mild, 
and mod gracious : obtaine 
forvs B.Virgingrace,&ftrength 
to withfland and oucrcorne al 
our enemies, ghoftly and bodilie, 
vifiblc and inuifiblc : that after 
thecourfe of this fiiort life , we 
may by thy gratious help attains 
euerlaftiuglifein the Kingdome 
of Heatien, where we may with 
thee, Holie Virgin , euermore 
dwel, and with al Holie Angels, 
Archangels, Patriarchs,and Pro- 
phets , Apofties and Martyrs, 
Worlhiping glorifying , and ma- 
gnifying our B. Lord, and thee 




I I* 



Dwntfrt'ytfs. ip5 

^|whertlnto wc are moft inclined. 

p, To crane pardon humbly of 

JJGod for Amines and defedte* 

jwherof we find ourfelues guilty. 

To make a firmc purpofe 

hrough God's grace to auoid 

inne her after , with intention to 

ftohfcfle tfcofe whcriii we hauc 


Laftly fay Pater nofter, Aue 
Maria. Credo. 
The grace of our Lord lefta 
.M Chtf, the vertucof his moft glo*- 
rious Paflion , the figne of the 
Holie Cro(Te , the integritie of 
the B, Virgin Marie, thebleffing 
of al Saints , and the prayers of 
altheEle&ofGodjbe betweenc 
me and al mine enemies , viiiblc, 
and inuifible , now and in the 



191 Deuontfraym. 

Holie Virgin , in cuerlafting 
blifle without end. Amen. 
Ji prayer to our (hoddngel. 
I befecch thee O 8cc. as in tk 
Morning Exercipt. 

The mdntter of examining our Cm* 

fcience, daily to be tfecJ, at 

Icafl at Kighn 

r» To giuc God thanks for al be^ 
nefits formerly rcceaued, and ef- 
pecially of that prcfent day. 
1. To demaud grace and true 
light, to know and hate our fin- 

3. To cal our foules to accounr, 
wherim we haue that day offen- 
ded God : hauing fpecial con- 
fideration vnto fuch dcfelts 





i ,i 

^94 DemutVraym. 
home of my death. Amcn.~ 

Atcept moft Clement God by 
the prayers and merits of B. Ma? 
ric euer a Virgin, and of al Saints, 
men and women,the office of our 
feruice ,and if we haue done any 
thing prayfe-worthy thou being 
merciful regard it , and what is 
done negligently clemently par r 
done ; who liueft and raigneft 
God in perfect Trinitie, world 
without end. Amen. 


D E V S T I B I S E." 


i J 



bettWtVuytYS. jpy 


before and afcer Confcfsi ™, 

and Receauing, and at 

Holie Mafle, 

$• 4* 

Prayers bifon Confefion. 

Xi Oftfoueraigne,mightic,& 
J I VI merciful Lord , who of 
thine infinit loue and mercie to- 
wards mankind , haft ordained 
in thy Church the Sacrament of 
Pcnnance , as a foucraigne falue 
t© heale our fpiritual wounds, 
andto purge vs from the vnclea- 
ncllc, wherewith we after Bap- 
tise haue any way defiled our 
Joules : I.N. thy molt vile and 

R 2 





ft 2 


ill i! 

X96 teuottt'Prdyerfl 
vn^ratcful creature , hauing 
offended thee manic waies and 
mod grieuoufljspurpofc through 
thy graces to fly vnto this Sacra- 
ment for my remedie , and accor- 
ding to thy diuine Ordinance , to 
confeflc my finnes vnto thy Ser- 
ijant; hoping thereby, that accor- 
ding as thou haft promifed, Iflial 
teceaue a ful and perfect abfolu- 
tion from my finnes. 

Giue rne grace therefore ( 
Lord ) that like as of thy good- 
ncfle thou haft infpired into mj 
hart, adefir*toapply this reme- 
dic vnto my ghoftlie griefs : fo 1 
may in due reuerence, contrition, 
and finceritie vfc the fame, to the 
glorie of thy Name,and to the ful 
f rgiuenelle of my finnes. Open 

Biuout VtApts. 107 
the ferrets ofmyfoule, vnto me 
( O Lord ) and make me to 
know al my finnes and iniqui- 
ties whatfoeucr. Giue me alfo 
due farrow and contrition for 
the fame , and grace to vnfold 
them to thy Vicar , my ghoftlie 
Phifitian, purely, plainely J for- 
rowfully and fincercly : with 
firme and conftant purpofe 
through thy grace to amend my 
life hereafter. 

O Lord, my gracious God,and 
onlie comfort of my foule,feeing 
thou defircft that in al things I 
fhould fincerely fcrue thee , and I 
through thy grace,defire nothing 
more then to do the fame: why 
is it ( O Lord ) that I ftil offend 
thee ? Why fal I fo often into re- 

R j 


*p8 Devout Vrdyersi 

lapfeofmy former follies ? Thy 
grace is not wanting , but my vn- 
gratcfulnefTe, and inconftancie is 
the caufe therofifor the which I 
am mofthartily forrie.Euen now 
I determine to fight manfully, 
and by and by I faint and faile in 
my former purpofe. Righcly 
therfore am I in refpeft hereof to 
humble my felf, and to make ac- 
count , that on the earth there li- 
ueth not a more vile and wicked 
creature then my felf.Incrcafc in 
Die daily thy grace , and fouerai- 
gne vertue of humilitie, lmoft 
humbly befeech thee : and grant 
njegracc , that once I may peiv 
fe&ly know thee, and know ray 
felf: Thee in thy Maieftic and 
mercic j my felf in mine abomi- 

V. . 


Dsitout Vrajm. Jo£ 
nations and miferie:and that at 
length I may fight more manful* 
ly, and gainc the victorie ouer 
mine enemies, through thy gra- 
cious help andfauour, my onlie 
Redeemer & Sauiour Ufu* Cht$ % 
who with the Father , & the Ho- 
lie-Ghoft, raigneft one God cuer- 
lafiingly, Amen. 

*A Sinners Sob &c. 
O mod worth ie Redeemer & 
Sauiour of Man kind, I a vile and 
a wretched (inner , in hope of 
pardon and abfolution , humbly 
proftratc my felf before thy fa- 
cred feet , confefling vnto thee, 
and accufing my felf of al my 
faults and hay nous trafgrcdions, 
whecwich vnto this houre I haue 
offended my Lord and maker, 

r \ H •- < I 





if i 




i ' 

too DtmmVrtyml 
that I haue not trembled toconi- 
mit triofe execrable finnes , for 
which thy facred bodie (fwcet 
Iefus ) endured Co great paines 
and torments vpon the CrofTe. 
I confeflV my great ingratitude, 
that I haue been vnto this houre 
fovntkankfui to rhec, and to thy 
Father, for al thy loue, graces, 
and benefices bellowed vpn me, 
that thou haft patiently fpared 
me fa long a time perfifting in 
cuil , and continuing my wicked 
and vngracious courfes , that in 
mercy thou haft tolerated Co 
great contempt of thy diuinc wil 
and commandments : yea fo ex- 
ceeding and Co boundleffe hath 
been chy charieie, that infteedof 
cafttog nice into Het fire f as for 


Dcuoutfraytrsl 201 

tlicfc my offences I had iuftly de- 
ierucd ) thou cbntrariwife haft 
cxpc&ed mc r% pennance and 
amendment of life. For which 
canfc , how often haft thou 
knocktatthedoreofmy hart by 
thy heaaenly infpirations ? how 
often hpft thou preuented mee 
withblefsings? allured me with, 
comfdrts ? dravvne me with fa- 
uors ? yea forced me many times 
by CrofTes and afflictions', to 
fekevnto thee? and yet neither 
bath my flinty hart been molified 
thercwith^ormy wil reclaimed. 
A wonder it is , that now at laft, 
comming to find the fouleneffe 
of my errour , my very hart doth 
not burftwith cxtremitie of con- 
trition. Hath Hclitfclf fufficient 


loi DeuMtTrtytrsl 
torment to punifh fuch wicked- 
ncflfc ? and to take vengeance of 
fuchexceedingingratitude? V*« 
worthy I am to be called thy 
creature , or whome the earth 
fhould beare,much lcflcaffoard 
nourifhment and things necefla- 
ty for preferuation of my life: 
nay doubtlefle , had not thy 
raercy withheld them , both 
Heauen and earth , the Elements 
and al Creatures had long ere this 
taken vengeance of me for fiich 
hortible contempt and abufes. 

O howmaniethoufandsinthe 
world by thy righteous iudge- 
ments are already condemned to 
the ncucr-ending torments of 
Hel-fire,who ncuer camcneeie 
themcafuteof my mortal tranf- 



ptuout Vrayersl Joj 
grefsions ; yea, who in compaii- 
fbnof meafinfulcaytife, might 
rather be Saint sin Heauen, then 
damned foules adiudged as they 
be vnto eternal perdition. 

But now O merciful Father, O 
God of pittie and compafsion, in 
vnfayned forrow andremorfc of 
confeience for al my mifdeeds, I 
throw my felf down at thy feet, 
humbly befecching thee to be 
reconciled vnto me , to pardon 
al my offences , both new and 
old, to look vpon me a mifcrable 
and a wretched (inner , wich 
the eye of mercie, as thou didft 
the Penitent Publican,the (inner 
7^4gdaUne , and the Apoftle that 
thrice denied thee : be plcafed to 
admit me againe into thy grace 




w J - 

104 Deinut'Pwers. 
and fauour. I 

Lotd,l pray thee, W6tk that 
fpeedily in me , for which caufc 
thou haflfo longfparedme, and 
to which frorh ttemitie thou haft 
Ordained me t woe is me , that I 
fhould leant to louing and fo 
kind a Father, Who hath ncutr 
ceafed to pf oxUrc my good , that 
I bau* refuftd to beftow vpon 
him my hart , who would haue 
mad* it a temple and an habita- 
tion for his ownc follace and 
aboad , which by keeping from 
htm, my felf haue defiled with 
much filth and cotruption ; yea 
made it a veflel of impietie,a flew 
ofvnclcane thoughts and cogi- 
tations. In a word, I confefle 
my felf to be the moft Tieicm 


DettMtTrdyer<. 105 
f ffereaturevpon Earth-, yet the ia-> 
■^Jjthcc wil I throw my felf into the 
16* of thy mere k : for as my fin- 
Ices be numberlefle , [o be thy 
| mercies encllcs. 

I O moft louing Father , if that 
w'tlt % thou <?**// »*£? tnt cUanr. 
|Healc the -wciinds of my foule; 
forvntotheedo I open the fore. 
Kemembert' y felf , fv\ ctt Lord, 
of that comfortable fptach pro-* 
nounced by the mouth of 
one of thy Prophets : Tim h«ji 
committed faHy With ntatiie louns $ 
iyet mm t)m *g*mevrito m, an d I 
I Wil neeaue tltee. Much confidecc 
haue I in this thy fweet and com* 
fort able faying , and with almy 
hurt do T reeurne two' thee , as 
if fco me& rkoneelfe this prouufc 




50 6 Deuottt Vrayers. 
h^d been made. I am that defiled 
foule ,1 am that prodigal child.1 
am that vnfaithfui feruant, who 
baue fepatated my fclf from thee, 
the Father cf Lights, from whom 
al goodnes doth flow. I hauefor- 
faken the fountainc of liuing 
\v aters, and haiie digged vnto my 
felf Citterns , which wil hold no 
water, contenting my felf with 
fuch barren coforts , as thecrca- 
turcs did afford me, fuch momen- 
tatie and fading plcafures , as to 
the great detriment of my foule,! 
liaue tried to be lighter then 
chaffe., and more vaine then vani- 

But what is pa(r,gracious God, 
let it be cancelled and forgotten; 
and for the timx to come let there 

EtuoutfrayerY. 207 
be an eternal league of friendship 
and amitie betwixt vs ; namely 
that thou wilt vouchfafe to be 
my merciful Father , and that I 
againe may be thy obediet child. 
Lord thou feed, I do not aske of 
thee riches, honours, or long life f 
but only this , euen this thing 
alone , which with al pofsible 
importunitie I vrge , and ncuer 
wilceafc to craue, that from this 
prtfent hourc to my Hues end, I 
may neuer more offend thy Di-» 
nine Maieftie , or defile my con- 
fcicnce with anie mortal offence. 
Grant a poore (inner this his 
fcnmble fuit,forthemerits,death, 
and pafsion of thine onlie and 
foefc-beloued Sonne Chrift Iefus, 
my alone Sauiour and Redeemer; 

S a 



] \\t 






to whom with thcc & cheHolie* 
Ghoft,chree Perfons& one eu«- 
lktfng God , be ai honour & glo- 

U pM}ir n U hyd whiltt tfa Vrkf 
gmefh thi idbfiktku. 

Moft Mwlfvltord , I detcft 
and abhorre al rr«y finnes , only 
foe thy lo^e* and i^folu* to die* 
thqufand times ratha thentocf- 
feud thee in any thing. 

This prayer ? or tb.e like short afpi- 
ration, is, only to be vfed mentally ; ft* 
at the time of AbfolutiS it is not gooi 
to pronounce anie thing va«aily,iM« 
in the quiet rcr>ofe of a recolle&al 
min,d |o offer, and confecrate your 
hart to qur Saiuour Chrift, with firme 
purpofe neuer more to offend hiffli 

QmufPuym. 20 p 

but for hi$ loue who is of infinit good- 
nes, fandity, beauty fweetnes, &c. to 
ferue him on earth as ( if it were pof- 
fiWe)the Angels in Heaucn doe. 

Jt paym tfitr 'Cwftfion. 

O God of mercie and pittie, 
hauing now through thy gra- 
t\ow goodnefle difburdned my 
confeience of the guile , where* 
with it was oppj-effed , and in the 
Ipwlieftwife 1 njight , vnfolded 
al^hc I could pofjibfy 
think of , vnto thy Miniftcr my 
Ghoftlie Father: 1 moft humbly 
bffeeeh chce to accept this Con- 
feflion , and to forgjue me my 
trefpaiTes as wcl remembred , as 

Gxwt me grace , O Lord , to 

S 3 


4 ft 8 



210 Deuout Vrayerii 

Hue more carefully and diligent- 
ly hcerafter i and to rcfraine from 
my Former follies which I ytterly 
deteft,and tbroirghthy grace doe 
firmly purpofe neuer any more to 
offend in. Specially, Q my gra* 
cious and benigne Sauiour , giue 
me grace to withftad thefe temp- 
tations , w herewith! am moft 
grieuoufly infedted ( Heere are the 
temptations whttewith one if t»4 
troubled, tile rehear fed: ) As alfo 
grace to efchew ai occafion of 
offending, fo]much as poffibly I 

The iuft man, as Scripture td- 
leth , fallcth feauen times a day: 
much more thenfhallfal(0my 
Lord ) hauing through mine 
ownc moft vile abominatioris, 

■, fii 



DetmtTrayeYS. lit 
very greatly encrcafed this weak- 
nelfc and blihdnelfe ^ I reccaucd 
from my forefather Adam ;'. yet 
Lord, as I hope , & purpofe firm- 
ly (by thy merciful fau,our) tore- 
fraine from confenting to ante 
mortal finne , which I moft hum- 
bly beg of thee to pieferue me 
from, whilftlliueifowill ( by 
thy goodneffe ) deteft and perfe- 
cute toy venial finnes and imper- 
fections, during my life. Grant 
me grace fo to doe, O merciful 
Lord , and that as heretofore I 
haue without anie remorfe of 
eonfcicnce,moflhainoufly tranf- 
grefled thy Commandments in 
euerie fort , fo now I may feele 
iuft remorfe and forrow, for cue* 
lie finne and Imperfection what- 







2U DwatttVyjyers. 

facuer. And that I may the better 
performs this , grant me grace, 
my Tweet Sauiour Ufa Odri&that 
I may pcrfeucr difeufling my 
confcience, euerie night more di- 
ligently then other , according to 
the good infhu&ios it hath plea* 
fed thee, by thy fcruantto impart 
vntq nun and that each morning 
I may Co happily bcgmnethcday> 
by offering to thee the firft fruits 
of al my actions > as that the reft 
chcrof may eucr more be palled 
to thy glorie. As for my pennacc 
that is enioyncdmeaad notperi 
formed already, fauourably I be- 
ftech thee to aJEft me > both in 
the perfed rcmeinbring , and in 
the, diligent executing therof in 
good time. Amf gcam that by 



Vmut ft dyers. ti$ 
thusendeauouving my felf daily, 
through thy grace , to amend my 
life-, I may both liue and die si 
true penitent : and alfo obraine 
through the merits of thy bletfcd 
Paflion, a ful forgiuenefle of my 
imncs in this world,and in the o- 
thcr , life eucr lafting ; Through 
* Jefus Cbyifl qui Lord and Sauiour* 
I befcech thee,0 tord(Iefus) 
let this my Cofeflionbe grateful 
and acceptable to thee , by the 
merites of Bleflcd Marie thy Mo* 
the^cucr a Virgin, & of al Saints; 
and whatfocuer hath now been 
wanting vnto me, & at other ti- 
mes of the fufficiencie of Contri^ 
t\on, y of thepuritieandintegtitie 
of Confeflion , let thy pietie and 
tpcrcic fupply , and according to 


**4 Dmut frjytrs. 
the fame, vouchfafe to account 
mc more fully and pecfe£ly ab- 
folued in Hcaucn, wfaoliueftft 
raigneft for euer, Amen. 

A Lm 'S Il «'c&nioftmercifulF»- 

jTlthcrjvnto thcc aI ^cHeauc. 
iJecompanie of the ecleftiai Or- 
tie , al the blefTed orders of fcucd 
Spirits, do inceflamly with dae 
reuerence, fing continually, glo- 
nc, and cuerlaiting pi aife. Thee, 
O Lord, al Saints and fouicsof 
holie men doe laud and magni- 
fe, with moft worthieandcon- 
digne honour , as to whomai 
praife, honour, andgJorieismoft 
luftly due.Nor is there any crea- 
ture, be he neucr Co vvorthic, that 

VeueutPuyeri. u$ 

can fufficiently, according to thy 
worthinefle,giue vrito thee wor- 
thie and fufficient praife. For 
thou art that vnfpeakable , vn- 
comprehcnfjblc , and eucrlafting 
Goodnefle* Thou , good Lord , 
haft made me, thou haft through 
the merits of the bitter Pafsion, 
of thy moft blcOed $onne,which 
he vouchfafed to fuffer for man- 
kind , reftored mc to theftate of 
faluation. To thee only k> due al 
laud and honour , if anie good 
thing be found in me. O good 
Lord, I miferable wretch , a crea- 
ture of thy making i a poore 
worme of the earth , haue a 
good wil to laud and magnifie 
thee with al my mind & whole 
intent 3 but without thy fpecial 


H6 btuout frayersl 

grace, I find my felf faint , and 

Wonder tul weak. Wherefore I 

come to thee ray God, my life , & 

my ftrength, my hape, and onlic 

comfort, to craue thy mcrcic and 

gvace,to giue riic power to praifc 

thee. Grant of thy vnfpcakable 

roercie that I may worthily praifc 

and honour thee : and that what 

l doe therein, may be pleating & 

acceptable to thee. Grant mt the 

Jight of thy grace,thatmy mouth 

may fpeake , and my ban ftudic 

thy glorie, and my tongue may be 

occupied oqly in the fong of latid 

and praife to thee, But becaufe al 

praifc in a finners mouth is vile, 

and I muft of force confetfc my 

felf manifoldly to hauc affended 

with my lips, ejeanfe tbou , 




£ood Lord left, my hart from si 
'01th and finhe. Sandtifie me,mr ft 
|mighrie Lord and Sauicur, boih 
-.inwardly and outwardly , and 
ginakc mc worthie to "rriagnifie 
Jjthcc:recea1a*bf tby infinit good- 
faes, the Sacrifice of my lips, and 
|mafee it acceptable in thy fight: 
|Iet the fauour therof be plea&nt 
|and wel-fmelling vnto thee : Set 
.if thy holie fweetneffe pofitfle 

iwholy my mind, and feed my 
frulwith th^cfulaelTcbf inuifiblc 
things. Let iiiy fqule.good LowL 
be quite cut off fi Qm viflbl* 
thinr s> anc j whoiy giucn tQ ■ ^ 


^feparatedfrom earthlle things; & 

jwholy addicted to heauenlieMe- 

Solutions : and make my fiuk fee 

I T 


! ! 


ai8 DettQUtTrdyitli 
the wonderful light of thy Ma- 
ieflie. O Aimightic God, infpiie 
thou my hait, that 1 may conti- 
nually giuc thanks vnto thee, & 
honour thee. Grant, me grace, 
that m "this pilgrimage and vale 
ormiferie, 1 may (o praife ihee, 
*hac v through thy pier cic and 

trace, I may be aHoCia- ed to their 
,'lic fellow fhip which fee thee 
euerlaftingly , and fing praifes to 
thee, vv oriel vv ithout end, Amen. 
O. moft clement Fathtr of 
riicrcies, and God of al confola- 
tion ,' who halt beftowed not on- 
ly once ^ thy only begotten Sone 
vponthcCrofTc for our recouc- 
rie,but wouldft that hisOblarion 
moll acceptable vnto thee^liQuhl 
daily bcrcrwed in theChurch, w 

Dtuotttfrtyersl %t<) 
renne in vs the fruit therof: grant 
vs, webefeechthee ,fo attentiue^ 
ly, reucrently, and louingly to be 
pcefept at this fo admirable, and 
itioftwholeforucmyfterie of thy 
pfetie, that we may be able moft 
effectually to attaine the partici- 
pation therof. Through the fame 
cur Lord. 

frtytistobefajdtt the time 
ofholie Maffe. 
Lmightie&cuerlafting God, 
I moft humbly befeech thee 
■youchfafc tolooke vpon this ag- 
gregation, and mercifully accept 
the prayers of thy Church, made 
vnto thee for vs al by the minifte- 
ric of this Prieft, & therby for thy 
mercies fake , giue vs remiffion 
of al our finncs , integricie of 





& r -tff 


I M 1 


no Depottt Vftjtrsl 

mind , health 6f boaie, ncceflaric 
fuftentation , peace in our dayes, 
temperate ay re , fruitfulnefle of 
the earth,vnitic of Faith, rooting 
out of al Herefies , dcftruj&ion of 
al wicked coiinfels , encreafeof 
true Religion ', earned charitic, 
firicere dctt'Otion in prayer,, pa- 
tience in troubles , ioy ia hope, 
and whatfoeuer is for our foulcs 
health, needfnl, and raeft belon- 
ging to thy glorie , through Iefus 
Qhfiftour Lord. Amen. 

6 mail high Piieft and tmc 
$fnop flefus Chriit , who haft 
bffrcd'thy felf to God thy Father, 
vpon the Altar qftheCrofle.a 
jure and rrpmaculate Hoftforvs 
wretched /loners, who haft left 
vnto vs ihy flei^ and bloud in t 



DmHtQrayert. 2 it 
Sacrament, w hich is made by thy 
Diuine Omnipotence > and haft* 
prdayncd this Sacrament , which 
thou commanded to be offied in 
pemembrance of our faluation^ 
by the- fame thy almightie power, 
I befcech thee , that thou wile 
grant me poore iinncr , worthily 
to remember thy bteflfedPafJion^ 
and to refigne andcom'tcrate my- 
felf x and al that I h aue , wholy. to 
thee, who art my Lord and Re- 
deemer, andtokc prefent at this 
heauenKc Sacrifice with feare & 
reference,, with puntic of hart, 
andpltntic oftcares, with fpiri- 
tualgladnefle, and hcaucnlie Joy j 
let my mind taft the r fweetnene 
of thy bleffcdprcfcnce, and per- 
ceauc the trotips of thy Saints 






k it 


iaa beuout 'Prayers. 

& Angels , which arc about thecj 


O mod merciful Lord Iefus 
Chrift, in the remembrance qf 
thy moft BlefTcd Incarnation, 
£>eath,PaflIon, Wounds , Sor- 
rows , Griefcs , Sighes , Tcarcs, 
and drops of thy moft precious 
Bloud, and in remembrcae of thy 
moft infinic loue to mankind, and 
in the vnion of this Oblation,and 
of that Sacrifice , by the which 
thou didft offer thy fclf on the 
Altar of she Crofle , I doe offer 
my felf to thyprayfe and glorie: 
humbly befeeching thee togiue 
to the liuing grace, to the deceaf- 
fed peace and reft, and to vs al, 
mercie and life euerlaftiog. And 
.1 commend vn* o thee,6 Lord,my 


Dwoutfrayerf. 12$ 
foule and bodie , and al that is 
yvithin me , moft.humbly befee- 
ching thee to hatic mercie vpon 
me , and vpon al thofe whom I 
am bound in refpecl; of Nature ofc 
friehdlhip to pray for: as N.and 

We thank thee O Lord God 
merciful Father, that thou didft 
vouchfafe to fend thy only be- 
gotten Sonne IefiisC^tift, into 
this wretched world to dye for 
Vs al,the moft (hameful death bf 
the CrofTe , to the end that he 
might offer, himfelfe to thee, 
".through the HolLc-Ghoft a moft 
pure, cleahe, holie,& acceptable 
Sacrifice for ourfinnes : & mighc 
fo purge our wicked confeience 
fromalfpots ofvncleanefTe. By 

T 4 





124 DeuVut fr dyers. 

tbi$ tfcy exceeding great loue to 
vs^and bythefe pioft cruel tor- 
picflt$of t|iy Sqnne our Sauiour, 
yve rr^oft- hu.eib4y befeech thee 
that thou " wu*( preferue in vs con- 
tinually thole mbft noble frujtf 
^>f y? Reden^ptiQp^ and triage vs 
3lfi> 4ayly to dye vt ■ Jjtjb him to the 
^yorl^andtobeCifucined to the 
julb*nd 4e(i,re$c^the ffcfti , and 
M IW to thee only aj our life Jo 
t% lp,t^c^nd yy$ r,ai^ne; Eternally 
With hW i where thou with the 
farne thy Sc^onc^ and[ the Holie 
Ghoft ^ ljucjl &; raigneft one true 
an4 liuictg God, for eucr & finer. 

4$ tifaBion to be made (asopfim- 
rtkj fai [em) at the time of 
Holie Maj)}. 


Deuont 'Prayer si 22$ 
At Holy Maife it is meet to fpend 
fome> time in confidering your felt* 
wwtmfoy to be prefent among fo many 
thoufands of Angcls,and Saints, as are 
tlu-re (although inuifibly tovs) ten- 
ding vpoo him with al reuerence, 
*iU<>n* wethroiigh our finnes caufed to 
dye a rpoft bitter death * and whome 
tbroupji oi\r euil life x we from time to 
t?:t>e as much as. in vs ty eth.doe crucify. 
T^ihIc how great his loue is to vs which 
fyuthb daylyOblatio would preferue- 
x$, jnnhat eftaje , wherunto he once 
brought vs„ Thefe benefits and others, 
cenfiaered , let vs exaroin our felues, 
and our behauiour to fo 'gratious a 
Jtord, a«d fay with tbePubiicane :0 
<3qd beMTierciful to nae a (inner ; and 
being hazily ferry thateuerwe haue„ 
offended him , let vs offer our hafts, 
rnro him in the moftabfolute manner 
that poflibly we can witji afirme refo- 
]«tion,neuermore to offend fo Good 
a Gq4:, but ( according to our (rate and 
vocation) to feme hira as perfectly in 

li 6 Dtuoutfrajers. 

earth as the Saints in Heaucn 5 til in his 
peace Mve end our dayes , and in hi, 
Kingdome enioy him, and praifehi* 
*or al £ternitie. 

frtytrs before Heceduing. 
r\Lord God, moft merciful S* 

Bicad >a ndlifcofourfoul CS5 I 
hauc finned againft Heaucn and 
before thee, and am not wonhie 
to be partaker of tfaefc moft fa- 
cred and immaculate Myfteries 
J>t thy precious Bodie and Bloud ;' 
tut through thy grace vouchfafe 
to make me worrhie to reccaue 
this moft BlefTed and dreadful 
Sacrament, to thy honour, and 
my foules faluation. Amen. 

Whence proceeds this fo fin- 
gular and high benefit, that thou, 






DeuotttfujirSi itj 
6 Lord of Angels and the glorie 
ofHeauen,dofhhus, gracioufly 
vouchfafe to come to me vn- 
clcane worm, as I am, and in this 
Sacrament thus to i©yne & vnite 
me vnto thee ? Oh with how 
exeat contrition,with what floud 
of tcaies , with what dread and 
reueiencc, with what puritie of 
mind and bodie ought this moft 
high and ftupendious Myfterie 
to be receaued ! BlefTed be he, 
that cometh in the name of our 
Lord,*o feed , vs his poore fheep 
iothedefert of this world ; his 
delight being , to conuerfe with 
the fonnes of men, -O vnfpeak- 
able and immenfe goodnes of 
thine Sauioui of the world, who 
thus mcicifully doft inuite not 



only the iuft, but cucn finms to 
this thy Diuine Tabic ! I befecct 
thee, mod gracious Lord , that I 
may worthily approach ther- 
unto , and mercifully grant me 
the foueraigne fruits therof ; blot 
out al finrjes paft , freftrue me 
from anie to come, extinguish al 
vicious affe&tfs in me, enlighten 
my vndeiftandiog, encreafe ver- 
tucs,ftren«then me againft temp- 
tations, afford me conueujent re- 
lief of bodte and mind, and thy 
gracious help in life and death; 
finally fo transfqrme me into thy 
fclf, as I may became & remaine 
altogeather on* fpftic with thee. 
Let no fpot of Cmtte , I humbly 
befcech thee , remaine in me, 
whoijac tkoui now YQudbfafeft to 


If DeututVrym. it^ 

Irefrefe with fuch a foueraigne 
food, which is , fo prefent an an* 
kidote againft the poifbn of at 
iinne, and to him that worthily 
Jcomes theru ito , arfordeth grea* 
teft plentieofal vertue & grace. 

Lord, I am not worthie , that 

; thou (houldit eomevnder the roof 

of my houfc ; or ihouldft reft or 

dvvel in me Co vncleanean habitar 

tion. But becaufe it was thy gra*. 

cious fauour & charitie in thisSas- 

| crament after an vnfpcakable ma> 

I ner to comunicate thy felf , vnto 

| thy people, & vndcr the forme of 

| bread wouldft be handled and 

receaued by verie finners,be mer- 

ciful vnto me, who inuitcd pre- 

fume to come to this thy heauenly 

Bancket, humbly and earneftl$ 


2}G DeutHtVrqttsl 

dcflring to cnioy, that benefit 
thereby , wherof thy felf didft 
fay : He th*r eatetb my. flesh , ani 
dithhfth my blond, remdinethtn w, 
and I in him. He thu shal eate «/ 
this , shal hue for euer. Be 
therefore to me the bread , that 
thus giueih life to the world, and 
plentifully fuftaines as pilgrims 
in this life, and yealds al good , to 
the needy. Let the receauing of 
thy moft precious Bodic & Bloud 
be fo holefome and efficacious 
vnto me,thatmyhartmaytheiby 
be eftablifhed in thy feare , and 
confirmed in al grace neceifarie 
for me. O Iefu , moft fwea 
Manna, feed me that am hfigriei 
andgraciouflr worke life in me, 
that of my felf defcrue nothing 


Deuout frayers. %%\ 
but death. Enter into the houfe 
ofmvfoolc , and bellow a new 
bkfiing vpoit : that being vvholy 
renewed, I may moft vnitcdty 
Hue with thee , who through thy 
goodncs haft promifedtobe al 
in al to me. Behold then how 
thou art conioy tied to me, and 
I tothec : remainc al wayes in me, 
fwceteft Iefu, who art my hope, 
my ftrength , and eucrlafting (al- 
uarion \ tow home with the Fa- 
therland the Hoiie-Ghofr , be al 
prayfe, glorie, and thanks-giuing 
for cuer and euer. Amen. 
Trains after TSjecunin^ 

IGiue thee thanks , 6 holy 
Lord Father Aimightie, eter- 
nal God, which haftvouchfafed 
to replenish me a miner, thy vn- 

V z 

!$^ DemutVraievs. 
worthieferuant, through no me- 
rits of mine , but by the oniie 
vouch faring of thy mercic , with 
thepretious body and bloud of 
thy Sonne, our Lord lefu Chrift; 
andl befeech thcethat this holic 
Receauing may not be to me 
as a guilt vnto punifhmcnt,but as 
a wholfomc intcrceffion vnto 
* pardon. Let it be vnto me an ar- 
mour of faith, and fliield of good 
wil. Let it be a riddance of al my 
vices , adriuerout of concupif* 
cenceandluft,ancncreafe ofcha- 
ritie, patience, humilitie & obe- 
dience j a fkrnc defence againft 
the wiles of al enemies , as wel 
vifible as inuifible, a perfed quie- 
ting of my motions,as wel carnal 
as fpiiicual, a lit me cleauing vnto 

1^ DeuoutVMyeYS. 135 

4 thee, one , and true God ; and a 

1 v happy confummation of my end. 
And I befeech thee , that thou 
wilt vouchfafe to bring me a 
finner , vnto that vnfpeakable 
feaft , where thou with thy fonnc 
and the Holie-Ghoft,art a true 
light to thy Saints, a perfect mi- 
nes , an euerlafting gladnes , an 
abfolute ioy, and perfect fclickie. 
Through Chriftour Lord. 

Lord God Almightie, Father 
of our Lord Iefus Chrift , who 
gracioufly doft heare the prayers 
offuchascalvpontheein truth, 
yea foreknowefl: their recjuefts 
though they were filent •, we giue 
thee thanks , that thou haft 
vouchfafed to make vs partakers 
dfthemoft holic My fteries of this 

If [if 

1 . '• 

234 De«9ttt Vrdyevs. 
Bleifed Sacrament of thy Sonne, 
which thou haft afforded vs in 
cofirmation of thy grace, encreafe 
of pietic , and rcmiflion of our 
iinnes ; becaufethe Name of thy 
Chrift is inuoked vpon vs, and 
we are reconciled to thee •, who 
haft feuered vs from the Cogre- 
gation of the wicked, ioyne vs 
with thofe that are confecrared 
to thee, ibegthen vsinthy truth, 
by the illumination of the Ho Je- 
Ghoft ? make knowne vnto vs, 
what as yet we are ignorant of, 
fupply whatisdefccYiue, cofiime 
what we know. Keep thy Priefts 
vndefiled in thy fetukc j Main- 
tain^ Kings in peace .Magiftrats 
in iuftice,the ayre in holcfomnes, 
the fmits of the earth in ptotye- 

' Deuout ftayers. i?$ 
rkie , and the whole world in 
i>ood gouemment. Reprdlethe 
Natios that wage vniuit warrcs; 
comiert thofe that arc in err our: 
fandify thy People ,defcnd vir- 
gins, audbleffc the niarryed with 
mutual loue and loyalties ftreng- 
then the weake and ignorant, 
bring children in thy feare to 
man's eftate and ripe yearcs, con- 
firme thofe that are newly con- 
ucrted to thee , inftiud fuch as 
yet remaine in errour and igno- 
rance , and make them woithic 
to be imitated by others > and fi- 
nally vouchfafe to gather vs al 
into thy Kingdomc of Heauen, 
through our Lord lefus Chrift 9 
to whome with thee and the 
Holie-Ghoft be al giorie , ho- 

y 4 , 



■ ( ll 


i$6 Dmtit Vrdjers, 
nour, and worfhip , world with- 
out end. Amen. 

Molt merciful Lord, and Re- 
deemer of our foulcs , we render 
thee euerlalting thanks, for that 
thou haft this day made vs wor- 
thie of the participation of thy 
heauenlie and immortal Myftc- 
ries. DirecT: our way, we humbly 
befeech thee; keep vs in thy feare; 
defend our life, guide our (fops, 
and eu rmore proced:, deliuer, 
and faue vs through thy mercie, 
and the interceffion of thy Bkf« 
fed Mother. Be thou extolled 
aboue the Heauens , 6 God , and 
thy glorie aboue ai the earth, 
now and alwayes, and for euer, 
andeuer. Amrn. 

Molt gracious Virein Marie, 



DeumVrayirs. 237 

Queen of heauen and earth, who 
intnyfacrcd womb didft worthi- 
ly beare the fame Lord and Crea- 
toorof al,whome at thisprefent 
I haue through his fauour recca- 
ued. 1 pray thee , molt holie Mo- 
ther of God,thou wilt be pleafed 
to intercede for me with the fame 
thy Sonne, that in what manner 
fpeuer I may haue been fault ie 
and not worthily behaued my felf 
sin the receauing of this Sacra* 
jment , he mercifully grant me 
pardon of al fuch my negligence 
jand vnworthines. Thou being 
alwayes chaft, pure, & innocent, 
4idlt after the conception of thy 
$o.nne become more chaft , pure, 
fcoiie,and grateful to God.O that 
lalfo might afer the icccauing 



■it H 



i$8 Dettout Vr dyer si 
of thisDiuinc Sacrament ,befo 
fandtifyed,that at lead I may pte- 
ferue my foulc & bodie free from 
al ftayne ofdeadliefinne. Thou 
hauing conceaucd thy Sonne by 
the Holie-Ghoft didft ioyfully 
Zing magnificent prayfes to our 
Lord, and didft wonderfully re- 
Joyce in God our Sauiour, O that 
I might by thy prayers, 6 Virgin- 
Mother, obtaine this happines, 
as with this facred Communion 
to ioyne a new and ardent Spirit, 
and to continue alwayes my 
bounden thanks for this fo in- 
eftimable benefir,thisday recea- 
ued at thehandsofmyGod,and 
that I may neuerbe found fo vn- 
happie as euer to fhew my felf vn- 
thankful to him my Redeemer, 

DeuetttfuyeYti 239 

but approue myfelf , his faithrul 
feruant in al things, during this 
life , and herafter to enioy his 
cuer-bldledprefence in Heauen; 
to whomc be al glorie for euer. 


JL fame of offering ourfelues , e$e- 
Cially , amottgfl other lime*, 

after fyceAuing. 
Receaue, 6 Lord,al and euerie 
iot of my libcrtie : Receaue my 
Wil. Whatfoeuer 1 haue , or 
poiTefle , internal or external, 
thou, 6 Lord , hailgiuen it vnto 
me ; & euen the tame I. do rcftore 
againe, and lefigne wlioly vnto 
thee, to be aouerned & diiv&ed 
according to thy holie wil and 
pleafure. Giuc me only thy louc 




240 DettotuVrdyets. 
togcatherwkh thy grace, and I 
fhal be rich enough , nor fhal I 
cuer defire anie thing els. Pofleffe 
me, 6 my Lord God, poflefTeme. 

Thefoule of Chnft fandifie 
me , the bodie of Chrift faue me, 
the water of the fide of Chrift 
wafh me. O good lefu hcare 
me, within thy wounds hide me* 
fufTer me not to be fepaiated 
from thee. From the malignant 
enemie defend me , & nd bid me 
come to thee,that with thy Saints 
I may praifc thee throughout al 
etcrnitie. Amen. 
Jl dtjpofithn forfriritual F^ctdnini, 

To receaue ourSauiourfpirimally, 
is , eythcr by earueftly defiring ro re- 


Deuout Vr dyers. 141 

ceaue him in the B. Sacrament with 
duedeuotion,or by vnitin>g vnto him 
ourfelues through ardent cjiaritie, 
andeuen,Seraphical loue , or laftly by 
wishing aboue al things tocoufecrate 
our harts by puritie of life, vnto him, 
to be partaker of the grace which he 
beftowcth vpon thofe that receaue 
him facramentally. This holie Exer- 
cife of fpiritual Receauing , by how 
much more acceptable to God, by fo 
much more neglefied, may fometime^ 
proue more profitable vnto our foules, 
then many other Sacramental Recea- 
uings, inrefped of eur wants, dcfecls, 
andindifpofition. Befides , wheras we 
cannot communicate Sacramentally 
more then once a day 3 fpiritually we 
may euerie houre ? euerie moment. 
For how often foeuer we shal difpofe 
and prepare onr felues to this fpiritual 
Rcceaning, we shal find the Sonne of 
God ready with his owne proper hads 
to feed vs fpiritually with the bread 





242 Demur Vrajevs, 

of Angels, himfelf. To this fpirirual 
Receauing w .- may prepare oiir felues, 
amongft diuers wayesj in this three- 
fold manner. 

I. To turne our felues to our Sauiout 
Chrift i and briefly confidering our 
finnes and defers , be tarry that *e 
haiie offended rum > and with a lotting 
afteftion craue of him that he wil 
vouchsafe to take pofleGion of cur 
harts , and vnire himfelf vnto our 
poorc foutes by his heauenly glace, 
and holy Charity > which we may de- 
mand inthefe or the like words , vo- 
cally, or mentally only OmyGod,my 
Ssuieur y my only dtfire I v,ould I hai 
neuer offended thy Gaines ! T« ihee I (sn- 
fecratc myhxrt. Dee not fuffer fvjeet hfu, 
that in time to comi I of ' nd theemore ;bm 
now take pnjfefiicn ofmyfoule , though ty 
grxct and hue , and feed it , and refresh it, 
tndftrmgthenit , infmhfort as thou H 
tbofe who dewmtlf t\eceaue thte in the B. 

Devout Vrayers. 245 

a, "When we goe about to mortify 
aiy pafsion in vs , or exercife any aft 
of* vertue , we may doe it to this end j 
and turne our felues vnto our Sauiour, 
and cat vpon him with a feruent defre 
toloue him s andferuehim , with that 
perfection he exafteth we should,ac- 
cording to our ftate and vocation , and 
alwayes to be vnited vnto him by holy 
loue. And wishing with al our harts, 
that we may euer be his , and he ours 
we may fay. MyGodandal,myGodand 
W: giue me thy felfe : Itfothng but thy 

5 LafUy , calling to mind the Iaft 
time we Receaiied , we may fay with 
enflamed defire. Heauenly Manna] 

Bread of Angels ^v/htn [my God) thai 

1 receaue thee another time with due f >re- 
far at ton, fur hie , and demtion in the B. 
Sai.r.ment t^ih whycomefl thou not »0W 
with the fame yertm ffiritudly ynto mt\ 

X 2 



2,44 Dtuom Vr dyers. 

pray er s ro be vfcd at conve- 
nient opportunities? 
$. J. 

ji Commendation of e*r §vmt nd 

others nectfiities u the 
£• Trimty. 

IAdore,ble{Te, & glorifie thee," 
O hoHeTrinitie, God Omni- 
potent, the Father the Sonne, 
and the Holie-Ghoft: Behold, I 
offer my fclf to thy diuinc Maic- 
ftie. Take from mc , I befecch 
thee ., and from al faithful Cfori- 
ftians , whatfoeuct difpleafcth 
thee, and giue vnto ?s that whidi 

Deuout Vr dyers. 245 

is grateful in thy fight , and grant 
that we may become fuch as wc 
are commanded to be. 

I commend vnto thee,0 Lord, 
my foule and body ( my -viuts 
joule And My , my children* 
fiuls dnd bedtes ) my Father and 
mother ( my Brethren and Sifters) 
my Kinf-folkcSj&Benefa&oiirs, 
Freindes , and Familiars , and al 
thofe which haue commended 
themfeiues to my prayers, or for 
whom I am bound to pray. I 
comend vnto thee the holie Ca^ 
tholick Church, Ctant O Lord, 
that eucrie one may know thee: 
al may worfliip, honour, and rc- 
ucrence thee, al may loue thee, 
likewifebcloued of thee. Thofe 
which errc, reduce and bring a- 


iq£ Dcuctit frayers. 
gainc into the way , deftroy Hc- 
reflcs , conuert al to the true and 
fincerc faith , which as yet dee 
not know thee f Grant vs, 6 Lord 
thy peace, conferueand keep vs 
in the fame, let thy holic wil be 
done,and not ours. Comfort and 
help al thofc which bee in tri- 
bulation and forrow,and fuch as 
lead their Hues in miferie,ten pta- 
tions, perturbations , arid afflic- 
tions, as wel fpiiitual , ascorpo- 
tal. Finally , 1 do cornend vnto 
thy holie protection al creatures, 
that it may pleafe thee to grant 
Vnto the liuing grace , and to the 
foulcs departed , cuerlafting reft, 



jin effeSud tommendipg of ottr- 

felues^and fucb things as wet 

mofidefm i 'vntoth mercies 

- Sweet iefus,I commend vnto 
thee my foule and body , the 
beginning, ptogrefle, and end of 
this my referable life : Grant 
that my departure hence may be 
acceptable vnto thee, and when 
the houre of death fnal approach 

for thy names fake , that without 
any impediment I may come 
vnto thee. Thy wil bcc-eucrmorc 
done, O my fwect Sauiour. 

I commend vnto thy loue thy 
Spoufe the holy Catholick 
Church : giue reformation of 







248 Deutmt ftdyerb 
life and manners to ai eftatcs and 
degrees : patience and perfcue- 
ranee to the diftrcfled and perfc* 
cuced members thcrof. Blefle 
al Ecclefaftical Superiors, efpe- 
cially thole to whomc is com- 
mitted the care of our foulcs : in- 
fpirc them {good Lord J with thy 
grace and holy Spirit, to the dif- 
charge oF their duties , and the 
comfortable diredion of our 

More particularly (fwect left) 
I commend vnto thy goodnetfe 
tliis place , this family , al our 
friends, prefent and abfent,our 
kins -bikes , acquaintance^ be- 
tiefadours , our affaires fpiritual 
and temporal, al our wants and 



Dewut Prayers. 249 

neceflities. Preferue in euery one 
of vs the vertues 6f Humilitie, 
Chadcie, Patience, and Puritic 
of confeience : giue vs al grace to 
ioync a good life to a right belief, 
and conftantly to pcrfeucr in 
both, to our Hues end. 

I recommend ynto thy charity 
likewife al thofe who" hauc parti* 
culerly commended themlelucs 
vnto my poore deuotions, or for 
whom I hauc any obligation to 
pray. Grant them al neceflary 
graces for their comfott in this 
life , and their faluation in the 

Conuert ( I befeech thee ) and 
faue al blinded , mifcrablc, and 
peiucned tinners: cal backc al 










I i) 

if o Demur Vr dyers. 
Hcrericks & Schifmaticksriilu- 
rninate al vnbeiieuers & ignorant 
Peifons: help them who arc in 
any affliction of body,drineflc,ot 
dcfolation of mind : comfort the 
heauie hartcd : Giant courage 
to them that be aflaulted with 
temptations , and to me,andal 
other thy feruants happy victory 
inal our fpiritual conflict. 

Moreouer, I humbly befeech 
thee of thy mercie and fauour,m 
the behalf of althofe, whoeyrher 
now , or at any time heretofore, 
hauc iniured,grieued, or wroged 
me ; or who haue been any occa- 
sion vnto me of violating thy 
commandments: asaifobemer* 
ciful,good Lord,vncothe whom 
myfelfhauc any wife fcandalizcd 


Deuomf Myers. 251 

in word or deed, or w horn I haue 
lewdly follicitcd, or induced to 
any finne* And becaufe for fo 
many and haynous offences , we 
can neuerdo fufficient pentiance, 
or make worthy fatisfadtion , we 
offer vp thy felf vnto thy felf , and 
to God thy Father,euen thee, his 
w el beloued Sonne, with al the 
vertues of thy innocent life , al 
the fcorns & reproaches, paines, 
ftripes, anguifhes , and greeuous 
torments, which thou moft pa- 
ticntly diddeftfuffer and endure 
forvs : By themcrirs of al which, 
grant vs true contrition and for- 
rowof hart for our finnes paft, 
amendmet of our wretched iiues 
for the time to come,the comfort 
of the Sacraments, as atal times, 




< ft 


la Deum prayers. 

Co efpecialljr at the houre of 
death, and at our way-gate ; that 
fo liuing and dying in grace , we 
may afterwards attaine to glory, 
and reniayne with thee , who, 
with the Father and the Hoiie' 
Ghoft, liueftandraigneft , euer 
one God , world without end. 

U n%4 dbfolute Form •fTbdtikt* 

gifting, together with an kumbk 

craning ofal requite 


Be merciful vnto me, O God, 
according to thy great mer- 
cy , and according to the multi- 
tude of thy mercies blot out almy 

I a wretched and a miferable 


" y 

Deuottt Prayers. 255 

(inner do hartijy defire in al hu*. 
miiity to adore and worfliip thee 
to render vnto thee immortal 
praife andthankes-giuing for al 
thy blcflings , efpeciaily for that 
vnfpeakable Charirie , wherin 
thou diddeft fend dewne thy 
only begotten Sonne into this 
valeof tearcs for the work of our 
redemption. Deare Father , I the 
leaftof al thy feiuats , dee magni- 
fy and praife thy euer-gjorious 
Name for his hcly Incarnation 8c 
Natiuitic , for his poucrtie and 
innocent conuerfation , for his 
hcauenly doctrine and miracles, 
for his Death and Paffion, for his 
Refurretfion and Afccnfion. 

I yceld vnto thee al poflible 
thanks for that diuine myfterie of 




J » 




ity DamrPrqevsl 

his precious body and bloud in 
the vcneiable Sacrament of the 
Eucharift , wherewih we arc 
■cheriihed and nouriftied , we are 
clenfed andfan&fied , and our 
foules made partakers of al hea- 
uenly grace, and (pidtual bene- 


I giuc thee Lartie "banks , that 
me, a handful of duft > fnovatof, 
thou haft vouchfared firft tow?ih 
with the Lauer of Bapifme,to 
remifsicn of thar original corrup- 
tion, contracted in my firft Pa- 
rents, that afttrvvatd alfo in due 
and conuenient time thou hit 
brought me to thcexetcifes and 
ads of aright faith , not ceafing 
daylie to enctcafe rhe fame in 
mee, by the light of Gucc , the 

DeuomQ Myers. i^ 
do&rine of the Fathers , and the 
inftruclion of holie Church. 

I humbly thanke thee alfo,that 
from my cradle thou haft nou* 
riihed, cloathed,& chcrtfhed me y 
Arpplying al things neceflary for 
the relief and maintenance of this 
my feeble bod ie. 

I euermore extoll and magniCe 
thy holie Namc,that in greet mer- 
cy thou haft hitherto fpareu mc, 
aibeit from my youth I haue 
wantonly rioted in manifold ex- 
cefles, patiently expecting, till by 
thy grace I might bee awaked 
fromtheflecpof llnne, & reclai- 
med from my vanities & wicked 
courfes. For haddeft thou dealt 
with me according to my deme- 
rits, my foule long ere this (op- 

Y 2. 






2^ $ Demur ffjtytH. 

prefled wtih innumerable finnis) 
had been plunged in perdition, 
yea , the yawning gulfe of Hell 
had fwollowed me quick. 

In iefpc& of ai which thy 
mercies, graces, and bleflings , I 
defirc that my hart may be mort 
and more enlarged to render vntfl 
thee a more ample tribute ot 
praifcand thankes-giaingjthen 
hitherto I h uedone. 

And now for thofeV thi gs 
wherof I ftand in need 4 and favw 
would ubtaine at thy hads: Firft, 
6 my Irrd God , ncuer leaue mcc 
•vnto myfelfe,but let the bit ot 
thy chair feare be cuer in my 
jiwes , to cur be and to keep n:c 
within thecompatTcofthy rbe- 
dience , that I may dread nothing 

DeuoutTuyers. tyj 
fo much in the world > as in the 
leaft fort to offend and difpleafe 
thee : for which caufc let thy 
holy loue fo temper al tryals and 
temptations which happen vnto 
me, that I may profit , and not 
looic by them. Thou ( my Crea- 
tour)knoweft how frailejliam of 
my fclf, and how my ftrcngth is 

Moreouer ( Blefled Father ) 
euenfor the venerable and pro- 
found bu'Yiilitie of: thine only 
Sonne Chrilt lefus , I befeech 
thee , that thou wouldft keep 
farre from thy ftruant al pricfe 
and haughtinehe of mind, al (elf- 
loueandvaine-glorie,al obftina- 
cieanddifobedience, al craft and 
hurtful difsimulatio. Caftdowne 






2$ 8 Veuout frdyers. 

and tread vnder my feet the fpirit 
of Giuttonic and Lecherie , the 
fpirit of Slouth and HeauineiTe, 
the fpirit of Malice and Enuic, 
the fpirit of Hatred & Difdaine; 
that I may neuer defpife or con- 
tcmnc any of thy creatures, nor 
prcferre my felfc before others, 
but,cuerlitle in mine ownc eyes, 
to thinjc the beft of others, and to 
deeme and iudge the word of my 

Inueft me ( holy Father) wiA 
the wedding garment of thy be- 
loued Sonne , the fupernatural 
vertue of heauenlie C harity , that 
I may loue thec my Lord God 
with al my hart , with al my 
foule , and with al my ftrength, 
that neither life nor death, proi- 


Veuout Vuytrsl 2.59 
peritie nor aduerfitie , nor anie 
thing els may fcparate me from 
thy loue. Giant that al inordi- 
nate affecYion to the tranfitorie 
things of this world , may daily 
decay and die in me , that thou 
alone maift bctaftful, pleafant, 
and fauoury vnto my foule. 

O molt gracious God , giue 
ynto thy feruant , an humble t 
contrite , and obedient hart •, an 
vnderflanding alwaies occupied 
in honeft, venuous, and pious 
cogitations; a wil traceable and 
euer prone to the better, affe&ios 
alvvayes calmc and moderate -,a 
watchful cuitodic of my fenfes, 
that by thofe window es no ilnne 
may enter into my foule; a perfed 
gouernment of my tongue , that 

Y 4 





ii/o Deuoutfrttyers. 

, riocorrup or vnfeemely language 
* tmy proceed from my lir pes,that 
I may neuerflandet , backbite, 
or fpeake il of my neirhlcur, 
that 1 may not bufiemyfelfin the 
fa wits and impeiif &iens of o- 
thers , but rai.hcr attend to the 
amending o\ mincow ne. 

And final! ),(olorg as 1 am de- 
tained in this pi i en of :Ti) boc'y, 
and cxikd from my hvauenlie 
countrey, let this be my pottion, 
and thecemfrrt of my bairfi- 
ment, that free fr< m al fecular 
cares k and car kin a follicituc'e ( f 
this pre fent life w holie dtuored 
to thy feruice, 1 may at' end onlie 
to thee , I may vejoyce ^nlie in 
thee, I may cleaue vnto tl ee, I 
may rcftmy foui in thte, and lit- 


beuontfrdyerr. i6t 

ting va filencc, I may giue way 
and entertainment to the hcauen- 
liedo<5trine,to the good moti< ns, 
and inspirations of thy holie Spi- 
rit. In thefc fweet cxercifes let 
me patfe the folitaric houres of 
my tedious pilgrimage, with pa- 
tience expecting the (hutting vp 
cif my daies, and anhappie end of 
this my miferablelife. And grant 
O thou loucr of mankind , my 
Lord and my God , that when 
this my earthlie Tabernacle (hal 
bee diilblued, being found free 
from al pollution of (inne,as after. 
Baptifme, I may bee reckoned in 
the Dumber of thofe Blelled fou- 
les, who through the merits and 
paffion of thy deare Sonne, are 
held worthy to raigne with thee> 

it ' 



i6i Deucurfrayers. 

and to enioy the glorious pre. 
fence of the Blctfed Trinitic , Fa- 
ther, Sonne, and hrlie-Gh©ft,to 
whome of al creatures in Hcauen 
and Earth be rendered praifc and 
tharkes-giuing, world without 
end. Amen. 

A prayer to Gr,d the Sonntjo b -faa 
him ofmetcieiwd in honour of has 



O Good Iefu t O moft benign? 
lefu , O fweeccft Iefu , O Iefu 
the Sonne of the Virgin Mark, 
ful or »nercic and pitrie : O fwm 
Jcfus,accoidingto thy great met- 
ric , haue mcrcie vpon me : 
mvil cicment Iefu, I hurobiy uc- 




Deuwt VraytYs. i6$ 
feech thee , by that precious 
bloud,which thou wouldft (heed 
for finncrs , that thou wafh away 
al my iniquities , and refped 
me wretched and vnworthie, 
humbly crauing pardon , and 
calling on thy holic Name 
lefus. O Name of Iefu,fwcct 
Name •, O Name of Iefu , Name 
dcle&able : O Name of iefu, 
Name comfortable : for, what is 
lefus, but a Sauinit? Therfore, 
Icfu,for thy holy Name,be to me 
a lefus , and faue me : furTer me 
not to be damned, whom thou 
haft created of nothing; 6 good 
Iefu, let not my iniquitie be my 
deftruction, whom thy Almigh- 
tiegoodncs hath made. Ofweet 
Lfu, acknowledge that which is 



i#4 beHontVrtywSi 

thine; and wipe away that which 
is Grange to thee. O moft beni» 
gne Iefu , haue mercy on me, 
while time is to take mercy :con- 
demne me not in the time of iud- 
gement. For what vtilitie may be 
in my bloud, while I fhal defcend 
into eternal corruption ? The 
dead, O Lord Iefu fhal not prayfe 
thee , neither al they thatgoc do- 
wneinto hcl.O moft louin* Iefu 
O Iefu moft defired , O mee- 
keft Iefu, O Iefu, Iefu, Jefu, let 
me enter into the number of thine 
elect, O Iefu , the faluation of 
thole that belecue in thee : O 
Iefu, the comfort of fuch as fly 
to thee : O Iefu the fweet remif- 
fion of alfinnes : O Iefu the Sone 
of the Virgin Marjc, powre mo 


DettcHtVyayeYS. 26$ 
§ menace , wifdome , chavitie, 
Ichaftitie , and humilitie, that I 
! may perfectly louc thee , laud 
§ thee, eniuy thee, feme thee , and 
§ gloriein tiiec, and al which cal 
§ on thy Name , which is Iefus, 



jl puyer to dtmind heautnly w- 
tua y and holy lift. 

GRant vnto me 6 merciful 
God, ardently to defire fuch 
thinges as are pleafing vnto thee, 
prudently to leaven them, truly 
to acknowledge, perfectly to ac- 
complish them , vnto the praifc 
and glorie of thy name. Order 
my State , and whatfocuer thou 
requireft that I fhal doe , grant 






x66 Dmout Vuyers. 

me to know it. And giiie rpe to 

execute ic as be hooucth and is 

expedient for rn foule Grant 

me , 6 Lord my God , that I faile 

not betwixt profperitic and ad- 

uerfitie : that in th .-. former I be 

not too much puffed vp, norin 

the later too much dcprefTed: 

that I ioy or forrow of nothing, 

but tha r which lcadeth vnto thee, 

or away from thee; that I couet 

to piealc none , or feare to dif- 

pleafc any, but thee Let al tranii- 

torie things, p Lord, become vile 

vnto me , and let al things that 

are thine be deare vnto me for 

thy fake , and thou 6 Lord aboue 

al. Let thac ioy be weaiifome to 

me, which is without thee .and Jet 

rnc nor defile anic thing that is 



peuoutVrayers, 26$ 

cut of thee ; Let that labour de- 
light me y 6 Lord , which is for 
thee -, and let al eafe be tedious to 
mewhichiswr.houtthee. Grant' 
roe, 6 Lord , often aptly, to direct 
my hart , and in my fainting , by 
forrowing to bethink me, with 
purpofeof amentment.Make me, 
o Lord God , obedient without 
cootradT&ioa , poore without 
quailing, chaft without corrup- 
tion, patient without mur muta- 
tion , humble without faining, 
merrie without diflblution , fad 
without detection, mature with- 
out vnpleasatnes, quick without 
lightnes 9 feareful without defpe- 
ratioo , true without doublenes, 
working good things without 
prefumption , to correct my 

Z 2 


■ I 

zyo Deufut frayers. 
neighbour without highnes of 
mind, and to edifiehimin word 
and example without diffimula- 
tion. Giuetnc, 6 Lord God , a 
watchful hart , that no curious 
cogitatio may lead me away from 
thee.Giueme a noble hart, that 
novnworthieafFe&iondtaw me 
downward. Giuc me'an vpright 
hart, which no finifter intention 
may draw downe awry. Giuc me 
an inuincible hart which notri- 
bulati >n may ouercome. Giuc me 
a free hart which nopcruerfe & 
violent -afFedion make challenge 
vnto. Grant me, 6 Lord my God, 
an vndcrftanding knowing thee, 
a diligence feeking thee , a wif- 
dome that may find thee out ; a 
conuerfation pleating thce 3 a per- 




Deuotit V Myers. % yi 
feuerance faithfully expecting 
thee, and a confidence finally em- 
bracing thee ; to be pearced with 
thy paines through pennance, to 
vfc thy benefits in this way-fare 
by grace , and at the length by 
glorie to enioy thy ioyes in thy 

■•A. prayer to be fayd for them tbti 
are fallen from the Church. 

O Almightie and moll: merci- 
ful Father, we moil entierly be- 
feech thee , that it wil pleafe thee 
to vifit with thy fatherly affe- 
ction , al thofe that are fallen , 
and departed from the pure Ca- 
tholick and Chriftian Church: 
er doubt in any article thereof : 

Z 3 




%66 Deuout Vrdyers. 

me to know it. And giue me to 

execute ic as be hooucth and is 

expedient for m foule Grant 

mc, 6 Lord my God , that I failc 

not betwixt profperitic and ad- 

uerfitie : that in th : former I be 

not too much puffed vp, nor in 

the later too much depvefTed: 

that I ioy or forrow of nothing, 

but cha>- w hich leadeth vnto thee, 

or away from thee; that I couet 

to pleafc none , or fcaie totiil- 

pleafc any, but thee Let al cranii- 

torie things, p Lord, become vik 

vnto mc , and let al things that 

are thine be deare vnto me for 

thy fake , and thou 6 Lord abouc 

al. Let that by be weaiifome to 

me, which is without thee, and Jet 

mc nor dcfiie anic thing that is 



peuoutfYdyws, 26 9 
cut of rhee : Let that labour de- 
light mc y 6 Lord , which is for 
thee ; and let al eafe be tedious to 
mewhichiswi.houtthcc. Grant ' 
me, 6 Lord , often direct 
my hart , and in my fainting , by 
borrowing to bethink me, with 
porpofeof amentmencMake me, 
o Lord God , obedient without 
contradT&ioa , poorc without 
quailing ^ chaft without corrup- 
tion, patient without murnnua- 
lion , humble without faining, 
merrie without diifolution , fad 
without detection, mature with- 
outvnpleasatnes, quickwithouc 
lightnes , fcarcful without defpe- 
ration , true without doublenes, 
working good things without 
preemption , to correct my 

Z z 






5 ! 


170 Deutut fryers'. 
neighbour without highncs of 
mind, and to edifiehimin word 
and example without diflimula- 
tion. Giueme, 6 Lord God , a 
watchful hart , that no curious 
cogitatio may lead me away from 
thee.Giueme a noble hart, that 
no vnworthie affection draw me 
downward. Giue me y an vpright 
hart, which no finifter intention 
may draw downc awry. Giuc me 
an inuincible hart which notri- 
bulati >n may ouercome. Giuc me 
a free hart which noperuerfe & 
violent -affedion make challenge 
vnto. Grant me, 6 Lord my God, 
an vnderftanding knowing thee, 
a diligence feeking thee, a wif- 
domc that may find thee out ; a 
conuerfation plcaiing thec^ per- 


Deuoutf Myers. 271 
fcuerance faithfully expecting 
thee, and a confidence finally em- 
bracing thee; to be pearced with 
thy paines through pennance, to 
vfethybenefifs in this way-fare 
by grace , and at the length by 
glorie to enioy thy ioyes in thy 
country j who with &c. 

•4 prayer to be fdyd for them tbdt 
are fallen from the Church. 

O Almightie and moft merci- 
ful Father, we moft entierly be- 
feech thee , that it wil pleafcthee 
to vifit with thy fatherly affe- 
ction , al thofe that are fallen , 
and departed from the pure Ca- 
tholick and Chriftian Church: 
or doubt in any article thereof : 


B! I 

I Ml 

272 Deuout fr dyers. 
and arc fcduccd or deceaued 
through anic falfc pcrfwafion , 
to lighten their hartcs,6 Lord, 
with the bcames of thy diuine 
light : flay them and bring them 
backc to acknowledge their er- 
rour , that being in fuch fore 
conuerted , they may with the 
whole vniuerfal Church , con- 
feife with mouth , and (hew in 
workesjone tiue,Cacholick,and 
Chriftian faith,and remaining in 
it, they may worfce their ovvnc 
faluation : Co that they and we 
being of one mind and wil in 
one foldc may heare and follow 
thee our mepheard , through 
lefus Chrift our Lord. Amen. 

Deuout Mtdiu 27$ 


Meditation for euerie day in 

the week. §.6. 

S V K D A T. 

Of Gods benefires vnto MAnkjnd, 

1. S~> Onfider the benefit of thy 
y^J creation, that when thou 

waft nothing,the Almighty crea- 
ted thee , not a (lock, or a bruit 
beaft, but a reafonable creature, 
endued with vnderftanding,wil, 
raenrrie, &: capable ofalvertue. 

2. Confider the end for which, 
thou wait created ; namely the 
feruice of God, and that after a 

Z 4 



Dwout Medit. 

fhort time fpent'therin , thou 
mij;hteil be partaker of thofc ce- 
lcftial ioyes , which he hath pre- 
pared for thee, in the Kingdome 
of his Father. 

3. ConfiJer that al other Crea- 
tures , and whatfoeuer thy God 
hath beftowed vpon thee , is for 
the attaineoicnt of thy forefaid 
end, and fo accordingly to be im- 
ploycd of thee. 

4. Confider the benefit of thy 
Redemption, of thy Vocation 
vato the Catholick Fay th ; fuch 
alfo as concerne thine owne 
eftatein particular. For which,& 
al other , as wcl Isnowne as vn-, 
knowne, labour thankful. 

■ Devout Medit. 175 

m v n d J r. 

Offnne y andtbegtieuoufnts therof. 

I. f~> Onfidcr how odious the 
V^> fame is to God , which 
tnzy appearc by the great nes of 
tfacpuni&ment. Firft in the An- 
gelsJSecodly in our firft Parents, 
who for earitvj; the forbidden ap- 
ple were depriued of that happy 
cftate wherein they were created 
in Paradife-, nay not only they, 
toutwc, and al their poftciitie do 
fceare the burden therof -, forfo 
•snucii as al the mifcries of this 
life and the next , do fpriqg from 

ounlftt bitter root. 

1. Confidcr the Malice of finnc, 


276 DekcutMedit; 

which in a fort is infinite , bring 
againfl the infinite goodneffcof 
God; and therefore ChrifUefus, 
God and man was only found 
worthy and able to accomplish 
the workc of our Redemption, 
whofe actions being of infinite 
merit were anfwerablc to infinite 
Iuftice.5. Confider the lamenta- 
ble efFeds therof. 1. Of Gods 
grace, wherof wcarc depriucd. 
2. Of theeuils which we do in- 
cline, as the wrath of God, tor- 
men: of Confcience , the ferui- 
tudc of Sathan, and the ^uiltof 
eternal damnation : why then 
Should not the verie name of 
Sinne be as horrible vnto vs , as 
it HA itfelf did opentofwallovv 
vs vp quick. 




VcuoufMcdit. z-jy 

T V E S D J. r. 
OftheWftries of this life. 

1, Confider the frayltie of 
mans nature , ftfbiecl: to fo 
many dangers , as no glaflc is 
balf fo britle , and therfor* in the 
holie Scripture, is compared to 
bublcs in the water , to flowers, 
tografle &c. As for the foule fo 
manic fnares and ginus are laid 
by the world, flefh, and the Di- 
uel , to mine it , as $. jintome 
feeing then in a vifion , cryed 
out : O Lord who fhai be able to 
auoid al thefe nets. 

2. Confider in refpecT: of tcm- 
poralthinges what a miferic it 

I 1 


278 DtttoHtMedit. 

is, that fcarcc anic one is conten- 
ted with his owne eftate, fecmc 
he to others -neuer fo profperous: 
for that in this life we be like 
vnto fick men , who tumble and 
tofTc in their beds, firfl to one 
fide, then to another , not con- 
sidering the caufc of their difcon- 
tcnt tobe their inward infirmitie. 
3. Confider, that for fo much 
as this life is fo vncertaine,and fo 
fraught with rnyfcries, there is no 
greater oiadnes in the world 
then to fee our hart and affedios 
thereupon , with fuch diligence 
to caft for the things thcrof, and 
fo litle, or not at al to labour foe 
thofe which coneerne our falua- 


Deueut Ttfedit. 279 

OftheHvrtr tf death. 

IMaginc thy felf, to lie vpon 
- thy death bed , hauing a hal- 
lowed candle in thy hand, a Cru- 
:ifcx vpon thy brcaft> thy ghoftly 
[Father calling vpon thee , that if 
thou canfli not fpeake .yet at tcaft 
[to hold vp thy hand,in token of 
jthyhopeanddfrraocein the mer- 
jcics of Chrrft : thus thendifpo- 
Ifed proceed to the points of nic- 
titation following. - 
1 . Of the certaintie of death,ac- 
! cording to that of the Apoftlc, 
Htb. o. For it ir appijynred for men 
once tt> dye : But as for the hourc 



t ~ 


%%o Dfnofttltfedit. 

"When, the place Whtre, or the 
manner Hew * thefe of al other 
ate moll vnccrtaine,faucthat wc 
fee death commonly to come, 
when it is Icaft locked for. 
2. Consider what a trouble it 
wilbeatthat time, not onely to 
lcoke back to the things of the 
world, which in a moment thou 
mutt forfake , but efpecially whe 
thou fliak looke before thee to 
what is to come : finding thy fclf 
yery vncertaine of thy Sa uatiqn 
both by reafon of the multitude 
of thy finnes(many wherof being 
vtterly forgot (hal then come 
frefh vnto thy mind, and fuch as 
before feemed fmal fhal then be 
thought heauy) as alfo in regard 
of the fuddaines and ftri&nciTc of 

Dmont Medir. z8i 

thy account, the feueritie of the 
Iudge the tcrrour of Hel & c. 
3. Beg at Gods hands , that 
thefe pointes may be fo imprin- 
ted in thy mind , as thoumayft 
alwaycshauc a care fotoliue, as 
thou wouldft be found in the 
houre of death. 

0/ the ludgemnu 

Confider that inftantly af- 
ter death thy foule is to be pre- 
faced before the bane of 
Gods Iugemcnt , according to 
thatoftheApoftle, Heb.y. jifat 
Jettl? cometh luditment. And a- 
gaine ; Far ai of rs mufi appear e fa* 

Aa 2. 



281 DemutMtdit,' 

fere the tribunal of CJmfi: thatemie 
one majg tte an accompt rfhis deed, 
good or e»it. Which pvhmt lud- 
gement is no Je0c to be feared 
the t he general doome at the end 
of the world; becaufe, as &. A*- 
guftme (a'uh : inch a$ God pedes 
man in hu 14 daj/ych doth he Irntg 
hm in the "Worlds Uft day, 
2. Confider the Pcrion of the 
Iudge,etienChrift,both Iudgefc 
Witncfle , who nckher cm be 
corrupted nor deceaued , and 
therefore wil award a moftiuft 
and irreuocable fentence in thy 
caufc, to wit , either , Comtyo* 
Btejfed, or G*y 9 u curied. 
$. Confidcr the ftri&ncfle of 
thy account , that then is to be 
ic<j aired at thy hands, tawit* 

Deuout "Mtdit. 2P3 

not only of thy deeds , but of 
euerie idle word, and of the rnoft 
fecret thoughts of thy hart, and 
how the diuels wil be ready at 
hand, togcathcr with thy owne 
confeience , not only to accufe 
thee , but to araplifie , and in- 
creafc al thy offences , and to ex- 
tenuate thy good decis. 

Bcfireof God that this lodge- 
ment may be alwayes before thy 
eyes , to the end thou roaift the 
rather foibeare to (inne. 

V \ I D JL r. 


li Gonfider that in that horri- 
ble pit > and in the midft of thofe 

Aa 3 

- r f^~ 

184 Deum Medit. 

iafcrnal flames there is no mem- 
ber or fenfe of body, which hath 
not his pcculier torment, accor- 
ding to the greatnefle and mul- 
titude of the finncs committed. 

2. Confidcr that extreemc and 
irreparable domage, in being de- 
priued for euer of the c6fortabte 
prefence and fight of the Blefled 
Trinitie: which punifhment and 
mifcrie for the gteatnes therdf is 
properly tearmed damnation. 

3. Confider amongft what ma- 
tes and companions thefe tor- 
ments are to be endured, namely 
the Diuel and his Angcls,togca- 
ther with fuch damned Spirits of 
men and woman, as from the be- 
ginning of the world, through 
their owne fault , haue ended 

Deuout "Medit. 285' 

their dayes in mortal (inne. 
4. Confider the durablenefTe of 
thefe punifhments, which is not 
for a day , a month, or a yeare, 
but for cternirie Oh Eternitie, 
Etcrnitielthofe whom thy con- 
sideration doth notmoue to for- 
fake a wicked life , either haue 
not fayth , or vvej mayfecme to 
Want vnderftanding. 

S JLT VAP J- r * 
Of the ioyes of Hewer?* 

1. Which confift in the moft 
Blefled vifion of the Glorious 
Trinitie, Father, Sonne, & HoJie 
Ghoft. In the folio wfhip and fo- 
cietic of Angels 9 Archangels, 

Aa 4 


i%6 DeuoMtMedit. 

Cherpbins, Seraphins,,Apoftlcs, 
Patriarchs , Prophets , Martyrs, 
Virgins, ConfeiJbqrs,and gene- 
rally of al the faithful departed 
this life , and now crowned in 

2. In this ceteftialcftate is not 
only the abfence of al euil,but the 
aboundance of al good things, 
according to tha*t of fihe Apoftle: 
The eyt of ntdn hath notfeene, tier the 
tare hdth betrd, neitket hath it e»- 
tred iat$ the httt ofrndn, to conceaue 

wbAtGidbatb lajd vp for them that 
hue him. 

$. Confidcr the fecuritie and 
crcphitie of that moft happy and 
blcffcd condition. x 

4. Thinfee with thy fclfe by 
what Irepa and degree* the Saints 

Dwcut TAtdtt, 287 
andhoiieferuantsof God, who 
aow raigne with Chrift , haue 
obtained the fame; and labour to 
imitate their examples. 

Meditations to be vfed ac- 
cording to each oil's 
deuotion. §.7. 


Confider, that fo often as thou 
doft communicate , thou art 
made the Tabernacle of the 
Bleffed Trinitie, co pa (Ted about 
With millions of Angels conti- 
nually (inging, Holy, Holy, Ho- 
ly. Thinlce then with what An- 
gelical puritie thy foule ought to 



'i88 DcMom Midit. 

be prepared fie for the entertain- 
ment of him, who hath faid:flfe 
that eatetb myjlesb, and drudettb my 
bUudydivtUeib in mt y and I m bim. . 
Of the Vtfim. 

1. Confidcr the great loue of 
God the Fachcr in giuing his one- 
lie begotten Sonne for our re- 

2. The exceeding Charitie,Hu- 
militie , and Obedience of the 
Sonne of God in the workcthcr* 

3. The many fold affl'&ions of 
his wholelife , but efpeciallic be- 
fore, and in hisPaffion, asanxie- 
tieoffoule , indignities and con- 
tumelies of the icwcs,thorncs, 
fpittings , whipping % naiics r 


Dettout Tfiedh, 28$ 
4. Theend, to redeeme vs who 
were his enemies, from the wrath 
of Godj Sinne , Sathan, and Hel, 
and to makevs his brethren and 
follow heires of eternal bliile. 

*4 manner of prayer by mtanes 
of the B. Virgin. 

I. Confider the delight , con- 
tentment, and ioy The B. Trini- 
tietaketh, and from al eternitie 
hath tafecn in the B. Virgin , her 
rareperfecYions , & vnff eakable 
vertues. And finding Almightie 
God ( as I may ky ) amidft thefc 
delights , by vcrtue of them fecu- 
rcly demand grace , and force to 
ouercomc thy enemies , the paf- 
fions & imperfections that hinder 


290 DettMt'Medit. 

thee in the way of vertuc. 
1, Proceeding afterwards to the 
confiderations of her Co great & 
finguiat venues &aaions,fbrtic- 
times prefentvnto the fight of 
the B. Ttimtie feme of them par- 
ticularly, femctimes al of them 
togeather. Andforthefe in like 
manner crauc that which thou 

3. Particularly to the fight of our 
Sauiour Chriftthou mayftofFct 
that virginal womb which did 
beare him nine months, the- ft- 
uerencc with the which the ten- 
der Virgin after his butb adored 
him; and did acknowledge Kim 
trucGod& man,her Sonne, and 
Creatour. ■> the pitiful eyes whef- 
_ witbfhe beheld him fo .poore, 


Deuotit Medit, 1 91 

I imitate her vertues. j.dcuoiitly^ 
tocclebrate her feafts. 4. to haue 
confident recourfe vnto her in 
al necafficics. Offer thefe good 
purpofes vnto her in vnion of 
her Sonnes paflion, & her owne 
merits , and demand the fauour 
thou defireft. 

JLn other manner of prayer by 
meanes of the jtngels 
and Saints* 

I. Turue yourfelfe to Almighty 
God, and prcfenc vnto him the 
ioueand pvaifes wherwith he is 
exalted by al the celeftial Court, 
and the labours & traucls which 
the Saintshauefuftainedforhirn 
in earth : and demand that by 

Bb 2 

l V 







A94 DeHoHtMedif. 
theni he wil grant you affiftance 
in your necdes 7 and that which 
you device in partiaular to ob- 

2. Haue recourfc to the Saints | 
and Angels themfetue* , as to ' 
them, who doe not only defirc 
your perfc&ion , but alfo that | 
you may be placed in a high 
roume among them. Demand 
their fuccour in your combat 
againft vice, and fometimes alfo 
their defence at the houre of your 

$. Confider the many and An- 
gular graces they haue receaucd 
from Almighty God ; and ftirre 
vp in yourhartaliuely feeling of 
lpue,and ioy, that they pftfdTe Co 
great guifts, as if the fame were 

Deuout MedtU 205 

your ownc. Which wil be a for- 
cible meanes to obtaine your 

4„ Srirrcvpinyour foule an ar- 
dent deflect© be mote dtuout to 
the Saints', then heretofore you 
haue beene. Andin particular pur 
pofe to be diligent in thefe foure 
things. 1. in reading Saints Hues. 
2. in imitating thek venues. $. 
in celebrating deuoutly their 
Fcafts. 4. in hauing confident 
recourfe vnto, them in al your 

5. What is fayd of the Saints 
in general , you may applie to 
your particular Patrones. A- 
mongft whom be fure dayly to 
haue recourfe to the B. Virgin, 
£. Iofcph, and S. Anne, ( who 

Bb s 




296* The litdnies 

obtaine for men great graces 
of Almighty God ) as alfo S. Mi- 
chael , your Good Angel and 
other, Patrones to whom you 
haue peculiar deuotion. 

Dens tibift. TuteDeo. 
T H E 

L I T A N Y E S 

OF LO R ET 0. 

LOrd haue mercy vpon vs. 
Chrift haue mercy vpon vs. 
Lord haue mercy vpon vs. 

ofwB.L. i$j 
O Chrift heare vs. 
O Chrift gracioufly heare vs. 
God the Father of Heauen,haue 

mercy vpon vs. 

God the Sonne , Redeemer of 
the world* haue mercy vpon vs. 

God the Holy Ghoft , haue 
mercy vpon vs. 

Holy Trinity one God, haue 
mercy vponvs* 

Holy Mary, Pray for vs. 

Holy Mother of God, pray. 

Holy Virgin of virgins, pray. 
Mother of Chrift, pray. 

Mother of diuine grace, pray. 
Mod pure Mother, pray. 

Moft chaft Mother, pray. 

Vnde filed Mother, pray. 

Vntouched Mother, pray. 

Louely Mother, pray. 

Bb 4 




" ^gr^n^y 

1 \ 8 The Litanies. 

Admirable Mother, 
Mother of the Crcatour, 
Mother of our Sauiour, 
Moft prudent virgin. 
Venerable Virgin, 
Virgin worthy of praife, 
Potent Virgin, 
Clement Virgin, 
Fathful Virgin, 
Mirreur of Iuftice, 
Seatje of wifedome, 
Caufe of our ioy,. 

Spiritual Vehel, 
Honourable Veflelj 

Noble VefTel of dcuotion, 

Tower of Dauid, 
Tower of luory, 
Golden houfc, 
;Arkc of Couenant, 





















Of our B.l. 
Gate of Heauen,, 
Morning. Starre, 
Refuge of finners, 
Comfoitrefle of the affli&ed, 

ptay for vs. 
The help of Chriftians, 
Q^cnc of Angels, 
Queen e of Patriarkes, 
Queen e of Prophets, 
Qjuccne of the Apoftles, 
Quccne of Martyrs, 
Qu'ccne of ConfcfTours, 
Queenc of Virgins, 
Qijccnc of al'Saints, 

Lamb of God , who takeft 
away the finnes of the world. 
Spare vs , O Lord. 

Lamb of God, who takeft away 
th^linnes of the world , Heare 

. i'99. 









* \. 


Mi the Litdniu. 
A^mirabte Mother, 
Mother ofthc Creatour, 
Mother of our Sauiour , 
Y*neral?lc Virgin,, 
$ir£in worthy of praife, 
* , Potent Virgin, 

Clement Virgin, 

- Tathful Virgto, 

Wjjrour of lufticc, 

*$ea$e df wMedpmc* 

- Catffe of oui- ipy„ 

Spl^ual Vtflel, 

Honourable Vi&li 

Npble Veflclof dettotion, pray. 

Myftical Rofe,- pray- 

tower of Dauid, pray,, 

Tower of Iuory, pray, 

GoKcn hbufc, pray 

jArkc of Couenapt, pray, 


P ra y- 











OfotitBU. ." ( ycf$ 
Gate of fleauen, P ra y- 

jSf inning. Starre, pray . 

Hwffthfofcheficfc, pray. 

Rcfiige of ffaners, P ra y. 

ComfoitrcflTe of the affli&ec},-, 

pray for vs. 
Thehelj>ofC*»riftiahs, pray. 
Ql^eiie of Arigcls, .pray* 

QuccnCpfPktriarkes, pWjv 

QneeneofPrbphctsi pray. 

C^tfctne of the Apatites, pray. 
Quercnc of fyf artyrs, pray. 

Qu#ne of Confeffours, pray. 
Queeik of Virgins, pray. 

Qtjfcne of al^Saints, pray. 

, Lamb of God , who takeft 
away" J the finnes of the world. 
Spare vs , O Lord. 
, La,mbrbfGod,wh5t.akeftaway 
tfr<finnes ofthc world , Hearc 



The Limits 
O Lord, 
mb of God , who takcft 
away the finnes of the world, 
auc mercy vf on vs. 
(Thrift hearevs. 
hrift giatioufly hcarc vs. 
Lord haue mercy vpon vs. 
~\ ift hauc mercy vpon vs. 
Lord hauc mercy vpon vs. 
Our Father^ &c. 

And lead vs not into tenta- 
tion. ' 
i^>. But deliuer vs fron euiL 
Verf. O Lord heare my prayer. 
fyfr. And let my cry come vnto 
thee. Let y spray. 

£ befcech thee > O Lord, 

poure forth thy grace into 

our harts : chat we * who haue 

known the Incarnation of Chrift 


DmutMedit. * 2pi 
thcarmes which embraced him, 
the kifles fliegaue him , the milk 
whefwith fhenourifhed him,the 
great trauels and forrowes that in 
his life , and his death flic Mai- 
nedfor him; By venue of which 
things thou malift vfc a fweet 
violence , to oilr Sauiour , her 
beloued Sonne ! , that he may 

4- Turnc thy felfe to the B. 
Virgin, and put her in mind how 

j that by thcctcrnal wifdome,and 
goodnes of God, fhe was chofen 
for mother of grace and mercie, 
and our Aduocate ; wherfore we 
haue not ( next to her B. Sonne) 
more potent recourfe then vnto 
her. And moreover put her in 

[mind of that truth which of her is 

Bb : * 




2 9* Deum Tdtdi*. ^ 

both known and written, thatj 
neueranie hath faithfully called & 
.vponier, to whome flic hath not 
picrcifuliy anfwered. 
^ .lay before the B; Virgin the| 
Paffion of her Sonne, & befcechl 
her tiiat to his greater glorief 
it ipay take that efrcd in thee, for 
which it was fufiaincd. 
6. Laftly ftirrc vp in thy foule 
an ardent defire to feme the B. 
Virgin more deuoutly then here- 
tofore thou halt , ajid to make 
amends for thy former negli- 
gence by redoubled deuotion. In 
particular purpofethefe^things, 
i.Highly to eiteemc of hctfor her 
grace arid pctfe&ion , which is 
greater then that of a) Angels,| 
Saints, and created things, z. to| 

of our B. I. jor 
thy Sonne, the Angel declaring 
it, may bebrought by hisPaffion 
and CroiFe , vnto the glory of 

Defend we befeech thee , O 
Lord , by the intcrcefsion of the 
euei* Virgin Mary, this thy family 
from al aduerfity : and proftrate 
before thee withal our hart, pro- 
ted vs benignly from the fnarc of 
ourenemies. Through our Loi-4 
lefus Chrift thy Sonne , which 
liueth and raignethwith thee in 
the vnitic of the Holie-Ghoft 
one God for euer , and euer. 

Dm tibi ft. Tu te Deo, 

I < I£ 



*0/ i: * . * 

|n ln de x of 

the chief e Contents. 

THe Summe of the Chriftian 
Cath. Faith. 
fheltfleCath. CatechifmeofF. Ca- 
nifius. pag. i. 

Abriefe mantfer to exarain the Con- 
' fcience for i general ConfeflSon; 

Aftes of vcrtue. p- 1 *4i» 

A motnitig cxercifc. p» i*7» 

fatulafcory Prayers. P" l ?7.* 

An Etiemng fexerctfe. p* 186; 

Prayers for eonief.ReceaufogjMafle: 

p. ipJ- 
OtherfeleftCiLpraycrs. p. 144. 
Matter for Meditation euery day. 

pag x-»3. 
Other deuout Meditations. p. 187. 
Our B. Ladies Litanies! p. 196. 

Dtmtibife, TuttDeo. 

* ** • ■ ■ » J p ^| j^B^^fy m f . ' ^4. i >, ' v 

rfr l^ ;■ 


fc^., i.*j iA fc. 'i J Trki l '-' " > ■'/ 1^.1